Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia : My Kampung Lonek Homestay Experience

Walk under the shades of fruit-bearing trees while the fresh air kisses your face. Be dwarfed by rubber trees and go running by the paddy fields. Bring out the inner child in you and experience how it feels to be a kampung kid! Experience homestay in Kampung Lonek and bask in the traditional kampung (village) culture!

Kampung Lonek is tucked in the district of Jempol in Negeri Sembilan,Malaysia. Travelers can get to stay with a foster family and blissfully experience the unassuming life and interesting daily activities in a conventional village.  This program has been running since December 2004 which highlights not only the traditional customs but also the agro-tourism sector of Kampung Lonek.

paddy flaking process (bottom photos by EAZY Traveler)

Traditional Food Familiarization and Demonstration

From dining the traditional way to getting to know the local foods and sweets. During the Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM) 2013 I learned how to prepare and cook the delicious mengacau dodol (traditional kuih), a traditional cake as well as the mengemping padi (rice flakes from paddy) which are said to be prepared and shared by farmers in the olden days for thanksgiving during the harvest season. Surprisingly, the preparation process is not as easy as it looks! I was also able to try slicing the mencari rebung (bamboo sprouts) which was quite fun since we did it near the river clad by lush wilderness. At night, we dined with a traditional cultural performance called Bongai, a nearly extinct

Traditional Kampung Games and Recreation

One fine morning, we were able to try out traditional games in Negri Sembilan, one of my favorite activities of our Kampung Lonek Homestay Experience. It’s a fun experience and I was also able to bond with my team especially the Malaysian girls. Games include tarik upih where my kind Malaysian teammate Rifaee Isa during the Malaysian Tourism Hunt 2013 pulled me while sitting on beetlenut leaf. I was thrilled to try the coconut bowling and the catching of balloons filled with water!

Kampung traditional games (photo by Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap)

Agro/ Cottage Industries and Traditional Products

Agro and cottage industry is the main livelihood of the locals of Kampung Lonek and part of the homestay program here is to let the visitors experience how they are done. We were taught rubber tapping and flower making.

But the best experience for me at Kampung Lonek was the mengoca ikan, catching the catfish with bare hands! We were taken to a paddy where we got down in the mud while catching the elusive catfishes!

Kampung Lonek Homestay experience is indeed a must-try when visiting Malaysia. It’s a fun way to experience the traditional culture and lifestyle of the locals.

fish catching the traditional way (photo by Gaya Travel)


Koperasi Kampung Lonek Homestay Packages

One Day Package (RM 85/USD 27 per person)

Welcome drink, homestay briefing, village tour, demo and recreation, lunch/dinner, cultural performance “Bongai”

2 Day 1 Night Package (RM 150/USD 47 per person)

Welcome drink, homestay briefing, lunch, village tour,demo and recreation, traditional game, staying with foster family, dialogues, dinner, cultural performances “Bongai”.


Kampung Lonek Address:

Homestay Lonek

No.10 Kampung Lonek, 72200

Batu Kikir, Negiri Sembilan

Email: [email protected]


Contact Persons:

HJH Badariah Ahmad

Tel / Fax : +606 4981653

H/P : + 6019 2871410


PN Nor Asiah Haron

Tel /Fax : +606 4984379

H/P: +601 6915482


MR Mohd Hezri Bin Mat Isa

Tel / Fax : +606 4984379

H/P: +6012 3973231



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