Nogas Island, Antique Travel Guide

Itching for tropical island cliché lapped by azure water and bursting with kaleidoscopic marine life gliding over massive coral plates? Pack your snorkeling gear and swimwear and delve into Nogas Island!



(a balmy day at Nogas Island)


Situated in the chilled out town of Anini-y, this beauty accessible by a two hour land trip from Iloilo City offers a much-needed respite to weary travelers.  Although the beach here may not be as good as the top beaches of Western Visayas, it is still a worthy stop-over especially for those heading to Tibiao for the eco-adventures.


From Siraan Hot Spring, the neighboring Nogas Island is visible. Legend has it that it was formed when the couple Nogas and Anini broke their promise to the fairy God mother. While traversing the rough sea, their outrigger boat was capsized by enraged waves – said to be beckoned by the furious fairy. Afterwards, a white sand island fringed by mangroves and lapped by cerulean water emerged from the same exact spot where they were last seen.



(an age-old tree dominates the wilderness)


Things to do in Nogas Island:






Climb the Lighthouse

Photo op at the frangipani-lined trail

Look for the age-old tree in the forest



(the 19th century church of Anini-y withstood the test of time)


Other attractions in Anini-y:

Siraan Hot Spring

Anini-y Church


Travel Tips:

Bring food and drinks as there are no resort/store in the island.

Meals are available at Siraan Hot Spring for Php 50-Php 100.

Snorkeling gear can be rented at Siraan Hot Spring  but I suggest you bring your own gears as they are limited.

Please don’t leave your trash in the island.


aniniy2small.jpg (1 of 1)

(The frangipani-lined trail to the lighthouse)

How to get  to Nogas Island in Anini-y, Antique:


Philippine Airlines has flights to Iloilo. At Molo Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Anini-y or San Jose and just tell the driver you will get off at Anini-y.  Travel time is 2 hours. Fare is about Php 80.

Charter a boat for Php 500 (good for 3-4 pax) to Nogas Island at Siraan Hot Spring or at the beach near the island.  Diving equipments can be rented from  a nearby resort. Pay the Php 20 per person entrance fee as well as the Php 20 environmental fee. Bring drinks and food as there is no store in the island. Tell the boatman what time you want to be picked up.  Nogas Island is good for a day trip, but if you wish to stay overnight, there are cheap sleeps in town.


*Based on our trip to Nogas Island last year – August 2014.






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