For a weekend or a holiday full of fun, head to Baler in Aurora province. It is best known for surfing, and Sabang Beach is the place to be if you want to learn to surf. Adding up to its allure is its dramatic coastline of cliffs shaped by incessant waves. Don’t fret if you’re not into surfing, Baler is packed with natural tourist attractions for non-surfers to enjoy.

Here’s a list of DOT-accredited accommodations in Baler.  The town is peppered with hotels and resorts for all types of budgets.


BRGY.SABANG (BALER) DOT- Accredited Hotels and Resorts


If you want to stay near Sabang Beach in Baler, then book a hotel in or near Brgy.Sabang. It is conveniently located near restaurants, surf shops, and souvenir shops. Here’s





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Poblacion Baler DOT- Accredited Hotels and Resorts


Baler town center is a convenient place to stay, it is peppered with accommodations of all types and restaurants. Here’s some of the DOT accredited hotels in downtown Baler.




Brgy.Zabali, Baler DOT- Accredited Hotels and Resorts


This area is where you can find the popular scenic beaches in Baler like Diguisit Beach, Cemento Beach, and Dicasalarin Cove. Here are the DOT accredited hotels/resorts in Brgy.Zabali, Baler.



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Brgy.Suclayin, Baler  DOT- Accredited Hotels and Resorts







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