Outdoor Bathing Bliss in Tibiao, Antique


Antique lingers as an under-the-radar gem for adventure seekers.  Lavished by natural resources, there is much to like in this chilled-out province such as pastoral scenery, pristine waterfalls, stunningly beautiful rivers and paradisaical beaches.

In recent years, the unassuming town of Tibiao strives hard to make its mark on the list of top adventure destination in the Philippines. Hopefully, it gets the attention it deserves in the near future.

I have long been intrigued by Antique especially the famous kawa hot bath in Tibiao by Tribal Adventures.  It wasn’t my first time in the province, but I have never set foot in Tibiao before that’s why I was ecstatic to join the Heritage Tour in Antique courtesy of  Katahum Tours.

Antique is one of the top makers of  muscovado (unrefined brown sugar) in the country, the vat (locally known as kawa) used to cook this typed of sugar has been brilliantly recycled into some sort of a “bath tab” by the owners of  Tribal Adventures.

The kawa is filled with water and strewn with leaves, ginger slices and flowers.  It is heated until the water turns warm, just right enough for your body to withstand the heat.

It is best to soak in the Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao Antique after the arduous river rafting or other strenuous eco-adventures to soothe  muscle soreness, relax your body and lull you into a beautiful sleep perhaps.


Disclosure:  Our Kawa Hot Bath experience in Tibiao, Antique was made possible by Tribal Adventures in partnership with Katahum Tours. Visit their website for Tibiao tour rates and packages details.

Or contact:

Flord Calawag

Email: [email protected]

Mobile number: (Smart) +63 920 126 1205  (Globe) +63 917 450 3121          


How to get to Tibiao, Antique:

via Iloilo:

Tigerair Philippines flies daily to Iloilo City from Manila.  From Iloilo airport, hop on a van to Molo terminal.  Ride a bus or van plying the Iloilo-Caticlan or Iloilo-Culasi or Iloilo-Libertad route.  Get off  in Tibiao, Antique. Travel time is approximately 2-3 hours.

via Caticlan

Tigerair Philippines flies daily Kalibo. From Kalibo, take a van bound to Caticlan. Travel time is 1 hour. From Caticlan terminal, take a bus or van to Iloilo via San Jose, Antique. Ask the driver to drop you off in Tibiao, Antique.


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  1. Pwede ba diretso doon without getting oackage with them. I checked kasi ang mahal. We only plan a day tour at diretso kami boracay after. Thanks

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