Gazing at the towering mountains clad by dense wilderness, you will find it surprising that Colmar Tropicale, a French-inspired Highland Resort is tucked somewhere in there.  Since I posted a photo of this resort in Facebook, I’ve received inquiries like how to get there and how much it will cost for a day trip. So here is the Colmar Tropicale travel guide for your disposal.

Colmar Tropicale Resort

Colmar Tropicale Resort

How to get to Colmar Tropicale from Kuala Lumpur?

There is a van that will take you directly to Colmar Tropicale, roundtrip fare is RM55 (about Php 742 or $17.99) and one way fare is RM35 for adult. For children, RM 50 two-way and RM 30 one way. The van is parked near the stairs leading to KL Monorail (Imbi Station) at the corner of Berjaya Times Square and Berjaya Times Square Hotel.

parking area of Colmar Tropicale van

parking area of Colmar Tropicale van

Buy a ticket at Colmar Tropicale office – The Chateu/ The Taaras in Berjaya Times Square, 8th floor.

elevator outside Berjaya Times Square

elevator outside Berjaya Times Square

Now if you want to take the 10 A.M trip to Colmar Tropicale, chances are, Berjaya Times Square is still closed. You can follow the employees taking the elevator outside the building (see photo above), get off at the 8th floor.

Colmar Tropicale office

Colmar Tropicale office

Don’t be surprised if you see another door akin to a fire exit, just open the door and this will lead you to the mall. Look for the Colmar Tropical office (The Chateu/ The Taaras) and buy your ticket at the receptionist.

Colmar Tropicale Van

Colmar Tropicale Van

Colmar Tropicale Van Trip Schedule:

From Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur:

10AM, 1PM and 5PM

From Colmar Tropicale in Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tingi

11:30 AM, 3PM and 6:30 PM

Colmar Tropicale Entrance fees: None

Colmar Tropicale Food and Restuarants:

There are restaurants within Colmar Tropicale as well as at the Japanese Village. Prepare at least RM150 for a meal. If you wish to just tour around without spending on food and drinks then you can. Dining is not required but is highly encouraged because of the sumptuous meals served here.

Colmar Tropicale Room rates:

Cheapest room is valued at RM500, for more information kindly check here:

Other Activities in Colmar Tropicale:

    1. Explore the Japanese Village.
    2. Visit the organic farm.
    3. Indulge on their relaxing spa packages.
    4. Bring your team and experience the wilderness orienteering and team building activities at Colmar Tropicale.
    5. Check out the mini animal park: kids will love the sight of rabbits, deer and donkeys.

berjaya56.  Experience Colmar Tropicale’s Outdoor Activities

–          Flying fox: their version of zipline!

–          Horseback riding: with the assistance of a professional trained leader, you can explore the jungles, hills and terrains while riding on a horse.

–          Paintball: get to play the night war game!

–          Rock Climbing

–          Mountain Biking: enjoy the scenic landscape of Berjaya Hills by bike.

–          Canopy Walk

–          High Rope Obstacle Course

–          Golf: the resort has an 18 hole golf course

–          Rope climbing

–          Abeseiling


7.  Enjoy the activities at the Sport Complex.

–          Bowling

–          Snooker

–          Badminton

–          Tennis

–          Squash

–          Archery

–          Tabel Tennis

–          Swimming

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