Dapitan is a sluggish and clean town in Zamboanga del Norte, not a lot of vehicles or people on the streets by day but as  dusk sets in, the quiet town transforms into a lively one. Yes, Dapitan is not all about Jose Rizal or the old school Dakak Beach Resort. There’s also Gloria de Dapitan and Fantasyland, a world-class commercial center and amusement theme park,.


It is a brainchild of Jalosjos family, the same owners of the famous Dakak Beach Resort. It is one of the biggest theme parks in the Philippines and another pride of Mindanao. The staff here are well-trained too, very accommodating to guests. If you just want to stroll around at night or go shopping, you can walk around in Gloria de Dapitan. But to get inside the Fantasyland theme park, you need to pay for an entrance fee. See Gloria Fantasyland new rates below.


The exciting amusement theme park rides includes the swinger, train ride, kiddie ride, telecombat, carousel,inside Apollo, tea-cup rides, world of war, fight shark, happy journey, the galleon ship and a lot more.  There are also snack areas and souvenir shops inside.


New Rates of Gloria’s Fantasyland :

Sight-seeing only – Php 200

Ride-All-You-Can –Php 500

Go Kart ticket – Php100

5D Cinema – Php 100

Horror House – Php 100

Gloria’s Fantasyland Business Hours :

Monday – Thursday  5:00 PM to 12 Midnight

Friday -Sunday 5:00 AM to 1:00 AM


How to Get to Gloria de Dapitan and Fantasyland :

From the town center, ride a tricycle to Sunset Boulevard and ask the driver to drop you off at Gloria de Dapitan.



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