Bislig,  Surigao Del Sur is  slowly making its name in domestic tourism.   The butt-numbing ride  to this sleepy city is worth enduring knowing that once you reach your destination, a majestic place awaits you.  The highlight of the tour here is the Tinuy-an Falls, a massive three-tiered waterfalls dubbed as the “Niagara of the Philippines”.  It has recently been developed; now dappled  with stores and nipa cottages for picnics.

Tourist Spots in Bislig:

Tinuy-an Falls

Marvel the magnificence of Hinayagan Cave (formerly called Suhotan Cave) with stunning cave formations as well as Banbow Cave known as the 6th longest and Tatol Cave as 9th longest cave in the Philippines.

Charter a boat to Hagonoy Island, 30 minutes away from mainland Bislig.

Visit the International Doll House which houses tons of dazzling dolls collected from different parts of the world. 


How to get to Bislig, Surigao del Sur:

By Plane:

If coming from Manila, you can fly to Butuan ( Agusan del Norte), Surigao City (Surigao del Norte) and Davao City.  Then take a bus bound for Mangagoy – the commercial center of Bislig.

*I suggest flying to Butuan city since it is usually cheaper and there are direct buses to Bislig.*

By Bus  from Butuan: (See the schedule of Bachelor bus below)

From Butuan City Integrated Bus Terminal, you can take a van (Php 190/$4.63) or non-air-conditioned bus bound to Mangagoy, Bislig (Php 243/$5.92). Take note the signboard is MANGAGOY not Bislig.  Travel time is roughly 5 hours. *suggested route*

Or you may board an air-con bus to bound to Davao city and tell the driver you will get off at San Franz in Agusan del Sur. Fare is Php 330/$8.04 for air-con bus, travel time is 2 hours.  At San Franz Terminal, look for a van bound to Mangagoy (Bislig), fare is Php 200/$4.87 or bus (Pp196/$4.77).

By Bus from Surigao City:

Take a bus en route to Butuan, then follow the instructions above. Fare is Php 196/$4.77 for air-conditioned bus.  Travel time to Butuan is 3 hours, Butuan to Mangagoy is 5 hours. Alternatively, you may just take a bus bound to Davao City and get off at San Franz. Then take a van bound to Mangagoy.

By Bus from Davao City: (See the schedule of Bachelor bus below)

At Ecoland Terminal,  ride a Bachelor bus bound for Mangagoy (Bislig).  Travel time is roughly 6  hours. Fare is Php 265/$6.45  for non-air-con bus.

a habal-habal in Tinuy-an Falls

a habal-habal in Tinuy-an Falls

How to get to Tinuy-an Falls from Mangagoy, Bislig

Charter a motorcycle (habal-habal) to take you to Tinuy-an Falls. Fare is Php 200 per person.



Bislig Accommodations:

  • Casa de Babano  contact number: (086) 853  1297

Room Rates

  • Room 203, 210 – Single Bed – Fan room, common CR Php 200/$5
  • Room 211 – Single Bed – Fan room, common CR Php 200/$5
  • Room 101 – Queen Bed – Air-con room with TV, hot & cold shower  Php800/$20
  • Room 102 – Triple Sharing – Air-con with TV, hot & cold shower Php 900/$22
  • Room 103 – Triple Sharing Room – Air-con w/ TV, hot & cold shower Php 900/$22
  • Room 104 – Matrimonial – Air-con with cable TV, cold shower Php 700 /$17
  • Room 105 – Double Bed – Air con with cable TV, cold shower Php 700/$17
  • Room 106, 107, 108 – Double Bed – Air-con with common CR Php400 /$5
  • Room 109 – Matrimonial – Air -con with TV, hot & cold shower for Php 700/$17
  • Room 212 – Twin Bed – Air-con with cable TV, hot & cold shower for Php 900/ $22
  • Room 214 – Suite Room –  Air-con with cable TV, hot & cold shower and bath tub for Php 1,500/$37

Additional Fees:

  1. Extra Bed – Php 200 / $5
  2. Excess Person – Php 50 / $1.22
  3. Excess Hours – Php 50 / $1.22
  4. Lost Key – Php 100/ $2.44

*Free Wi-Fi, with bar and restaurant.

 *Paper Country Inn Contact Number: (086) 853 3079 /(086) 853 4144

Suite Room with King-sized Bed  P1,750 /$43

Deluxe with Matrimonial Bed  Php 1,100 / $27
Standard Occupancy Php 900/$22
Economy Room Php 600 – $15

Sheilah’s Pension House contact Aling Ester 0949-6178029 / 086 853 1510

Room rate : Php 400 double room



Bislig to Hinatuan Travel Guide


How to get to Hinatuan from Mangagoy, Bislig

From Mangagoy, Bislig, Hinatuan is just 1 hour away by bus.  *suggested route* From Hinatuan, you can hire a habal-habal (motorcycle) for Php 200 (good for 3 pax) roundtrip.

Alternatively, you may ride the bus going to Butuan City (1 hour) and alight at Dugmanon Junction and wait for a habal-habal (motorcycle) to Enchanted River. Php 50 per person, one way. However since this area is secluded compared to Hinatuan proper, you might have a hard time waiting for a habal-habal.

For Hinatuan Travel Guide, check my article here: Enchanted River Travel Guide.




Schedule of Bachelor Bus:

Schedule of Bus from Mangagoy (Bislig) to Butuan  and Bus from Mangagoy to Davao City

1st trip  2:30 AM  air-con bus

2nd trip  4:30 AM non-air-con bus

3rd trip  6:15 Am non-air-con bus

4th trip 7:30 AM non-air-con bus

5th trip 8:30 AM non-air-con bus

6th trip 9:30 AM non-air-con bus

7th trip 10:00AM non-air-con bus

8th trip 11:30 AM air-con bus

9th trip 12:30PM non-air-con bus

10th trip 1: 30PM non-air-con bus

11th trip  2:30PM non-air-con bus

12th trip 3:30PM non-air-con bus

13th trip 6:00PM non-air-con bus



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