Kuala Lumpur By Bike

One proof of Kuala Lumpur’s long history is its wealth of heritage edifices particularly in Merdeka Square (Dataran Merdeka) which is dominated by SultanAbdulSamadBuilding designed in 1894 by British Architect A.C Norman.  Today its extensive roads, stylish buildings and parklands help to give Kuala Lumpur the cosmopolitan air that it deserves.

Recently, I discovered a not-so-famous way of touring Kuala Lumpur – the KL Bike Tour, where tourists have the option to go free and easy ride or join a group (minimum number of 8 bikers) on a guided bike tour. With the Free and Easy Ride Package, you can just rent a bike to cycle around the Nature Route.  Bicycle, safety vest, helmet, and bicycle lock are provided.  For guided bike tour it’s quite the same package mentioned above but it comes with headphones and a knowledgeable guide.

Basically, the Kuala Lumpur by Cycle Nature Route covers two zones: The Heritage zone and the Park Zone. Yes, unknown to many tourists, a wealth of greenery and parklands sits near the heritage zone of the city.

The Heritage Zone

The KL Bicycle tour commences at KL City Gallery, an elegant Moorish-inspired building built in 1898.  From here, you can cycle along Merdeka Square and witness the gorgeous Sultan Abdul Samad Building , the Chartered Bank Building, the National Textile Museum, the Victorian Fountain, the Royal Selangor Club, the Cathedral of St.Mary, the former High Court Building , the City Theatre (Panggung Bandaraya), the Majestic Hotel and the KL Railway Station.  Be mesmerized by marvelous display of Moghul-inspired architectures and interiors through the ages, with fine furnishings.

The Park Zone

From the Dataran Merdeka westward, the city spreads outwards in a vast sprawl of verdant greenery.  This tranquil area is flanked by splendid gardens and parks as if holding against the chaos and advance of urban development.

From Jalan Parlimen, just before the Kuala LumpurCity Hall bikers can cycle left to Jalan Cenderawasih and head to Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park.  The park houses 14 varied points of interests.

See the age-old Perdana Botanical Park (formerly KL LakeGarden) constructed sometime in 1888 by the British State Treasurer A.R Vening.  Visit the interesting KL Bird Park, the world’s largest free flight walk-in aviary which is home to about 3,000 birds from 200 species.  Be dazzled by the bird feeding where visitors encounter hundreds of birds flying around and above you. Watch in amazement as ostriches lay eggs at the egg incubation area.

Before exiting to Jalan Kinabalu, make time to visit the Islamic Arts Museum, Southeast Asia’s largest museum of Islamic art.   It houses 12 main galleries with over 7,000 artifacts.  Don’t miss Level 3 where you’ll find the Quran and Manuscripts Gallery and the Islamic Architecture Gallery, among others.


KL by Cycle Program is a tourism initiative by VisitKL and operated by KL Hop-on-Hop-Off Bus Tour. Register for the package and pick-up your bike at the KL by Cycle Center. At the end of your tour, just return your bikes here and collect your deposit.

KL Bike Tour Package Rate:

Per Person (Free and Easy Ride): RM 30 (first 4 hours) RM 5 per hour (for additional hours)

Group (Guided Bike Tour): RM 45 per person (minimum 8 people – maximum 12 people)

Address: No.7 Jalan Raja Dataran Merdeka, 50050Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telephone No.: +603 2691 1382 Fax: +603 2691 2382

Email: [email protected]

Disclosure: This trip was made possible through Visit Malaysia Year 2014, an event organized by Tourism Malaysia, KL Hop On and Hoff Off Bus managed by Syarikat Elang Wah Sdn. Bhd and  Gaya Travel Magazine.





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