Mesmerizing Manjuyod Sandbar

Undeniably, nothing can encompass nature’s magical prowess, and Manjuyod Sandbar is one perfect testament to that.  Devoid of luxury trappings, even coconut trees are nowhere in sight, Manjuyod Sandbar is like a white gem that emerges from the seafloor when the tide recedes.


I was blessed to have spent my birthday in Manjuyod Sandbar courtesy of Sta. Monica Beach Club Resort. When our outrigger boat approached the atoll, seamless powdery white sands lapped by glimmering aquamarine waters warmly greeted.

Although geographically located in Manjuyod, Negros Oriental, the usual jump-off point is the municipality of Bais. From Capiñahan Wharf in South Bais Bay, we reached Manjuyod Sandbar via an outrigger boat within 15 minutes.  It is a typical stop-over during the Bais dolphin and whale watching tour.  And it is highly advised to visit the sandbar early in the morning to catch its momentous appearance. There is no sign of plush resort here, only three native cottages dotting the sandbar, and they all offer a gorgeous tropical isle scene.


The balmy weather seemed to clad the entire region even if the destructive storm Pablo was expected to hit Dumaguete in a day or two.  So we wasted no time and hurriedly frolicked in the beach and basked in its sandy shores just in time before the dreamy island disappeared.

At noon, our charming chalet amusingly floated in the water and the calm waters were gently crashing on its pillar down below.  And we all blissfully dined here with a dreamy view of the sheer mountainside plummeting into the sun-sparkled cerulean sea.

Manjuyod Sandbar

How to get to Manjuyod Sandbar:

From Dumaguete, travel to Bais or Manjuyod. Charter a boat from Capiñahan Wharf at South Bais Bay in Bais, Negros Oriental.

You may also contact the Manjuyod Tourism Office in advance; they have a booth in Sidlakan Negros Village in Dumaguete City.

Manjuyod Tourism Office

Poblacion Manjuyod, Negros Oriental

Cellphone number: (+63) 919 488 2950 or landline: 035 404 1136



Manjuyod Sandbar Tour – Boat Rate/Fees

*The Manjuyod boat rate is for whole day rental already which includes boat tour to Manjuyod Sandbar, Bais City Bird Sanctuary and the Mangrove Forest.

Php 2,500 (boat is good for 15 pax)

Php 5,000 (boat good for 60 persons)

Additional Php 1000 for dolphin and whale watching tour.

For Manjuyod Sandbar overnight rates, contact the Manjuyod Tourism Office.


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  1. Beautiful. Does the sandbar disappear like a few feet underwater during high tide? That’s so cool.

  2. eeeeeeeee, the sand is soooo fineeeeee… i want to spend an afternoon here. 😀

    1. yeah, gora na! sama mu sila Doi at si Dylan. 🙂

  3. Gael, you’re so lucky! We went here May of 2011 and we had a bad experience 🙁

    hay. one of the tour operators based in dumaguete city cheated on us. kasi supposedly kami yung naka-sched na sumakay ng bangka then may nauna lang sa amin, yun ang sinakay kahit bayad kami. so ayun, di namin nakita ung dolphins. saka cloudy rin nun 🙁

    hope to return to the sandbar and sleep in the cottages and hopefully have a good memory of it.

  4. thanks a lot for visiting our place. actually i’m a manjuyodnon and i’v visited the sandbar many times. I just searched manjuyod sand bar in google that’s why i found your site. anyway thank you for visiting

    1. thank you too for dropping by. hope to explore more of Manjuyod this year. 🙂

  5. Hi Gael,

    Your travel blogs never fail to amuse me. Everytime i read your articles, you just awaken my sense of freedom. And this is probably one of the best you have featured so far! Because of the beautiful pictures you posted, it allows me to feel the need to go to this amazing place in Negros and embrace the healing seabreeze. I am currently struggling for my personal happiness, and having to know that there is indeed a paradise in this side of the planet (thanks to you!) just makes my heart return back to its normal beat….I’ll definitely go to this place this year by hook or by crook (even if i’ll be alone). Thanks a lot and more power! 🙂

    1. Glad was able to inspire you. Keep the faith, girl. Happy travels! 🙂

  6. Hello! Thank you for your informative blog post! I can’t wait to visit Dumaguete and be amazed by the Manjuyod sand bar! I was wondering what time did you arrive in Manjuyod Sand Bar? You’re very lucky to have seen the sand bar on low tide. I wish I was as lucky as you when I visit it. 🙂

    1. Hi Aceline, it was early morning. Low tide is the not the same each day so I suggest you search online the time of low tide on the date of our visit to make sure. Have fun!

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