FLYTPACK : How to Stay Connected Online While Traveling Without Emptying Your Wallet

Staying connected online when traveling abroad is important to most travelers.  But how do you do that without emptying your wallet? I’ve tried every possible way; from roaming to buying a local sim card, pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi, subscription-based Wi-Fi and connecting to free Wi-Fi hotspots. But more often than not, it’s inconvenient. First, I have to make sure my phone is not locked, meaning, I can insert other sim card aside from my provider’s sim. Then I have to register and provide my ID number. If I want to avoid that and go roaming instead, I will have to deal with highway robbery roaming charges. Talk about inconvenience just to go online overseas.

Thankfully, on my recent trip to Japan, I found the answer.  Flytpack lent me a travel Wi-Fi router to do just that – stay connected online cheaply! And it comes with a bonus, even my travel buddies can go online too!


What is Flytpack?


For the uninitiated, Flytpack travel router is a portable wireless modem that connects devices such as phone, laptop, tablet and the likes to the internet with a secured network. It works like your Wi-Fi at home, but the difference is, you can take it with you when you are on the road.

When you rent a Flytpack travel router, you will get a kit which includes the Wi-Fi router, a travel adapter, a user cable and a user manual.




How to Rent Flytpack Travel Router?



  1. Book & pay online at least five (5) working days before departure


  1. Router will be delivered to you at least one (1) day before departure


  1. Enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi whenever, wherever during your trip


  1. Courier will collect the Wi-Fi router from you one (1) day after you are back from your trip


How Much to Rent a Flytpack Wi-Fi Router







Thailand  PHP 250 PHP 180.00

Singapore  PHP 250   PHP 180

Vietnam PHP 300 PHP 220

Cambodia PHP 300 PHP 250

Malaysia   PHP 300 PHP 250 

South Korea PHP 350 PHP 300

Japan PHP 350 PHP 240

Australia PHP 500 PHP 450

Hong Kong PHP 300 PHP 220

China PHP 300 PHP 250

Taiwan PHP 300 PHP 250

Maldives PHP 450 PHP 400

Guam + Saipan PHP 350 PHP 320




United States PHP 600 PHP 550.00

Canada PHP 600 PHP 550.00

Europe PHP 600 PHP 550.00


Cross-Country Package


Asia Package PHP 400 PHP 300.00

Asia + Australia PHP 550 PHP 500.00



How to use Flytpack?



Since Flytpack is pre-configured to the country you will be traveling to, you just turn on the Flytpack travel router, connect to the SSID and enter the password.  Easy breezy, right!? No need for hassle registration.



Is it reliable?


Since I posted pictures of the Flytpack router on my Facebook and Instagram, I’ve been asked many times if it is reliable.  Yes, it is reliable and the connection is really fast when I was in Japan, way better than our Wi-Fi connection in the Philippines! Because Flytpack has partnered with the best local internet providers, you are assured of a good connection. The moment I stepped on Kansai Airport in Japan, I turned on the Flytpack and I was able to connect to it already, and so are my friends.  Four of us were able to connect to one Flytpack Travel Wi-Fi.  I never really had a major problem with it, but if for some reason your connection is lost, just restart it. Since Flytpack carries approximately 5,000mAh of juice which could last for about 10 hours, I just avoid turning it off so that I won’t have to start connecting again.


In Japan, having an internet connection for me while traveling is really important since I use it for Google Maps, searching places to go and where to eat, updating my social media accounts and blogging.   Thankfully, with the advent of Flytpack, no need to chase Wi-Fi hotspots when traveling.  Not to mention that renting a Flytpack in the Philippines before you fly out to Japan is cheaper than renting a portable Wi-Fi router in Japan.  For only PHP 240 per day (before PHP 350), you can enjoy a hassle-free connection while in Japan.  They are also available in Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, Europe and US.


For more details, visit Flytpack website:

Instagram: @Flytpack

Facebook: @flytpack 








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