Top Tourist Attractions in Malaybalay, Bukidnon

Malaybalay Bukidnon – Being a landlocked province in Mindanao, Bukidnon is devoid of beaches but exhibits such irresistible raw appeal that will make you forget its lack of sand and sea!


I was blessed to be toured around to some top tourist attractions of Bukidnon’s modest capital – Malaybalay by my good friends Kuya Bon Panganiban and Earl Bolivar. This bountiful province is indeed bursting with gorgeous mountains clad by pine trees-strewn forests plummeting into mammoth cornfields, rice field, and pineapple and banana plantations.  I just love walking around Malaybalay while being embraced by its cozy atmosphere and unassuming lifestyle. I feel safest here!

Here are some of Malaybalay Bukidnon’s Top Tourist Spots:

Nasuli Spring – Located in Bangcud, it is an idyllic spot for family picnics and swimming.

Early morning Hike at Two Trees (photo by Earl Bolivar)
Early morning Hike at Two Trees (photo by Earl Bolivar)

Two Trees Mountain Located beside the Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park, this peak is a local favorite. For non-mountaineers like me, taking the easy trail via Gawad Kalinga Village is the suggested route.  The Two Trees Mountain summit offers a scenic view of the farmlands of Sitio Tigbawan of the Can-ayan village on the eastern side while on the west; climbers are rewarded with a panoramic view of the lively Malaybalay city.  The 4th highest peak in the country – Mount Kitanglad is also clearly visible here; Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park is an ASEAN Heritage Park. It is best to climb Two Trees Mountain early in the morning so you can marvel at the  the majestic scene of fogs as it slowly moves away and reveal the evergreen rice field.

Bukidnon Provincial Capitol – Fronting the nature park is the region’s capitol with a traditional architecture.

Kaamulan Nature Park – Another suggested activity to start your morning in Malaybalay is by strolling at the emerald-green park dappled with pine trees and native-inspired cottages that provides a leisurely highland ambiance somewhat similar to Baguio.


Roxas Monument – Located in the village of Casisang, this was built in honor of the late Manuel Roxas, the Philippine’s first president of the independent Third Republic

Ereccion Del Pueblo – The monument of creation of the town is proudly standing at Rizal Park. It depicts the 1877 agreement between the Spanish colonizers and the local leaders.

Lapanday Pineapple Farm – The Lapanday Food Corporation has a pineapple farm near Malaybalay’s city center. They grow and pack pineapples under the brands –“Estrella” and “Aloha” including the super-sweet line of Honey Pines.

The Del Monte Pineapple Plantation and Golf Course at Manolo Fortich is near Malaybalay too. To commute here, take a bus bound to Cagayan de Oro, and drop off at the intersection going to this pineapple plantation. Must try is the famous steak at the Clubhouse. Bukidnon boasts of having the sweetest pineapples, exported all over the world.

Monastery Of Transfiguration in Malybalay, Bukidnon
Monastery Of Transfiguration in Malaybalay, Bukidnon

Monastery of the Transfiguration – The much sought-after home of the Benedictine monks is located in sitio San Jose is actually the last project of the National Artist for Architecture, Leandro Locsin. It has a distinct pyramid-shaped church sitting in a hill overlooking the greenery.  Staying at the monastery is also popular among visitors on retreat.  An overnight stay here costs around Php 750, inclusive of food.  If you’re pressed for time, you can just drop by and buy their famous products like Monk’s Blend Premium Coffee, Monk’s Peanut Butter, roasted peanut, peanut brittle and tablea.  A Malaybalay also houses two other spiritual destinations: the Monastery of Carmelite Nuns and Jesuit Retreat House.

World War II Prisoners of War Memorial Shrine

Dalwangan Centennial Marker


D’Stable Eco Resort (Quadra)This ranch offers affordable rooms for tourists and the place to be for dinning with a tranquil ambiance.  They also offer short or day-long horse rides.  Quadra is dotted with charming traditional shacks where visitors can dine ; they also serve delicious and reasonably priced dishes.

Malaybalay Souvenir Shops – For souvenirs, don’t leave without visiting Nida’s Handicrafts, Malaybalay Choice Handicrafts, Zeta Trading or Valdez Handicrafts. Must have is the woven fabric native to Malaybalay called hinabol. It is made of abaca fibers and used for making house decor, fashion accessories, purses, blinds, flowers, place mats and bags.

How to Get to Malaybalay Bukidnon:

Nearest airport and port to Malaybalay, Bukidnon is located at Cagayan de Oro (CDO) city.  From CDO, Malaybalay is roughly 2 .5 to 3 hour ride.  Take a bus bound for Valencia (Bukidnon) or Davao from Agora Terminal in CDO. Get off at Malaybalay Bus Terminal.  Ride a motorela to take you to the city center.

If you’re coming from Davao, ride a bus en route to Malaybalay, Bukidnon from Ecoland Terminal. Travel time is roughly 7 hours.




  1. Informative post! I studied college in Valencia, a nearby city, for 5 years. I’ve visited Malaybalay many times but I’ve not explored all these beautiful attractions. I also want a trek to that Two Trees Mountain. 🙂

    1. wow really? contact mu sina kuya Bon at Earl when you visit Malaybalay next time. 🙂 I wish to explore Valencia din, nadaanan ko lang kase xa.

    2. Unfortunately, Two Trees has become “one tree” now because of the recent storm that hit Mindanao last year. One of the famous trees fell to the ground because of the strong winds.
      The view their is majestic, I’ve been there many times before and I never get sick of the view. Be sure to wear shoes that can firmly grip the ground, though especialy if it rained recently because it gets slippery there sometimes.
      Also, please dont take anything but pictures (maybe some flowers, too) and please don’t leave anything but footprints because some people go there and litter.
      Enjoy your visit! I hope you’ll love my hometown as much I do. God bless!

      1. oh that’s sad. it looks eautiul with those two trees standing there. anyway, yes, i did enjoy your hometown and hoping to see more of bukidnon. thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  2. Hi Gale!!!

    How have you been??? this made me wanna go to Bukidnon too!!! You still work at HSBC??

    1. hi Brye, no. i left last January. 🙂

  3. ms gael,

    i like this post. the man-made lake that extends from valencia to quezon and supplies water to the hydroelectric plant at quezon, bukidnon; the Musuan Peak, and the Central Mindanao State University, are also worthy to be mentioned. God bless!

    1. wow! thanks for the additional info Jun. I hope to visit those places too in the future.

  4. Thanks for this post Gael. It was a nice morning hike. Merry Xmas! 🙂

  5. Bukidnon is one of the provinces I would really like to explore one day. My father was born there and although I’ve only been to Malaybalay and Valencia, I know I would love the rest of the province. Kaka-miss!

  6. Hi Gael. Sorry If I have just a chance to visit your site when I stumbled this post. Honestly, I really don’t have much time to be with you on that day you visited our humble place, but though we just have a couple of hours chatting at the Quadra, I have learned more than about the Pinay Solo Backpacker. Our meeting was just confirmed that the gurl behind the Solo PinayBackpacker is really a humble and a simple person. Down to Earth.

    You are much welcome here Gail. Next time, you visit here, may one day accomodation ka for free. Maski 2 days pa. Courtesy of Con Tour Blog. :-).

  7. omg! Thanks for visiting my dear hometown! <3
    Its nice to know you had fun. hope to meet you soon 🙂

  8. Pupuntahan ko na talaga ang Bukidnon this year!Thanks for sharing this Gael- to magiging guide ko 🙂

  9. please send me more of pinay’s solo bckpacker travel…. kahit hnd me makatravel just by reading them is a whole lot information i could share to other locals and foreigners….

  10. Nganung pirte kaniwang ang kabayo?

  11. Pure ka nga taga Malaybalay kung nakaila ka nila kang Budo,Ben Salot ug si Sonya Plaza? Kinsa man na cla beh? Unsa ilang role sa Malaybalay

    1. Im sorry they are all gone rest in peace na sila tanan


  13. bukidnon is super ganda end super lamig dahil sa maraming puno gana talaga super………

  14. I really missed this place . I will be back Malaybalay good place to retire.

    to;thebluetraveller;Budo,Ben Salot and Sonya Plaza are all good people very smart and talented ,tubong Malaybalay; kaya lang later on they were victims, and helpless. I was a high school student when I knew them. yes we laughed and enjoy what they were doing. we were entertained . But did we or the City , or politics did do something? Honestly I don’t know what happen to them. If ever they are all gone Rest in Peace. If they are still alive hope we can help and give them some medical attention.

  15. I totally missed this place. everytime i’m lonely or sad i always spend my time to see the nice view nd feel the cool breeze of bukidnon . Since i was 7 yrs old i am used to pour out my feelings nd happinees to this place nd the people are so sweet nd kind!

    1. feels great to hear that.thanks for dropping by Charlene.

  16. hi gael,
    this is very informative. 🙂 i’ll be going there at the end of the month. i would just like to know, aside from the tourist spot in bukidnon, what place and things to do that you could recommend.

    thank you,

  17. A placee far from pollution.
    There are still a lot of tourist spots in Bukidnon and yet undiscovered. Try to visit it’s remote places. There are rivers, falls and beautiful views whether on your on top of the mountain or in the lowland.

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