6 Stunning Destinations to Visit for Solo Female Travelers

The world is full of gems waiting for us to explore. When we travel, we unravel the beauty of a destination with our own eyes. Of course, it’s nice to experience this together with our loved ones, but if you’ve got no companion, don’t hold yourself back. Instead, hop on a journey of solo traveling like many other female travelers around the world do. And if you don’t know where to go, we’ve got you a list of recommendations to consider.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Immerse yourself in a full-on National Geographic kind of adventure. Galapagos Islands of Ecuador are widely known for their distinctive biodiversity. Seeing animals and plants that you can’t find anywhere else in the world is surely an unforgettable experience. Plus, you will most likely sightsee the islands with like-minded people as most visitors come to enjoy nature.

Depending on when you choose to come, Galapagos will serve you exceptional natural episodes of birds and marine life. If you’re a nature kind of traveler, Galapagos is definitely a must-visit. You might want to stay in hostels to interact with locals and fellow travelers. Also, join last-minute tours to explore the islands on a budget.

East Coast, Zanzibar

Africa is just more than its savannahs. In the East African country of Tanzania, prepare to be amazed by breathtaking white sands beaches on Zanzibar’s East Coast. Zanzibar beaches are excellent for snorkeling and diving purposes. They are also a popular honeymoon destination due to their beautiful and calming ambience.

Besides indulging yourself in marine activities, you can also pay a visit to Zanzibar’s local markets. Fresh produce products are always available, including fresh seafood brought straight from the ocean. Enjoy a feast of lobsters and other seafood with a traditional twist. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen since you will spend hours in Zanzibar’s tropical heat.


Lombok, Indonesia

You might have heard of the infamous island of Gods, Bali. Well, prepare yourself to meet its twin sister: Lombok Island. Located not too far from Bali, Lombok is a perfect getaway for you who likes getting lost in nature. Hop onto the nearest flight available to Lombok International Airport and see its beauty with your own eyes.

This island really has it all. You can indulge in fun beach activities on its white and pink sand beaches, experience the Sasak culture, or hike the island’s enormous Mount Rinjani. Enjoy the tranquility of this island as you explore the destinations it offers. It’s a one-stop natural destination worth visiting, perfect for solo female travelers.

Istanbul, Turkey

With nearly 16 million people residing, this biggest city of Turkey is always bustling with life. It has always been that way since hundreds of years ago when the city still posed as the economic hub by the end of Silk Road. Located both in Asia and Europe, Istanbul offers you the experience of uniquely-mix culture. Challenge yourself into a solo adventure navigating this vibrant city.

Tour both continental sides of the city by taking ferry trips across the Bosphorus strait. There are tons of things to enjoy: haggle for best deals in Grand Bazaar, learn history in Topkapi Palace, or just capture the picturesque sights of Istanbul with your camera. You can also mingle with locals since Turkish people are famous for their hospitality. Bonus for cat lovers: you will meet lots of friendly felines everywhere!


Iceland isn’t just filled with ice. It’s an actual misconception with its neighbor—Greenland is icier than Iceland, and Iceland is greener than Greenland. Jokes aside, the green landscape of Iceland is definitely not to be missed. Rent yourself a car while you’re there and prepare for the best road trip of your life.

The country is most famous for its amazing nature, like glaciers and the popular Blue Lagoon. Yet the city life of Reykjavik is also worth enjoying. You can explore this city’s cultural and artistic attractions just on foot. There is no need to worry about safety as Iceland ranks #1 on the list of the world’s safest countries. The country’s low crime rate adds the cherry on top for the perfect female solo travel destination.


Get lost (well, not literally) in the tiny, busy city of Singapore: a lively place full of things to explore. This small country is home to an ethnically diverse population of nearly 6 million. It welcomes anyone from anywhere in the world to experience the clean, well-organized, yet vibrant city of Singapore. And to clarify, yes, Singapore is a city, a nation, and also a country.

Solo travel: Singapore

Safety is something you can be sure of in Singapore. Even if you walk around by yourself with a huge backpack, you don’t need to worry about being an easy target for criminals. On top of that, there are lots of things you can enjoy for free or at a low cost. No need to worry about how to get around, as Singapore’s public transportation is relatively affordable and reliable.

There are still many more awesome solo travel destinations for females that we can’t cover in this article. Nonetheless, we hope that this information can help give you ideas about where to go to have a wonderful experience by yourself. Happy holiday!

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