Comprehensive Legazpi Itinerary and Albay travel guide with sample budget and expenses, where to stay and places to visit in Albay.

Dominating the skyline of Legazpi and Albay is Mt.Mayon, the poster girl of the province. Known for its majestic beauty and almost perfect conical shape. Wherever you are in Albay, it seems as if Mt.Mayon is watching you. Indeed, nothing can encompass nature’s prowess and splendor. But there’s more to Albay, this massive province is oozing with raw appeal; flanked by vast, green farmlands, fishing towns, age-old churches, cave systems, aquamarine rivers, and lush mountains. You can also explore its rugged coastline, lapped by blue waters and dappled with tropical islands. Many of the rising tourist spots in Albay are blissfully uncharted by mass tourism, so best to visit soon before it gets too crowded.

To help you plan your trip, here’s a quick Albay + Legazpi Travel Guide with Legazpi itinerary and sample expenses and budget. Feel free to comment below if you want to suggest additional tourist spots in Legazpi and Albay, I didn’t include everything here as I’ve yet to visit them. But since Legazpi is just 3 hours away from my hometown, I can always travel there and update this Albay and Legazpi travel blog in the future.

*Cover photo  by Sheila Pauline Rubi @sheepsunfiltered


Albay ATM: ATMs are scattered around Legazpi and Daraga. Best to withdraw cash before leaving for Jovellar or Camalig as almost everything is on cash basis.

Albay Safety: Albay is a tourist-friendly destination.  Still, as in any other places, be careful with your things, don’t just leave them unattended.

Albay Internet: Many accommodations have Wi-Fi; however, some are unreliable. You can use your data or better yet, bring a pocket Wi-fi. You can rent through the number below.



 It is important to know beforehand where to stay in Legazpi or Albay when planning your Legazpi itinerary and Albay itinerary.  You can opt to stay in downtown Legazpi or in Daraga area.

Legazpi City is a convenient base because most of the restaurants, malls, and hotels are concentrated there. Embarcadero is also located in Legazpi City.

Daraga area is the quieter side and close to most of the Albay tourist spots, like Daraga Church where you can see Mt.Mayon, Ligñon  Hill, Daraga Church, Albay Park and Wildlife.

Tabaco is also a quiet, but it’s far from Legazpi City or Daraga, about 1 hour drive. It’s a good base for island hopping in Albay and if you want to cross to Catanduanes after.

Legazpi City Center Hotels








Daraga Hotels






1.You can fly to Legazpi from Manila or Cebu. Travel time from Manila is roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes. Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific have daily flights to Bicol International Airport (BIA) in Albay.

2.At the Bicol International Airport (Legazpi Airport), you can take the airport van/shuttle to downtown Legazpi, tricycle, or taxi. There’s no fixed schedule, the van leaves once full.

Here’s the Legazpi airport van/shuttle fare:


Bicol International Airport (BIA)Legazpi City (SM Legazpi)₱220 ($4.29)
Bicol International Airport (BIA)Daraga₱120 ($2.34)
Daraga Covered Court (fronting Daraga Municipal Hall)Bicol International Airport (BIA)₱120 ($2.34)
Bicol International Airport (BIA)Shell Gasoline Station Alobo (Along the National Road)₱25 ($0.49)
Shell Gasoline Station Alobo (Along the National Road)Bicol International Airport (BIA)₱25 ($0.49)


Alternatively, if you are traveling in a group, there are taxis at the Bicol International Airport (BIA). Fare will be based through Taxi Meter Charge only.  So, please make sure the driver turns on the meter and charge you based on the taxi meter reading only, including flag-down charges. Refuse the “pakwayan rate” (charter rate without using the meter) to avoid overcharging.

Tricycles are also available, fare is roughly ₱200 ($4), good for 4 persons.


You can also take a bus from Manila to Legazpi. Travel time is approximately 12 hours. Fare starts at around ₱1,076  ($21). The bus trip ends at Legazpi Grand Central Terminal. Best to take it at night so you’ll arrive in the morning in time for your Legazpi itinerary.

There are several buses with daily trips to Legazpi such as Philtranco, Raymond Bus, DLTB, Peñafrancia.   If  you are based in South Manila, you can ride them at  Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX).  If you’re coming from North Manila, make your way to Araneta Center Bus Terminal in Cubao, Quezon City where buses to Bicol abound.


Traveling by private car or van from Manila to Legazpi or  from any point in Luzon is possible. If coming from Metro Manila,  travel time is roughly 10 to 11 hours depending on traffic. Refer to Google Maps for direction.


 Albay is a province in Bicol region, composed of 15 towns and 3 component cities (Legazpi, Tabaco, and Ligao). Most of the tourist spots in Albay are located in Daraga, Camalig, and Jovellar.  For island hopping in Albay, it’s near Tabaco.  So most likely, these are the areas that you will visit during your Albay and Legazpi itinerary –  Daraga, Camalig,  Jovellar, Legazpi City, and then Tabaco, if you plan to travel to Mayon Skyline or do island hopping in Albay.

There are many public vehicles in Legazpi and Albay, you can use them to get around.

Tricycles – There’s an abundance of tricycle in Legazpi city center that can take your directly to your destination.  This is your best bet if doing a DIY trip, so you’ll be able to visit the places in your Albay and Legazpi itinerary. Rate depends on the distance of your destination. I always use the tricycle when getting around Legazpi, even going to the airport. But always ask and negotiate the price before hopping in. Tricycle drivers in Legazpi are infamous for overcharging tourists. For short distance ride, for example, within Legazpi city center only, it shouldn’t cost you more than ₱20 ($0.38). If you’re in downtown Legazpi and you plan to go to Daraga area, it could cost you roughly ₱100 ($2) up.

Taxi – Cabs are available in Legazpi, always use the meter.  But you can charter a taxi for your Legazpi/Albay day tour. If you’ll hire the taxi for a day, make sure you negotiate the price first,  discuss the destinations in your Legazpi itinerary first, before hopping in. Usually chartered taxi rates start at roughly ₱3,500 ($67) for a day tour, good for 4 passengers.

Jeepneys – A cheap way to get around Legazpi and Albay is by jeepney.  Fare starts at ₱10 ($0.19) from Daraga to Legazpi and vice versa. However, you need to know the routes to avoid riding the wrong one. You can read the route painted on the side of the jeepney and ask the driver to make sure it’ll pass by your destination.

Here’s some of the Legazpi jeepney routes that you might use during your  Legazpi trip if you want to commute or do a DIY Legazpi itinerary:

  • Daraga-Legazpi Loop 1: This is the jeep that you can take to get to Ligñon Hill and Albay Park and Wildlife.
  • Daraga – Legazpi (Tahao Road): . This is the jeep that you can take to get to the bus station (Legazpi Grand Central Terminal). You can also leave your luggage at the luggage counter in Pacific Mall while you do your last-minute shopping or at SM Legazpi.



Photos by Ria Baldo

When visiting Legazpi or Albay, you can join group tours for convenience and book tours in advance to reserve a slot. Here’s some of the recommended tours in the province.

You can also book this on the spot at Cagsawa Ruins or Ligñon Hills where most motorcycle drivers and touts are stationed.



There are many new tourist spots in Legazpi now, and I’ve yet to visit them. I will update this blogpost once I do. But for now, here are the top tourist spots in Legazpi, these are the usual places to see in Legazpi and Albay for first timers/first time visitors that you can include in your Legazpi Itinerary and Albay Itinerary.

My apologies, I don’t have much photos to post here because I lost my Legazpi and Albay photos since 3 of my external hard drives were damaged. I will update the photos once I revisit Albay again soon. Thank you to my cousin Pauline and my niece  Ellize andd her mom Ria for providing most of the photos here.


 This hill is Legazpi offers a scenic and unobstructed view of Mt.Mayon.

Location: Legazpi City

Entrance Fee: Summit  -₱10 ($0.19), Japanese Tunnel – ₱20 ($0.38)

How to get there: Ride the Daraga-Legazpi jeep Loop 1 or take a tricycle. Tell the driver you are getting off at Ligñon Hill. Walk uphill or take a motorcycle to the summit.



Location: Legazpi City

Entrance Fee: FREE, Lighthouse View deck – ?


Location: Daraga

Once you’re in Albay and Legazpi, you can easily see the jaw-dropping Mayon volcano. There are many vantage points, so, it’s really up to you where you’d like to see it. However, sometimes Mt. Mayon gets a really shy and hides, especially when it’s cloudy.  So, if you want to see it, best to visit during summer or when the weather is fine.  The popular Mt. Mayon viewpoints include Cagsawa Ruins, Ligñon Hill, Embarcadero, Quituinan Farm, and the lava area during the ATV tour. See the details below.


Location: Daraga

Entrance Fee:

Adult₱20 ($0.38)
Kids₱15 ($0.29)
Parking₱30 ($0.58)


How to get there: Ride a jeep to Cagsawa. You can also take a jeepney bound for Oas or Polangui, tell the driver to drop you off at Cagsawa Ruins. Or take a tricycle to Cagsawa Ruins.


Location: Daraga

How to get there: Take a Legazpi-Daraga jeepney.  Take an uphill walk to the church. Fare is roughly ₱10 ($0.19).


(Photos by Sheila Pauline Rubi @sheepsunfiltered)



This bountiful lake offers an unhindered view of Mt.Mayon. It has now become an Instagram-worthy attraction.  Not much to do here except for the activities mentioned below, but it has a relaxing atmosphere as it is surrounded by greenery.

Location: Camalig

Entrance Fee and Other Fees:

Entrance Fee₱25 ($0.48)
Parking Fee₱10 ($0.19) 2-wheeled vehicle
₱20 ($0.38) 4-wheeled vehicle
Toilet₱5 ($0.096)
Balsa Tour ₱25 ($0.48)
Kayaking₱50 ($1) good for 30 minutes
Aqua Biking₱50 ($1) good for 30 minutes
Floating Cottage ₱300 ($6)


Open Hours:  Monday to Thursday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Friday to Sunday 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM

How to get there: If coming from Legazpi, board a jeep to Daraga. Alight at LCC Legazpi or Public Market. Ride another a jeepney to Camalig, Polangui, or Guinobatan. Tell the driver you are going to Sumlang Lake. Travel time is roughly 30 minutes. Get off at Albay Agri Ethno Eco-Village. Walk to Sumlang Lake for about 15-25 minutes or hire a tricycle to take you to Sumlang Lake.


Location: Camalig

Open Hours:  Daily 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Entrance Fee:  ₱30 ($0.57) +  Environmental Fee ₱20 ($0.38) = ₱50 ($1)

How to get there:  Board a jeepney to Camalig. Fare is roughly ₱20 ($0.38)

Alight at the town proper. Hire a tricycle to Quituinan Hill. Chartered tricycle usually costs ₱200 ($4, good for 3-4 pax) because the driver will wait for you. Make sure you inform the driver to wait for you because tricycle going back to town is very rare. If you are alone, you can ask the jeepney driver to drop you off at LCC Camalig. Then from there, hire a motorcycle to take you to Quituinan Hill. Fare is roughly ₱50 ($1) (one way). Negotiate with driver for your trip back. ₱100 ($2) – ₱150 ($3) should be good for a roundtrip fare since the driver will wait for you. 


Quitinday Hills is a cluster of green hills in the eponymous town of Quitinday. It’s  reminiscent of Osmena Peak in Dalaguete, Cebu and Chocolate Hills of Bohol. It easily became a popular tourist site in Albay, as it offers a scenic view of its surroundings with a backdrop of the unobstructed Mt.Mayon.

Location: Camalig

Entrance Fee: ₱25 ($0.48)

How to get there: If coming from Legazpi, ride a jeepney with Legazpi-Camalig signboard, Legazpi-Guinobatan, Legazpi-Ligao or any jeepney with route to 3rd district. Fare is roughly ₱25 ($0.48).

Alight at Quitinday Junction/Diversion road. Rent a tricycle to Quitinday Hills, depending on your haggling skill, fare is roughly ₱500 ($10), good for 5 passengers. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes.

At Quitinday Hill, pay the ₱25 ($0.48) entrance fee. Hike uphill takes about 15 minutes.

Travel Tip: While you are at it, you may also visit Jovellar Underground River and Falls (Quitinday River and Falls), ask the driver if you can combine the tour. Fare is roughly ₱1000 ($20), good for 5 passengers. Combined tour may take about 5-6 hours, so, that’s a reasonable rate already since you’re hiring the tricycle for half-day.


Though popularly known as Quitinday Underground River and Waterfalls, it is actually located in the town of Jovellar in Albay.  My guess is, because this is usually combined with a trip to Quitinday Hills, visitors must have assumed at first that it is located in Quitinday. The 2-tiered falls is actually called Sigpit Falls by the locals; its water originates from the Jovellar Underground River. Best time to see its teal water is during summer, as it becomes brownish during the rainy season.

Location: Jovellar

Open Hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

*Tour guide is mandatory. One tour guide is good for 7 tourists.


Entrance FeesRate
Jovellareños₱10 ($19)
Local tourist₱50 ($1)
Foreign tourist₱200 ($4)
Senior Citizen₱40 ($0.77)
Kids (10 y.o below)₱30 ($0.58)
Parking FeesRate
4 wheels₱30 ($0.58)
Tricycle₱15 ($0.29)
Motorcycle₱10 ($0.19)


Dry Caving Fee (per person)₱300 ($6) per person


Bamboo Raft Fee  
Jovellareños ride ₱200 ($4), good for 5 person
Regular ride₱400 ($8) , good for 5 person

*Good for every 1-5 persons, one-way entry policy.



Cottage Rental 
Kubo (small cottage)₱450 ($9)
Big cottage ₱1,000 ($20)


Tour Guide Fee₱200 ($4), good for 7 tourists

How to get there: Ride a jeep to Guinobatan. At Guinobatan, ride a jeep or motorcycle to Jovellar.

Alternatively, you may also ride a jeep to Camalig and alight at Quitinday Junction. From there, hire a tricycle to take you to Jovellar Underground River and Falls.  Fare is roughly ₱500 ($10), good for 5 passengers It can be combined with a tour to Quitinday Hills for about ₱1000 ($20), good for 5 passengers.


  • No mask, no entry.
  • All tourists must undergo thermal scanning.
  • Fill out the Health Declaration Form.



Location: Tabaco

About an hour away from Legazpi City is Mayon Skyline, you can visit this before or after your island-hopping trip in Albay since it’s in Tabaco. It has one of the best views of Mayon Volcano, but time your trip during a good weather because Mayon is usually blocked by clouds. Your best bet is an early morning visit as it can get rather cloudy in the afternoon. Otherwise, just try your luck in Cagsawa Ruins, Ligñon Hill, Sumlang Lake, Daraga Church, or Embarcadero.



Location: Tabaco

Albay isn’t just about Mayon Volcano. There are also islands and beaches that you can visit in the province. A convenient jumping off point of Albay island hopping is Tabaco Port. From here, the islands are about 45 minutes to 1 hour by outrigger boats.

Here are some  of the islands that you can visit, they are located in Malilipot, Bacacay, and Tabaco:

  • Wara-wara Island
  • Pinamuntugan Island
  • Maliktay
  • Guinanayan Island
  • San Miguel Island


How to get there: From Legazpi or Daraga, take a van or jeepney to Tabaco, Albay. At Tabaco, ride a tricycle or padyak to Tabaco Port. Then from Tabaco port, hire a boat for island hopping. Island hopping rates depend on the boat capacity and the number of islands that you want to visit. Rate starts at ₱2,000 ($38).





Here’s a sample Legazpi/Albay itinerary perfect for a 3-4 day stay in the province with sample budget/expenses. This is good for a solo traveler; you can save more if you are a party of 2 or if you are traveling as a group.


*The sample  Legazpi/Albay trip expenses below doesn’t include roundtrip transportation between Manila and Legazpi, accommodation, drinks, souvenirs, and other shopping expenses.


09:00 AMETD Manila
10:20 AMArrival at Bicol International Airport
11:00 AMShuttle van to Legazpi or Daraga ₱220 ($4.21)
11:30 AMHotel check-in
Lunch ₱200 ($4)
01:00 PMJeep to Cagsawa Ruins. Oas or Polangui jeep. ₱10 ($0.19)
Cagsawa Ruins ₱20 ($0.38)
Mt.Mayon ATV ride. ₱352 ($7) BOOK HERE
04:00 PMJeep to Daraga Church (Legazpi-Daraga). ₱10 ($0.19)
Walk uphill walk to the church.
Daraga Church with Mt.Mayon view. FREE
04:30 PMJeep to Ligñon Hill. Daraga-Legazpi Loop 1 jeep. ₱10 ($0.19)
Ligñon Hill. ₱20 ($0.38)
Japanese Tunnel. ₱20 ($0.38)
06:00 PMJeep to Legazpi ₱10 ($0.19)
07:00 PMDinner. ₱200 ($4)
08:00 PMTricycle or jeep back to hotel. ₱20 ($0.38)
09:00 PMLights off.
Day 1 Expenses₱1,092 ($21.49)
06:00 AMBreakfast
07:00 AMJeep to Sumlang Lake
(Camalig, Polangui, or Guinobatan Jeep). ₱20 ($0.38)
Alight at Albay Agri Ethno Eco-Village.
Walk to Sumlang Lake for about 5 minutes.
07:30 AMSumlang Lake. ₱25 ($0.48)
Kayaking. ₱50 ($1) good for 30 minutes
Toilet. ₱5 ($0.096)
09:00 AMHire a tricycle  or motorcycle to Quituinan Hills/Quituinan Ranch.
₱200 ($4)
Quituinan Ranch (Quituinan Hill) ₱50 ($1)
10:30 AMBack to Camalig town or hire the same tricycle or motorcycle.
Tricycle or motorcycle to Quitinday Hills. ₱500 ($10)
11:00 AMQuitinday Hills. ₱25 ($0.48)
12:00 PMHire same tricycle or motorcycle to Jovellar River + Falls. ₱500 ($10)
12:00 PMJovellar Underground River and Falls. ₱50 ($1)
Tour guide fee: ₱200 ($4), good for 7 tourists
02:00 PMBack to Camalig Town or Guinobatan Town.
Ride jeep back to Daraga. ₱25 ($0.48)
At Daraga, ride tricycle to hotel or jeep to Legazpi. ₱9 ($0.17)
03:00 PMLate Lunch ₱200 ($4)
04:00 PMBack to hotel. Freshen up.
05:00 PMJeep to Embarcadero. ₱9 ($0.17)
Sunset watching
06:00 PMDinner  ₱200 ($4)
07:00 PMJeep or tricycle to SM Legazpi or Pacific Mall.  ₱9 ($0.17)
Shop for souvenirs
09:00 PMBack to hotel
Day 2 Expenses₱2,077 ($41.426)
2 DAY TOTAL₱3,169 ($62.916)


If you have more time to spend in Albay and if your budget permits, you may also do island hopping in Albay on Day 3. See the sample Albay Itinerary Day 3 below.


DAY 3Albay Island Hopping
06:00 AMBreakfast
06:30 AMHotel check-out. Leave luggage at hotel.
07:00 AMJeep or tricycle to Legazpi Integrated Bus Terminal.
07:30 AMVan or non-aircon bus to Tabaco. ₱50 ($1)
08:30 AMETA Tabaco.
 Tricycle or padyak to Tabaco Port. ₱20 ($0.38)
 Buy lunch for take-out (pls include the boatman) ₱200 ($4)
08:45 AMRent Boat for Island Hopping in Albay. ₱2,000 ($40)
Island Hopping in Albay
·      Wara-Wara Island
·      Pinamuntugan Island
·      Maliktay
·      Guinanayan Island
·      San Miguel Island
02:00 PMEstimated end of island-hopping tour
Tricycle or padyak to terminal. ₱20 ($0.38)
03:00 PMVan or bus back to Legazpi or Daraga ₱50 ($1)
Tricycle to hotel. ₱20 ($0.38)
04:00 PMClaim luggage
Jeep to Legazpi Integrated Bus Terminal if taking the bus to Manila
Or tricycle to Bicol International Airport (Legazpi Airport). ₱200 ($4)
07:00 PMETD Manila
Day 3 Expenses₱2,560 ($51.14)
3 DAY TOTAL ₱5,729 ($114.056)



*Rates may change without prior notice.



Travel Tips and Reminder


  • Smoking is prohibited in public places in Legazpi, including malls, parks, and government offices.
  • Practice the LNT principle – Leave No Trace.
  • Ibalong Festival is celebrated in August.
  • Wear proper clothes for trekking, riding the ATV and island hopping.  Wear sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • Bring waterproof bag for island hopping and for the Jovellar Underground River and Falls.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.


Don’t miss trying popular Bicol food such as pinangat, Bicol Express, sinantol, pili,  Tiwi Halo-halo, and sili ice cream, make sure to include food trip in your Albay and Legazpi itinerary.



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