Do-It-Yourself Puerto Princesa City Tour

Puerto Princesa City Tour (Urban Tour) is a popular activity when in the island and most travel agencies and their partner hotels offer city tours for Php 600 per person. It’s a good price considering you’re riding comfortably in an air-conditioned van and it’s inclusive of the entrance fees to the attractions.


But if you are on tight budget, you can either rent a tricycle (preferably tourism accredited tricycles that are painted in white and blue usually found at the airport) for Php 600 (good for 4 pax) or trace the tourist attractions by yourself (this also means enduring the unforgiving sun and hopping on and off on tricycles and multi-cabs).

Here’s a list of the popular tourist attractions typically included in the Puerto Princesa City Tour:


1. Puerto Princesa Cathedral This angular church painted in pastel blue stands on the land where the first mass on the city in 1872 was held. On that year, the Spaniards proclaimed the Immaculate Conception Mary as the patroness of Puerto Princesa city. The current church was built in 1961.

  • How to get to the Puerto Princesa Cathedral :  Just hail a tricycle from any parts of the city proper.  Fare is Php 8-10 per person, depending on where you’re coming from. Travel time is 5-10 minutes.


2. Plaza Cuartel – Adjacent to the Puerto Princesa Cathedral is an understated park of paramount historical importance to Palawan Island– the Plaza Cuartel, a grim reminder of  World War II.  At first glance it may appear as an ordinary park until you stumble on the triangular memorial marker at the heart of its manicured garden. Plaza Cuartel is the site of the infamous Palawan Massacre where 150 American prisoners where burned alive by the Japanese forces in the olden days. Only 11 prisoners escaped that ill-fated event.

  • How to get to Plaza Cuartel: Hail a tricycle anywhere in the city proper to take you to Plaza Cuartel. Fare is Php 8, travel time is 5-10 minutes. If you’re already at the Puerto Princesa Cathedral, you can just cross the street to the gate of Plaza Cuartel.

From Plaza Cuartel, mother and I walked back to Rizal Avenue (beside the church) and tried to charter a tricycle. We’re told it’s Php 300 (roundtrip) for the Crocodile Farm and Php 450 (for CrocodilePark + Baker’s Hills + Mitra’s Ranch). This is a good price if you’re in group of 3-4. Luckily, a jeep bound to Ihawig passed by with a Crocodile Farm signboard.

3.Baker’s Hill– This beautifully designed park is hemmed with life-sized statues and lovely houses and well-manicured garden is perfect for families and children. Tourists come here for their delicious baked goodies like hopia (baboy, ube, and mongo).

Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa
Baker’s Hill Puerto Princesa
  • How to get to Baker’s Hill:  Ride a multi-cab en route to either Ihawig or Irawan. Tell the driver to drop you off at the jump off point to Baker’s Hill. Fare is about less than Php 20, travel time is around 20 minutes.

4.Mitra’s Ranch – Situated in a hill owned by Senator Ramon Mitra’s family, Mitra’s Ranch is another popular tourist spot in Puerto Princesa typically included in the Puerto Princesa City Tour. It has an interesting view of the city, a great place to relax or  ride a zipline.

  • How to get to Mitra’s Ranch: Take a multi-cab bound for Ihawig or Irawan. Alight at at the jump off point to Mitra’s Ranch. Fare is about Php 20, travel time is less than 25 minutes.

5. Butterfly Garden- As the name suggests, this garden enclosed with net is oozing with butterflies, caterpillars and some scorpions and walking sticks. Entrance fee is Php 50.

  • How to get to Butterfly Garden: Ride a multi-cab bound for Ihawig or Irawan. Tell the driver to drop you off at the jump off point to ButterflyGarden.


6. Crocodile Farm (Palawan Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Center)- Initially set up for the conservation of crocodiles. Here you’ll also find a mini-zoo and a souvenir shop.

How to get to Crocodile Farm: Ride an Ihawig multi-cab and tell the driver you’re headed to Crocodile Farm. Fare is Php 20, travel time is 25 minutes. Crocodile Farm entrance fee Php 40 per person.

7. Iwahig Penal Colony Farm- Many tourists visiting Puerto Princesa make time to visit Iwahig Penal Colony Farm. This interesting place is a sanctuary of prisoners and their family prison where they toil the farm unguarded and make handicrafts particularly handcrafted wooden souvenirs which they sell to tourists.

How to get to Iwahig Penal Colony:  

Ride an Iwahig multi-cab and tell the driver to drop you off the jump off point to Iwahig Penal Colony. Fare is about Php 20, travel time is 35 minutes.

  • Other points of interest in Puerto Princesa City:
Irawan Eco Park in Puerto Princesa
Irawan Eco Park in Puerto Princesa

9.Mendoza ParkBuilt in 1991 and named after the war hero of Palawan – Dr. Higinio Mendoza, MendozaPark is a popular place to hang out by the locals especially at night.

How to get to Mendoza Park: Take a tricycle to Mendoza Park. Fare is Php 8-10.

10. Palawan MuseumThough not usually included in the Puerto Princesa City Tour itinerary, it does not hurt to pay a visit to Palawan Museum. This modest museum of the city houses ethnological and archaeological relics including artifacts from the TabonCave in Palawan. It is conveniently located in the Old City Halls building near MendozaPark.

Palawan Museum is open Mondays to Saturdays (closed on Sundays) from 9:00 AM to 12 Noon and 1:30 PM to 5PM. Entrance fee is Php 20.

How to get to Palawan Museum: Ride a tricycle from the city proper, fare is Php 8-10. It can be reached by foot from MendozaPark


11. Irawan Eco Park – Just a few meters away before the crocodile farm is Irawan Eco-Adventure Park, a perfect spot for adventure enthusiasts. They offer zip-line, carabao ride, and canopy walk among others. It’s also a good place to dine because of its laid-back ambiance.

How to get to Irawan Eco-Park:

Hail a multi-cab along Rizal Avenue that has an Irawan or Iwahig signboard. Fare is Php 20, travel time is around 20 minutes.  Then you may walk for about 10 minutes to Irawan Eco-Park.

  •  The Puerto Princesa City Tour DIY is recommended for solo travelers on  a budget.  If you are in a group of 3 up, it is better to charter a tricycle to save time. Tourism Accredited Tricycles in Puerto Princesa have a fixed rate pf Php 600 for a city tour which would typically last around 4 hours. You can find them parked at the airport (painted in blue and white). Even regular tricycles at the city proper would charge the same.





First Published: May 9, 2013

Updated: October 9, 2015







  1. detailed en helpful post Gael- will bookmark this page. See you Palawan soon 🙂

  2. Never seen these places when we visit puerto princesa.
    better visit this place again 😉

  3. Great post and helpful. I plan on visiting Palawan in late June and am really looking forward to it.

  4. oh, Palawan!
    Someday, we’ll meet 🙂

  5. Hi, thank you for these info. My family will be visiting puerto princesa this coming July. This is a lot of help. God Bless!

  6. Hello! Thanks for this Info! and I hear great complements too about your article on the book you mentioned! Congratulations! Planning to go to Puerto princesa this year! Crossing fingers that it will pursue! More power!

  7. Any advice on how to get there coming from manila? I am planning to get there by ship or land (added adventure) 🙂

  8. Thanks so much for the effort of guiding the local tourist like us or much more to foreigners. This blog is really helpful. I have been to most of this places mentioned, except for Iwahig Penal Colony, Palawan Museum & Irawan Eco Park. Theirs so much to see in Puerto Prinsesa that a days of vacation is truly not enough. Theis always something new & exciting places to see.

    This in time, we’re going to El Nido & Dos Palmas as our major itineraries this July of 2013 and we if we have more time & money (hehe), i would definitely suggest this sites to visit with my friends.

    This is my third time in a row for Palawan Island, 2nd in Puerto and 1st in Coron last year.


  9. Hi! This is really helpful. Thanks.

    Would like to ask though if the city tour worth P600 includes everything you have mentioned? And would like to confirm also if P600 is good for 4 already? or per head?

    Thank you so much.

    1. the city tour is Php 600 per head (by van + tour guide), but if you will hire a tricycle it’s Php 600 (good for 3-4 people).

    2. hi Vanessa,

      Sorry to jump in. just checking reviews re PP city spots and seen your email. above says tricycle rent for 600, good for 4 pax. a tricycle can accomodate 5 or more but that would be too much for the driver and we never know…PP might have a no overloading policy:)

  10. Hi, I printed this out just to serve as our guide.. We’ll be going to pp tom! This is such a big help! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi paola,

      been checking reviews re PP city spots. hows was the guide in your trip? just wanted to know. will be going to PP in the next few months and i’d like to know how efficient it was.


  11. We’re planning to visit there on November and thank u so much for this info. Very helpful to us.

    1. welcome. thanks for dropping by. enjoy PP! 🙂

  12. Hi, thanks for the very useful info. BTW, many entries have typo as Ihawig signboard on multi-cab, hehe, which should have been Iwahig.

    1. yeah thanks for the correction. 🙂

  13. Thanks for this useful blog, we will be visiting pp this coming april 2013 and we are planning to diy.

    1. Im sorry april 2014 pala.

  14. hi, my husband and I are going to Puerto Princesa this summer, and we want a different trip this time, so we’re doing DIY. We want to have a trip that is somehow like “road less traveled-kind-of-trip”, since it’s summer we don’t want to be get caught with the tourist crowd. any suggestions?

  15. hi 🙂 i love and has been a follower of your blog for sometime now, I noticed though that Coron is not included under you Palawan tab, you MUST see Coron! it’s paradise!it’s my self-proclaimed province hehe 🙂 Malcapuya Island and Bulog Dos/Waling Waling Island is to die for!

  16. Excited to go here already. Although I don’t think that all the places are in our tour. We will definitely drop by crocodile farm and mitra’s ranch.

  17. Thanks for the article, Gael! It helped me a lot on my articles too. 🙂 Hope to visit Palawan anytime soon. 🙂 Let me know when you are in Cebu so we can tour the hinterlands and the islands too. 🙂 Its gonna be a Reef to Ridge adventure for you 🙂

  18. I love how you did your city tour in Puerto Princessa. Indeed a budget friendly tour. Thanks for the infos.
    Definitely will try everything. 😀
    Thanks a lot and God bless you more 😀

  19. I really love the attraction of Palawan its so amazing and fantastic!!!! i want to go that place someday together with my family and partner in life O:-) 🙂 hope so,, 🙂

    1. Hope you get to do that. Update me! 🙂

  20. Hi! Where can I find the multicab going to Ihawig?.. will be staying @ casitas de az pension located in Abueg st. few mins away from rizal avenue

  21. Hi! How many days do you suggest to go around puerto princesa?

    1. 2-3 days, so you can cover Underground River too.

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