ORIENTAL MINDORO: Things to Do in Puerto Galera + Itinerary 2023

Detailed travel blog about Puerto Galera Tourist spots and things to do in Oriental Mindoro.

The thriving municipality of Puerto Galera, hemmed in by jungle-clad promontories plummeting into delightful pockets of beaches and coves, lures exhausted weekenders from the centers of Manila.  Resting on the southwestern edge of Isla Verde Passage in Oriental Mindoro, Puerto Galera harbors diverse coral reefs ideal for snorkelling and diving!

Aside from bountiful marine life, Puerto Galera and Oriental Mindoro has more up its sleeve. It has a rich cultural heritage and oozing with natural attractions and outdoor adventures to test your endurance!

Here’s a recommended list of top things to do in Puerto Galera and places to see in Oriental Mindoro.  Explore and unravel the under-the-radar destinations in this province!




Why is snorkelling one of the top things to do in Puerto Galera?

If you’re itching for palm-fringed beaches and rainbow-hued marine life, pack your snorkeling gears, swimwear, and bag, and head to Puerto Galera. This sun-drenched town is oozing with natural attractions, and its best wonder is its underwater life.

Puerto Galera tourist spot underwater cave
Snorkeling in Puerto Galera is one of my best snorkeling experiences, it typically includes a visit to Giant Clams, Coral Garden, and San Antonio Island’s Underwater Cave.  The boatmen for snorkeling in Puerto Galera are the fisher folks of the island. It’s an additional livelihood for these people, so by availing of those small boats paddled by the locals, you are actually helping their community. Several years ago, fishing was banned in the area so they can revive the marine life here and turn the Coral Garden into a snorkelling spot. Thankfully, their efforts have paid off, today, tourists can enjoy swimming with rainbow-hued fishes here roaming around colossal coral plates! It’s definitely one of the best snorkelling experiences I’ve had in the Philippines and highly recommended!

If you’re staying in White Beach, touts/boat agents – holding laminated cardboard with photos of the snorkelling sites and islands – will approach you. Snorkeling rate at White Beach is ₱800 ($14 – €13) per person, includes transfer between Muelle Bay and White Beach.  Hotels and local tour operators in Sabang, Aninuan, White Beach, and other areas may also charge around the same rate. Alternatively, you can go to Muelle Bay and look for other tourists who can share the boat and you can just split the fees. See the snorkeling rate below at Muelle Bay.

Puerto Galera Snorkeling

  • Snorkeling Rate in Puerto Galera (Muelle Bay): ₱400 ($7 – €6) per person, 1-2 persons per boat/ ₱800 ($14 – €13) for 1 small boat, good for 2 persons
  • Terminal Fee: ₱20 ($0.36 – €0.33)
  • Tourist Attractions: Giant Clams, Coral Garden, Underwater Cave
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Access: Ride a tricycle to Muelle Bay where boats for snorkeling departs. Or book through a local tour operator, their packages include drop off/pick up, terminal fees, life vest and snorkeling gear


Underwater CaveCoral GardenGiant Clam
Coral GardenGiant ClamUnderwater Cave
Giant ClamUnderwater CaveCoral Garden



What makes island hopping one of the top things to do in Puerto Galera?

Aside from snorkeling, island hopping in Puerto Galera is one of the top activities in Oriental Mindoro. Bask in the azure sea and powdery sand of tropical beaches sprinkled on its coast. You can head to Muelle Bay to charter a boat for island hopping, which typically includes and choose about 3 islands to visit, which are typically Bucana Beach (Little Boracay), Long Beach, Heart Beach, and Haligi Beach. You can also go snorkeling on your own, but not as extensive if you chose the snorkeling tour. The standard island-hopping rate in Puerto Galera is ₱1,800 ($33 – €30), good for 6 persons, additional ₱300 ($4 – €5) per person for excess passenger.

 Puerto Galera Island Hopping

On my recent trip to Puerto Galera, we tried the combination tour – snorkeling and island hopping. We were able to fully experience the snorkeling part, where the small boat will take you to the snorkeling sites. But since we were pressed for time, the island-hopping part was kind of hurry.  Thankfully, I was able to experience this last time.

It’s best to do the Puerto Galera Island Hopping and snorkeling in the morning because the sea is more calm during this time.

If you’re booking the regular island-hopping tour or the combined tour, most likely, lunch will be at one of the islands there, so, prepare extra money for lunch. Bringing food from outside is prohibited. If you’ve booked island-hopping through your hotel or a local tour operator, ask them if lunch is included in the tour package.

Tourist in Oriental Mindoro


Puerto Galera Island Hopping Tour Rate: ₱1,800 ($33 – €30), good for 6 persons, additional ₱300 ($4 – €5) per person for excess passenger

Bukana BeachBeach and BayHaligiTalipan
Long BeachBukanaHeart BeachZobel Beach
Heart BeachLong BeachLong BeachBayanan
Haligi BeachSea BreezeBukana/Saturday’sHaligi


Inclusion: life vest

Terminal Fee: ₱20 ($0.36 – €0.33)

Access: Ride a tricycle to Muelle Bay where boats for snorkeling departs. Or book through a local tour operator.

island hopping boat in Muelle Bay, Puerto Galera

Option 2: PUERTO GALERA COMBINED TOUR (Snorkeling + Island Hopping)



Puerto Galera Combined Tour (Island Hopping + Snorkeling) Rate: ₱1,800 ($33 – €29) – ₱2,000 ($36 – €33), good for 6 – 8 persons, additional ₱300 ($4 – €5) per person for excess persons, + additional ₱200 ($4 – €3) for the small paddle boat for snorkeling (good for 2 pax)

Starfish Island
Saturdays Beach
Haligi Beach
Bucana Beach (Little Boracay)
Heart Beach

Inclusion: Life Vest, Snorkel, and Mask

Access: Ride a tricycle to Muelle Bay where boats for snorkeling departs. Or book through a local tour operator.



Why is Puerto Galera known as one of the best diving destinations in the Philippines?

Dive shop in Sabang, Puerto Galera

Diving in Puerto Galera is undoubtedly one of the top things to experience here as it is one of the most popular dive spots in the Philippines as it resting on the southwestern edge of Isla Verde Passage, declared by marine conservationists as the Center of Marine Shore fish Biodiversity”.  This area is home to various threatened species, including sea turtles, giant clams, hawkbills, giant groupers, and hump head wrasses.  It also boasts of diverse and extensive range of dive sites combined with tropical-cliché beaches. Some of Puerto Galera’s popular dive spots include The Canyons, Kilima Steps, Boatyard, Coral Cove, Sinandigan Wall, West Escarceo, and San Agapito Point. You can also include a day trip dive to the bountiful Verde Island nearby.

 diving lesson in sabang oriental mindoro

You will never run out of diving options as several dive shops and resorts around Sabang that offer diving packages as well as dive courses.  We visited one of the best dive resorts in Sabang – La Laguna Villas Luxury Dive Resort. They have an international team of PADI-Certified Professionals who can assist you during diving.  They also offer a broad range of accommodations for all types of budgets, ranging from economy studios to luxury villa and even multi-bedroom penthouse.

  • Location: Sabang, Puerto Galera

Dive resort in Sabang

 Puerto Galera Dive Rates (La Laguna Villas and Luxury Dive Resort)

Recreational Fun Dive$34 (₱1,900 – €31)
Additional Fee for Nitox$10 (₱553 – €9)
Additional Fee for Night Dive$10 (₱553 – €9)
Dive computer rental per day$10 (₱553 – €9)
Full equipment rental per day$15 (₱830 – €14)
Diver propulsion vehicle rental$30 (₱1,660 – €27)


Discover Scuba Diving3 hours$98 (₱5,400 – €89)
PADI Bubble Maker3 hours$98 (₱5,400 – €89)
Scuba Diver2 days$345 (₱19,077 – €314)
Upgrade Scuba Diver to Open Water2 days$280 (₱15,500 – €254)
Open Water Diver3-4 days$520 (₱29,000 – €473)
Adventure Diver1-2 days$290 (₱16,000 – €264)
Advance Open Water2-3 days$410 (₱23,000 – €373)
Emergency First Response EFR1 day$200 (₱11,060 – €182)
Rescue Diver2-3 days$510 (₱28,200 – €464)
Dive Master3-4 weeks$1,100 (₱60,800 – €1,000)
Scuba Tune Up3 hours$98 (₱5,419 – €89)

*They also offer specialty courses.



 By day, White Beach in Puerto Galera is bursting with water activities that will keep you entertained. Water activities rates depend on where you’ll book the activity, you can book it directly at White Beach, or if you’re staying in Sabang and other areas, you can book it through your hotel or local tour operator.

water activities in White Beach
To give you an idea, here’s a list of the usual water activities in Puerto Galera prices/rates:


WATER ACTIVITYPRICENo. of PersonDurationExcess Person
Jet Ski₱3,000 ($54 – €49)30 mins
Jet Ski₱5,000 ($90 – €82)60 mins
Parasailing₱2,500 ($45 – €41)115 mins
Parasailing₱3,000 ($54 – €49)2
Banana Short₱2,500 ($45 – €41)1-1015 mins₱250 ($5 -€4)
Banana Long₱3,250 ($54 – €49)1-1315 mins₱250 ($5 -€4)
Flying Fish₱2,000 ($36 – €33)1-315 mins₱500 ($10 -€8)
Spinning₱2,000 ($36 – €33)1-615 mins₱350 ($6 -€6)
Flying₱2,000 ($36 – €33)1-615 mins₱350 ($6 -€6)
Bouncing₱2,000 ($36 – €33)1-615 mins₱350 ($6 -€6)
Wake Boarding₱3,500 ($63 – €58)130 mins
Wake Boarding₱6,000 ($108 – €98)160 mins
Water Ski₱3,500 ($63 – €58)130 mins
Water Ski₱6,000 ($108 – €98)160 mins
Lamski₱4,500 ($81 – €74)130 mins
Lamski₱9,000 ($162- €148)160 mins



Aside from the jaw-dropping marine life and gorgeous coastline of Puerto Galera, there’s a lot of other tourist attractions on land that you can visit.


You can hire a tricycle to do the land tour in Puerto Galera, rates depend on the places you’ll be visiting. But here’s the usual tricycle tour:

  • Land Tour in Puerto Galera by Tricycle
  • Tricycle Land Tour Rate: ₱1,000 ($18- €16) to ₱1,500 ($27- €25), maximum of 4 persons + ₱30 ($0.54 – €0.49) per person for Tamaraw Falls entrance fee
  • Attractions Included:  Muelle Cultural Heritage Park (Muelle Bay, Historical Canon, & Life Size Replica of Spanish Galleon), Aplayang Munti, Iraya-Mangyan Village, Tamaraw Falls, White Beach Overlooking View

Places to see in Oriental Mindoro - Tamaraw Falls


You can also do the land tour in Puerto Galera via tor packages from local tour operators.  They offer different inland tour circuits.

  • Inland Tour of Local Tour Operators (by multi-cab or van)
  • Tricycle Land Tour Rate: ₱2,500 ($45 – €41), maximum of 6 persons, additional ₱250 for extra person ($5- €4) + ₱30 ($0.54 – €0.49) per person for Tamaraw Falls entrance fee
  • Tour Guide:  ₱500 ($9 – €8), good for 1-5 pax, additional ₱100 ($2- €1.64) per person for extra pax
  • Tukuran Falls: Carabao Ride (maximum 6 person) ₱550 ($10 – €9) + Entrance fee:  Adult ₱100 ($1- €0.82), Child ₱50 ($9 – €8),

As mentioned above, tour operators offer different tour package for inland tours. Some places are located in Calapan, San Teodoro, and Baco, Oriental Mindoro.


Muelle BayMuelle Bay
Aplayang MuntiAplayang Munti
White Beach OverlookingWhite Beach Overlooking
Tamaraw FallsTamaraw Falls
 Hanging Bridge
 Tukuran Falls


Muelle BayMuelle Bay
Aplayang MuntiAplayang Munti
White Beach OverlookingWhite Beach Overlooking
Tamaraw FallsTamaraw Falls
LantuyanInfinity Farm


Here are the tourist spots typically included in the Puerto Galera land tour:


Muelle Bay

Adding up to Puerto Galera’s pride is its inclusion on the list of most gorgeous bay in the world by Les Plus Belles Baies Du Monde (The Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club), an International Association founded in Berlin. Visit Muelle Bay and you’ll quickly agree. The revamped port is hugged by turquoise waters peppered with white yachts and outrigger boats waiting for their next journey. And while you are at it, don’t miss the eye-catching replica of a Spanish galleon.


Long before the arrival of the Spaniards, Puerto Galera was already known as a trading port and a safe harbor for vessels coming from China, the Kingdoms of Sumatra, and Indian coast. Around the 17th century, during the Spanish colonial period, the colonizers found Muelle Bay and called the land “Puerto de Galleon” or “Port Galleon”.  Eventually, it was named Puerto de Galera and was chosen as the capital of the province. To counter the Moro pirates, they built watchtowers and positioned warships to guard the bay, among them was the sunken Canoñera Mariveles. Today, a gigantic replica of this ill-fated battleship is standing proudly on Muelle Cultural Heritage Park.

Muelle Bay Park


Why is the Mangyan Village one of the top tourist spots in Puerto Galera?

Mangyan Village

Puerta Galera is home to the Irayas, a sub-tribe of the Mangyans, the nomadic indigenous group of photo-Malay origin with curly hair and dark complexion. Based on reports, they were originally living in the coastal areas, and they are believed to have traded with Chinese merchants as early as 1250 AD. Unfortunately, they were pushed into the mountains with the arrival of Christians and Moro settlers. Thankfully, many of them have preserved their traditional culture. Today, the Iraya Mangyans of Puerto Galera have found a home at the Mangyan Village in Sitio Talipanan at the foot of Mt. Malasimbo.

Nito souvenirs

On any given day, tourists can visit this modest village built by Ayala Foundation where the Mangyans can be seen proudly weaving nito vine into handicrafts that are perfect souvenirs. They consign their crafts and many of these handicrafts make their way to Greenbelt 5 Mall in Makati and exported to other countries.  I recommend buying handicrafts / souvenirs here to support the livelihood of the Irayas.


  • Entrance Fee: FREE, but tips/donations are encouraged.
  • Open Hours:  Daily 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Access: Charter a tricycle to take you Mangyan Village, special rate for tricycles (good for 3 passengers) is typically ₱150 ($3 – €2) – ₱200 ($4- €3) depending on the distance and your haggling skill. This is usually included in the tricycle land tour, day tour rate starts at ₱800 ($14 – €13), good for 3 pax.  Or if you booked a tour package through a travel agency, this is part of the land tour.



Puerto Galera’s most famous water falls is Tamaraw Falls, named after the endangered tamaraws (dwarf buffalos found only in Mindoro).  This picturesque waterfall is very accessible, no need for long, tiring hikes to reach it. Tamaraw Falls is located along the highway in Brgy. Villaflor on the way to Calapan, often included in land tour packages in Puerto Galera.  There’s an entrance fee to use the area and swim at the foot of this towering falls.

Tamaraw Falls Oriental Mindoro

  • Entrance Fee: ₱30 ($0.54 – €0.49) per person for Tamaraw Falls entrance fee
  • Access:  Ride a jeep enroute to Calapan from Puerto Galera or vice versa. Alternatively, you can hire a tricycle to take you to Tamaraw Falls, but if you are doing the inland tour, this is included in itinerary.



After dropping by Tamaraw Falls from Puerto Galera, you can visit another popular waterfall in Oriental Mindoro. Tukuran Falls maybe unheard of by first time visitors in Oriental Mindoro, but this cascading waterfall blissfully situated in the outskirt of San Teodoro attracts a bunch of day trippers from Puerto Galera. The water falls itself is not as scenic as Tamaraw Falls or the waterfalls in Infinity Farm, but is has its own appeal – the journey and the natural scenery going here.

 Things to do In Oriental Mindoro: Carabao Ride to Tukuran Falls

The jump-off point itself on the way to the waterfalls will make you savor the countryside atmosphere.  From there, visitors can opt to ride a motorcycle, hire a guide to trek, or ride the carabao to the waterfalls. Most tourists choose the last option because of its uniqueness, you won’t get to experience riding a carabao crossing palm-fringed rivers on your way to a waterfall. And once you arrive at Tukuran Falls, you can cliff dive into (be extra careful of the rocks) into the mesmeric, emerald green natural pools created by waterfalls running from the forest.

swimming in Tukuran Falls

Make sure to wear aqua shoes on your way to Tukuran Falls because you will surely be wet. Secure your gadgets on a dry bag. There are stores located at the jumping off point and at the waterfalls, so you won’t go hungry.  And there are life vest and lifebuoy for rent here for ₱50 ($1 – €0.82) and ₱100 ($1- €0.82) respectively.

 Tukuran Falls Places to See in Puerto

Tukuran Falls is a good picnic spot, so best to bring grilled seafood here, there are available grills that you can use for cooking.

  • Carabao Ride (maximum 5 person) ₱500 ($10 – €9)
  • Entrance fee:  Adult ₱100 ($1- €0.82), Child ₱50 ($9 – €8),
  • Environmental fee: ₱50 ($9 – €8)



Silonay Mangrove Conservation and Eco-Park is managed and run by Sama-samang Nagkakaisang Pamayanan ng Silonay (SNPS), a people’s organization by community volunteers and barangay officials. Because their coastal village has often been threatened by storm surges, the mangroves growing here protect them. There are about 15 mangroves species in Silonay Mangrove Forest and it is home to some endemic birds including the Philippine Duck and Pygmy Swiftlet. Aside from the protection it offers to the village, the mangrove park is now an eco-tourism destination, often included in inland tour packages. Tourists can visit the 42-hectare Silonay Mangrove Conservation and Eco-Park and take a leisurely walk on its 350-meter boardwalk leading to a 6-meter-high tower that offers a scenic view of the Silonay River clad by dense wilderness. It’s a good spot for taking drone videos.

silonay mangrove forest
Tourists who visit Silonay Mangrove Forest pay a minimal entrance fee that includes a mangrove seedling that each person can plant here. The earnings from these fees goes to other income-generating projects of the SNPS Volunteers like souvenirs and snacks sold by the group in the small shop that they were able to open in the park.

  • Silonay Mangrove Forest
  • Location: Brgy. Silonay, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
  • Entrance Fee: ₱50 ($1 – €0.82) per person



Just 1.5 hours away from Puerto galera, Infinity Farm Resort is a gorgeous resort in Baco, Oriental Mindoro, one of my favorite stops during our Oriental Mindoro trip. I was stunned by its emerald green; cascading waterfall clad by trees and towering evergreen plants flowing into majestic pools where guests can swim and relax.  I regret not taking a swim here because the water was refreshingly cool when I tried dipping my feet.  They’re equipped with clean, modern shower room and toilet. There are also cottages on the side where you can eat and hang out after swimming. I really enjoyed the serene nature here and the mouthwatering boodle fight! Don’t miss this when visiting Oriental Mindoro, it is included in some inland tour packages by local tour operators.

 Infinity Farm Resort

  • Infinity Farm Resort
  • Location: Mangangan 1, Baco, Oriental Mindoro
  • Entrance Fee: ₱200 ($4 – €3)
  • Contact Number: +63 919 0069 960/ +63 917 1575 592
  • Access: Via inland tours by tour operators in Puerto Galera. Alternatively, you can hire a tricycle to take you there.
  • Pls contact the resort ahead of time and inform them prior to your visit. If you can’t reach them via phone because there’s no signal in the farm, try to e-mail them at [email protected]



Why is White Beach one of the top Puerto Galera tourist spots?

Puerto Galera Land Tour : White Beach Overlooking

White Beach is the most famous beach in Puerto Galera, its powdery white sand coast is sprinkled with resorts, bars and restaurants that have never stopped expanding. By day, aside from swimming and getting a tan, you can try the water sports here (see the water activities in Puerto Galera prices above).

At night, you can go bar hopping, listen to live bands while drinking with friends and you can also watch the talented local fire dancers perform! While you are at it, have a sip of the iconic cocktail aptly named as Mindoro Sling! This cherry-red alcoholic drink consists of Tanduay rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, mango juice, grenadine syrup and sprite, and is very popular for a reason. It is such a buzz that even some beach resorts in Puerto Galera offer tutorials on how to make a Mindoro Sling on their Bar Mixing Lesson. Mindoro Sling is believed to have been popularized by Mikko Bar, but most bars scattered along White Beach offer this drink too! Please drink moderately.

mindoro BLOG 32

But for those who just want a quiet and less crowded beach in Puerto Galera, do check out the neighbouring Aninuan Beach, Palangan Beach or Talipanan Beach.



Aside from the usual places included in the land tour in Puerto Galera and Oriental Mindoro, here are the other places we visited, they’re located in neighboring city of Calapan. If you want to visit, ride a jeep bound for Calapan from Puerto Galera, from there, you can ride a tricycle to get to these places. Alternatively, you can hire a tricycle to cover these places.


They say art makes people. One of my favorite destinations in during our recent Oriental Mindoro trip is Balai Mindoro in Calapan. It’s actually a private venue for events that is peppered with beautifully-crafted arts showcasing the ingenuity of Mindoro local artists and the culture and traditional of Mindoro province.

 Oriental Mindoro Tourist Spot : Balai Mindoro

At the entrance, visitors are welcome by the towering sculpture called “Tribu”, created by Gilbert Llave, featuring the 8 subgroups of Mangyans, the indigenous people of Mindoro. And once you get inside, you’ll be wowed by a massive painting of Mangyans named “Henerasyon”, which was painted by the artists Badz Magsumbol and Daisy Cabatay. In front of the painting is a sculpture aptly named “Kamukha”, crafted by Peter Salazar. This piece is actually the idea and concept of Dr. Abril Alexander de Guzman, the owner of Balai Mindoro.

 Balai Mindoro paintings : Henerasyon

Another masterpiece of Badz Magsumbol is the acrylic on Nara wood called “Mangyan, Kapwa Pilino”.  He said this is his work in Balai Mindoro and the hardest to make, among his creations.

Several artworks of local artists are also on display at Balai Mindoro. And outside, you will find another evocative sculpture called “Vanishing Kalinga”, symbolizing the endangered Tamaraw, the Pakudos, and the Mangyans.

Balai Mindoro sculpture : Fading Kalinga

Through these artworks in various medium, Balai Mindoro hopes to remind the people of Mindoro to cherish, defend, and impart their culture and traditions to the younger generation.

  • Balai Mindoro
  • Location: Calapan, Oriental Mindoro


The Old provincial Capitol in Brgy. Ibaba East where the Cal-kuta (an abandoned Spanish fortress) stands, was beautifully restored and turned into Oriental Mindoro Heritage Museum. The museum’s design is inspired by “MAHAL TANA” theme, stressing the legendary symbols of Oriental Mindoro – Mangyan, Halcon, Tamaraw, and Naujan Lake.  This museum, which was inaugurated last year, houses historical and cultural artifacts, and evidences of the rich biodiversity of the province.


  • Oriental Mindoro Heritage Museum
  • Location: Old Provincial Capitol, Brgy. Ibaba, Calapan, Oriental Mindoro
  • Open Hours: Daily 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Entrance Fee: Free for Mindoro residents, ₱50 ($1 – €0.82) per person for non-locals



Recognized as a historical structure by the Philippine National Commission and the Arts, the Sto. Niño Cathedral is the seat of Christianity in Oriental Mindoro, originally founded in 1679 by Augustinian Recollect Fr. Diego de la Madre de Dios.

 mindoro BLOG 14

  • Niño Cathedral
  • Location: Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro



If you want to take home unique souvenirs from Oriental Mindoro, you can buy them from the following:

Merl's Native Delicacies

  • Merl’s Native Delicacies
  • Location: Roxas, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
  • What to Buy: Suman sa lihiya in coco jam



E & B Mushroom Farm

  • E and B Mushroom Farm
  • Location: Western Nautical Highway Sitio 5, San Teodoro, oriental Mindoro
  • What to Buy: Oyster Mushroom snacks


Mangyan Village souvernirs

  • Mangyan Village
  • Location: Talipanan, Puerto Galera
  • What to Buy: Nito handicrafts


Places to See in Puerto Galera - White beach

  1. Register at registration.amazingpuertogalera.com
  2. Confirmed hotel booking



During our Oriental Mindoro trip, we stayed at the following hotels. First in Calapan since we arrived in Calapan and most of the tourist attractions we visited during Day 1 was near Calapan. For Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4, we stayed in White Beach.

 Puerto Galera Hotel

By the way, avoid the 3rd floor rooms in White Beach, as the water here are mostly pumped and can sometimes have a hard time reaching the comfort room located on the 3rd floor.

  • Casa Estella Boutique Hotel and Cafe
  • Location: Calapan, Oriental Mindoro





Here’s our Oriental Mindoro 4 Days 3 Nights itinerary, this trip itinerary was organized and created by the Department of Tourism Philippines and Tourism Board Promotion.

Puerto Galera tourist attraction : Island Hopping

NOTE: I’ve added the price for each attraction we visited to give you an idea of approximately how much to spend if you’re going to do a DIY Trip to Oriental Mindoro and DIY Trip to Puerto Galera. But the sample expenses below doesn’t include the price of transport going to each attraction, accommodation, souvenirs, and food. Most of the tourist spots are included in the inland tour package or island hopping and snorkeling package.

TRAVEL TIP: If you opt to book a tour package for a hassle-free trip in Puerto Galera, you may contact Sir Noli of NDM Travel Connections, the tour operator who arranged our recent island hopping, snorkeling tour, and land tour.

NDM Travel Connections

Facebook and Instagram: @ndmtravelconnections

Contact Number: 0908 470 7257



Oriental Mindoro Tourist Attractions Visited:

  • Infinity Farm
  • Oriental Mindoro Heritage Museum
  • Merl’s Native Delicacies
  • Niño Cathedral
  • Balai Mindoro


4:00 AMCall Time. Travel to Batangas Port.
6:00 AMETA Batangas Port. Buy ferry tickets and pay terminal fee ₱30 ($0.54 – €0.49)
7:00 AMBatangas Port ferry to Calapan. Ferry – ₱600 ($11 – €10)
08:30 AMETA Calapan Port
08:40 AMETD Infinity Farm Resort 200 ($4 – €3)
09:15 AMInfinity Farm Resort
12:00 PMLunch
12:15 PMMerl’s Native Delicacies. Food demo. Buy souvenirs.
01:15 PMETD Oriental Mindoro Heritage Museum
01:30 PMOriental Mindoro Heritage Museum 50 ($1 – €0.82)
02:45 PMSto.Niño Cathedral FREE
03:30 PMETD Balai Mindoro
04:15 PMBalai Mindoro FREE
05:15 PMETD Hotel (Casa Estella). Check-in.
07:00 PMDinner at Wil’s Diner
08:00 PMBack to Hotel. Lights out.
TOTAL ₱880 ($16.54 – €14.31)

Infinity Farm resort


Oriental Mindoro Tourist Spots Visited:

  • Silonay Mangrove Park
  • Tukuran Falls
  • E and B Mushroom Farm
  • Tamaraw Falls


07:30 AMBreakfast and check-out
09:00 AMSilonay Mangrove Park 50 ($1 – €0.82)
11:00 AMLunch at Nanay Goya 500 ($9 – €8)
12:00 PMETD Tukuran Falls
01:00 PMCarabao Cart Ride to Tukuran Falls 500 ($9 – €8) + ₱50 ($0.89 – €0.82)
03:00 PMETD E and B Mushroom FREE
03:15 PME and B Mushroom Farm. Buy souvenirs.
04:45 PMETD Tamaraw Falls 30 ($0.54 – €0.49)
05:30 PMETD White Beach
06:00 PMHotel Check-in at White Beach (Casa Marco Suites)
TOTAL₱1,080 ($20.43 – €18.13)



  • Oriental Mindoro Places Visited:
  • Muelle Bay Heritage Park
  • Puerto Galera Island Hopping + Snorkeling (Underwater Cove, Coral Garden, Haligi Beach, Long Beach)
  • Mangyan Village
  • Sabang Dive Resorts (LaLaguna Luxury Villa and Dive Resort and Spa)
08:00 AMBreakfast
09:00 AMETD Muelle Bay Cultural Heritage Park
09:15 AMMuelle Bay Cultural Heritage Park , FREE
09:30 AMSnorkeling + Island Hopping ₱2,000 ($36 – €33)
Underwater Cove
Coral Garden
Haligi Beach
Long Beach
01:00 PMLunch at Casa Marco
02:30 PMETD Iraya-Mangyan Cultural Village
03:30 PMSabang Dive Resorts
TOTAL₱2,000 ($36 – €33)


Attractions Visited:

  • White Beach
08:00 AMBreakfast
09:00 AMWhite Beach
09:30 AMCheck-out
10:00 PMETD to Port. Depart for Manila.
Ferry – ₱600 ($11 – €10) + Terminal Fee ₱30 ($0.54 – €0.49)
TOTAL ₱630 ($11.54 – €10.49)


DAY 1- 4 TOTAL₱4,590 ($84.51 – €75.93)




  • As in most beaches, sea urchins are present in snorkelling sites, so wear aqua shoes or full-foot fins    when snorkelling and please do not step on corals.
  • Bring a dry bag to protect your cameras and waterproof pouch for your phone. Or much better if you just bring an underwater camera or action camera for snorkelling and other water sports.
  • If you are traveling solo to Puerto Galera and you want to do the island-hopping tour but you don’t want to spend that much for the boat, try to schedule your trip on a weekend and approach other travellers (preferably those in groups) to join their island hopping and just share the expenses.
  • Stack up cash (Philippine currency) before heading to Puerto Galera, there are ATMs in town.  Almost everything is on cash basis here.

View of Sabang


A month ago, MT Princess Empress sank off the waters of Naujan, Oriental Mindoro causing an oil spill, a truly a devastating blow to the environment, marine life, and the locals, especially to those who rely on fishing and tourism for livelihood in Oriental Mindoro.  Puerto Galera’s water activities (snorkeling, island hopping, diving, and water sports at White Beach) are still open as of writing this blogpost. But amid the conflicting news on whether or not Puerto Galera and nearby areas are affected by the oil spill, for your peace of mind and safety, if you’re visiting the province soon, you can just do the land tours in Puerto Galera and Oriental Mindoro, and save the water activities for your next visit in the future once the province has healed.  To support the local tourism industry, you can still explore the underrated attractions ON LAND in Puerto Galera and Oriental Mindoro.   Puerto Galera, San Teodoro, Baco, and Calapan (land tours), remain open for tourism as of writing.



Our trip to Oriental Mindoro was made possible by Department of Tourism Philippines, Tourism Board Promotions Philippines, and Oriental Mindoro Tourism.

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