When you’re in a magical place like Hong Kong Disneyland, take advantage of the park rides to maximize your stay. And that’s exactly what my sister and I did together with our blogger friends. Now if you want to avoid the hassle of lining up, you can avail of the “Fast Pass” or “Disneyland Tour Services”. See the details below this post. Our group was privileged to avail of the latter ( Disney’s Prestige Tour) so we felt like VIP’s touring Disneyland!



We had two wonderful Disneyland Tour hosts who made our Disneyland tour more personalized, favorite attractions were customized and they accompanied us on our magical tour!


You too can avail of this, just check it out at Guest Relations in Main Street USA. We actually savor Disneyland for 2 days, my sister and I went back the next day which was a Sunday to try the other Disneyland rides, we did it on our own without a tour guide.

Hong Kong Disneyland is split into 5 themes : Main Street USA, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and the newly opened Toy Story Land.

Toy Story Land

November of last year when Hong Kong Disneyland finally opened its new expansion –> Toy Story Land.  This is located on the west side of the theme park, adjacent to Adventureland.  As the name suggests, this play land is where you can come face to face with Andy’s toy – Woody, Buzz and friends. Yes, exactly like in Pixar’s movie Toy Story Land! And to meet and greet them, then you must go to the bright blue Barrel of Fun!


Upon entering the park, we were dwarfed by giant Woody and his friends!  It’s like were walking in Andy’s backyard with all his massive toys from Toy Story movie and towering grasses!


Toy Story Land offers 3 new exciting rides which are all inspired by the movie itself. We tried the sensational RC Racer where we rode on a shuttle coaster speeding back and forth on a soaring U-shaped track!


It was fun and thrilling and we’re like shouting all the time while on this gravity defying race, for a moment I was feeling dizzy up there so I had to close my eyes every time we’re thrown up! It was the first time I tried that kind of ride so it we memorable to me.


The Toy Soldier Parachute Drop on the other is a bit lighter compared to the RC Racer.  This is my favorite ride in Toy Story Land!  This attraction is reminiscent of the part in Toy Story 3 where Andy’s Green Army Men parachuted outside the window.  Here, we were lifted and dropped from the sky by a massive parachute with the green Toy Soldiers.

Now to complete the Toy Story fun, we rode on Slinky Dog Spin ; Andy’s colorful dachsie toy where he spins as he chases his tails round and round!


I was really excited for the Festival of the Lion King so it broke my heart when I missed the last show upon our return on our second day.



Fellow bloggers Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy

But the good thing was, we were to cruise on this cool wooden boat with our intrepid skipper along the mysterious and gripping Rivers of Adventure.


We saw real-looking elephants, buffalo’s and even crocodiles!



fellow blogger Doc Gelo with his cute son Gabby

And there’s this amazing towering rock formations that suddenly burned and filled the air with smoke!

We also passed by Tarzan’s Tree house where visitors can actually climb on the treetop home of Tarzan. Here, you can also play musical instruments in an interactive playhouse at the tree’s base.

If you’re feeling hungry, you can also grab a food at Tahitian Terrace. My sister wasn’t feeling well at the end of the day so we bought this tasty spicy Tom Yum noodle soup!

One bowl is already good for 2 people. Tahitian Terrace offers South Asia inspired dishes and Indian vegetarian dishes.


It’s our second day at Disneyland and we have no tour guide, just me an my sister on a DIY Disneyland tour. I checked our fast pass and examined the Hong Kong Disneyland map, the nearest area to Main Street USA is Tomorrowland, just turn right and if you see this planet with a big red bold sign “TOMORROWLAND”, you know you have to leave your past behind!

Imagine piloting your own flying saucers, riding on space ships, driving electric cars cruising the highways of tomorrow, and experience close encounters with water-squirting UFOs(Undeniably Fun Objects)! Experience all this in Tomorrowland!


One of the popular rides is the Space Mountain, which unfortunately we didn’t try even though we have a fast pass. Boo! That’s because my sister was scared she’ll throw up and I didn’t want to leave her outside while I’m having fun inside either.

So we just took this photos and gave away the Space Mountain fast pass to some Filipino tourists instead. Space Mountain is where you can take a thrilling high-speed journey to the universe on an interstellar roller coaster. You can also avail of the Fast Pass like us.  Fast Pass can be collected near the entrance with the admission ticket on a first–come-first serve basis.

More poser photos…And alas! Look who we meet! Some nerdy-looking futuristic robot  guarded by scientists! Coolness! They call this
Tomorrowland wouldn’t be complete without Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters! This is our favorite ride here!


This adventure is plain simple but still exciting!  This is where you help Buzz Lightyear save the universe from the Evil Emperor Zurge by shooting the targets with Astro Blazers while you ride on a train.

My sister and I met some aliens and Buzz’s old friends from Star Command.

Apparently, we remembered, we haven’t had our lunch yet so since we have this meal coupon. We had late lunch at Starliner Diner.  This futuristic fast food restaurant serves yummy American food like burgers, barbecue chicken wings, fried chickens, salads and sundaes.


Like us, you can also enjoy fun-space themed eating choices at Tomorrowland (you can also choose to eat at Comet Café, Tahitian Terrace, Clopin’s Festival of Food,or Outdoor Vending Cart), or better yet, you enjoy Disney dining in the Park with a 3-in-1 Meal Coupon! This offer is HK$125 (20% discount)! Hurry, as offer period is until March 31, 2012 only! To get this, present your valid Park Ticket and buy your 3-in-1 Meal Coupon at the Main Entrance Ticket Booth or Magic Access Member Services Center in the Park.

The sun was almost about to set and we still have one more area to cover, and that’s no other than Fantasyland. Most of you know that I am madly and deeply in love with fairy tales, so I really saved the best for last!

Coming soon…

my sister and I w/ fellow bloggers: Doc Gelo and family, Thammie Sy and family, Leslie, Laureen Uy and her bf Robbie and Kryz Uy and her sister Jack





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