Batad, Ifugao– The amphitheater-like stone-walled Batad Rice Terraces is one of the five clusters in the UNESCO inscription of the 5 Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras. The four others are Mayoyao Central, Nagacadan, Bangaan and Hungduan.

Batad Rice Terraces

Over the years, tourism has made a vital contribution in the economy of  Ifugao province.  Batad is often included by many foreign tourists as a side trip when visiting Banaue.

You need to leave Manila at night. As of my last check (October 20, 2012), the only bus company that ply the route between Manila and Banaue is Ohayami Trans.

Ohayami Trans

Address: Corner J. Fajardo A.H Lacson Sampaloc, Manila

Contact Number: 0927-6493-0355 or (02) 5160-501  Manila Booking Office/    (+63) 917- 506-0817

Schedule: Daily 9 PM and 10 PM

Fare: Php 500


Here’s a sample Batad Rice Terraces Itinerary for your disposal:

Day 1

7: 00 AM – Arrival in Banaue. It is advisable to buy return tickets back to Manila upon your arrival.

7:30 AM  –  Register at the Banaue Tourism Office. Ask around for jeepneys going to Batad saddle point. The Batad public jeepey usually leaves around 1:30 PM and 3:00 PM.  Batad public jeepney fare is Php 150 per person. Since we wanted to reach Batad as soon as possible (we’re 4 in the group), we hired a jeep and shared with a group of foreigners. The jeep costs us Php 2,000 (one way) but since we’re already 9 in the group we paid Php222 each. If you are in a small group, I suggest you tour Banaue first and wait for the public jeep that leaves at 1:30 PM and 3:00 PM.

8:00 AM – Have breakfast at one of the Banaue restaurants. Prepare at least Php 100 for each meal. If you’re on a budget, there are Banaue carinderia (eateries) inside the market that sells Filipino dishes for as low as Php 30. Buy water, snacks and drinks in Banaue proper since goods here are way cheaper.

8:30 AM – Leave for Batad Saddle Point. It’s recommended that you talk to driver and ask him to fetch you on the date (and time) of your return. Negotiate the return fare.

10:00 AM – Arrival at Batad Saddle Point. If you don’t have a hiking pole with you, I suggest you buy one of those wooden sticks sold for Php 50-Php 100. It would be very helpful when trekking.

10:10 am – There are Batad local guides at the Saddle Point. You don’t really need a guide to Batad  though I still urge you to get a Batad guide especially if you are in groups so you can also help the locals. When visiting Tappiya Waterfalls a guide is a must.  But if you have heavy backpack with you and you need to get a porter, the guides can serve as a porter , just negotiate the fee (usually Php 100).  We we’re offered Php 800 from Saddle Point to Batad and Tappiya Waterfalls. Tappiya Waterfalls guide is Php 800 so we took the guide’s offer since it is the same rate.

11:10 AM Arrival at Batad Proper. There are many Batad accommodation like lodges and guesthouse in this village, there’s no luxury hotel here. We stayed at Ramon’s Homestay  for our Batad accommodation as suggested by the guide who happens to be Mang Ramon’s nephew.

11: 15 AM Settled the payment for our room at Mang Ramon’s Guesthouse ( Ramon’s Native Homestay contact number 09168743787/ Facebook:  Ramon’s Native Homestay) Php 200 for the regular rooms and Php 400 for the traditional Ifugao House. Since we’re on a budget we opted for the regular rooms. Mang Ramon’s family can also show you the inside of one of their Ifugao house adorned with skulls and Ifugao products and native accessories.

12:00 PM Lunch

12:30 PM Start the trek to Tappia Waterfalls with the guide.

2:00 PM Arrival at Tappiya Waterfalls.

2:15 PM Photo-op and swimming at the basin.

3: 30 PM Star the trek back to Batad town proper.

5:00 PM Arrival in Batad.

5:15 PM Ordered dinner. Prepare Php 150 per meal.

5:30 PM Wash up and rest.

6:30 PM Dinner and socials. Mang Ramon’s daughter created a bonfire for us and shared us some  Ifugao stories.

9:00 PM Sleep.

  Day 2

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Batad and Banaue Expenses (to follow)









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