Hotel Feature: A’Famosa Resort in Melaka, Malaysia

Sedate, serene and spacious, A’Famosa Resort is a sleek respite from the hurried Kuala Lumpur.  Sprawling 1,300 acres through some of Melaka’s craggy and verdant countryside, it is not only a resort, it is a real property clad by a water park (Water World), zoo (Animal World Safari), Cowboy Town (theme park), golf course, condominiums and elegant garden villas. Interestingly, as their logo suggests, A’Famosa Resort was named after the 16th century Portuguese fortress that once crowned Malacca City’s waterfront. You can book your hotel in Melaka on Traveloka.

Working on a muted pigment of cream and brown, our room feels unruffled opening up into a terrace with a view of the courtyard and a good deal of natural light. I like snuggling my pillow while relaxing on my wonderfully comfy bed. Our deluxe room is draped with every amenity you expect to find in a plush hotel – large cable LCD TV with DVD player, coffee maker and mini bar. Wi-Fi is free at the lounge but you have to pay for it to get access inside your room.

One of the most sought-after attractions here is the Cowboy Town. Stepping into this theme park is like being conveyed into a thrilling realm of the old-fashioned West. Cowboy Town is ruled by cowboys, cowgirls, red Indians and bucolic buildings.

Visitors will never run out of things to do here because the place is also dominated by game centers, restaurants, shopping village, disco, beer garden, children theme park, and bowling alley. We were highly engrossed by the Cowboy Show while an unexpected downpour towards the end of the scene added more drama to their gripping performance. At night, we were fascinated with the Halloween Musical Parade, multi-hued floats, street dance and the fireworks display.

Another unforgettable experience here is a tour to Animal World Safari where we got to feed the Malayan tigers up close. We also toured around the wildlife habitats and environment while riding on our safari van where we encountered giraffes, lions, camels, elephants, deer and zebras.  Don’t miss strolling in the walk-through area occupied by camels, raccoon, flamingos, and orangutans.

A’Famosa Resort Contact Details:

Address: Jalan Kemus, Simpang Empat 78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka, Malaysia
Phone Numbers: 06 552088, 019-6003478, 019-6003500, 019-6003517

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Special thanks to A’Famosa Resort for hosting us and to Gaya Travel Magazine for flying us to Malaysia.





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