Southern Cebu has  become one of my favorite destinations in the Philippines since I stayed there for almost a month last March. From mountains fringed with verdant jungles, to rugged towns with cool coastal charm dappled with stunning old colonial churches – say it, and most likely they have it!


While I was contemplating about a swimming with the Oslob  whale sharks,  my uncle brought me to a famed public beach in Daang Lungsod, Alcoy.  This gorgeous tropical cliché is just along the highway (South National Road). The coastline is hemmed with powdery white sand, sun-sparkled azure waters, modest beach houses and native cottages. During weekends, the beach is packed with locals and out-of-towners, so nab a cottage and chill with the locals, eat with them, and even sing karaoke with them! So if you’re looking for deals Cebu online, no need to look that far, rush to Tingko Beach in Alcoy, Cebu.

Since we went here on a weekday, we had the beach to ourselves.  We even saw the local fishermen arrived with their fresh catch and docked their boats at the shore. Though Tingko Beach is  famous to locals,  I wonder why it hasn’t attracted that much tourists when it is pretty accessible and you don’t have to empty your wallet to enjoy it. The beach though devoid of luxuries is really worth a visit, just don’t go looking for water activities because you’ll be disappointed, but you can bring your own gears – snorkeling gear, volleyball, and skim board for a past time. Tingko Beach is best for family picnics, and for tourists looking for a beach to chill out and enjoy nature’s luxuries after you.

How to get to Tingko Beach in Alcoy, Cebu:

From South Cebu Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound to Oslob. Ask the driver to drop you off in Tingko Beach in Alcoy. If you’re coming from Santander, ride a bus bound to Cebu and get off in Tingko Beach just beside the South National Road.




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