Batad Rice Terraces is one of  UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed rice terraces in the Philippines  located in Batad, Banaue in Ifugao Province. Unlike the world-famous mud-walled Banaue Rice Terraces (not a UNESCO site) carved out by the Ifugao‘s some 2,000 years ago (located  in Banaue town proper), the grandeur of Batad Rice terraces is owed to its amphitheater-like stone-walled terraces which is a favorite subject of snap happy tourists.


Batad Rice terraces 1


Batad being an isolated enclave with breathtaking views of the lush green surroundings and rice terraces, the warmth of  the Ifugaos and interesting culture makes it a favorite tourist destination in Banaue by local and foreign travelers alike.

This Batad travel blog hopes to guide you in planning your trip to Batad and Banaue this 2017.


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You can ride a bus en route to Banaue from Manila.  Ohayami Bus located at Sampaloc, Manila near UST (University of Sto. Thomas) has 2 daily trips to Banaue at 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM only.  Travel time is 9 hours, fare is PHP 450 (EURO 7/ USD 9/ SGD 12/ MYR 38).  Make sure to be there early as it gets fully booked quickly.  Buying a ticket in advance is also recommended especially during weekend and holidays.


At Banaue town proper, you need to register first at Banaue tourism office and pay the Php 20 environmental fee.  Then, you can charter a tricycle to Batad Saddle Point for PHP 500 (EURO 8/USD 10/ SGD 13/ MYR 42), good for 3 people or charter a jeep for PHP 2,800 (EURO 46/ USD 55/ SGD 74/ MYR 236 ), good for 20 pax. Chartered jeep to Baddle Junction is PHP 2,300 (EURO 38/ USD 46/ SGD 61/ MYR 194).


At Batad Saddle Point, hire a guide to take you to Batad Rice Terraces and Batad town.

batad 1


 Schedule of Ohayami Bus Trips to Banaue

Ohayami Trans

Corner J. Fajardo A.H Lacson Sampaloc, Manila

Contact Number: 917- 506-0817 / 0927-6493-0355 or (02) 5160-501




MANILABANAUE09:00 PM106:00 AMPHP 450 (EURO 7/ USD 9/ SGD 12/ MYR 38)
MANILABANAUE10:00 PM307:00 AMPHP 450 (EURO 7/ USD 9/ SGD 12/ MYR 38)
MANILABANAUE10:15 PM407:15 AMPHP 450 (EURO 7/ USD 9/ SGD 12/ MYR 38)



BANAUEMANILA06:30 PM204:30 AMPHP 450 (EURO 7/ USD 9/ SGD 12/ MYR 38)
BANAUEMANILA06:45 PM304:45 AMPHP 450 (EURO 7/ USD 9/ SGD 12/ MYR 38)
BANAUEMANILA07:00 PM105:00 AMPHP 450 (EURO 7/ USD 9/ SGD 12/ MYR 38)
LAGAWEMANILA07:30 PM205:30 AMPHP 450 (EURO 7/ USD 9/ SGD 12/ MYR 38)
LAGAWEMANILA07:45 PM305:45 AMPHP 450 (EURO 7/ USD 9/ SGD 12/ MYR 38)
LAGAWEMANILA08:00 PM106:00 AMPHP 450 (EURO 7/ USD 9/ SGD 12/ MYR 38)













From Baguio, take the Ohayami bus bound for Banaue at 9:00 PM.  Alternatively, you may also ride the Lagawe bound bus and once you are in Lagawe, just transfer to a jeep bound for Banaue. Fare is Php 30, travel time is 30 minutes.

At Banaue, pay the Php 20 environmental fee at Banaue Tourism Office.  Hire a tricycle to Batad Saddle Point for PHP 500 (EURO / USD 10/ SGD 13/ MYR 42) , good for 3 person or if you have a large group, charter a jeep for PHP 2,800 (EURO 46/ USD 55/ SGD 74/ MYR 236 ), good for 20 persons to Batad Saddle Point or to Batad Junction for PHP 2,300 (EURO 38/ USD 46/ SGD 61/ MYR 194).

At Batad Saddle Point, hire a guide to take you to Batad Rice Terraces at Batad town.



If you miss the Manila to Banaue bus at 9:00 PM, you can take the Oahayami bus bound for Kiangan/Lagawe at 9:30 PM.  Then at Lagawe, take a jeep bound for Banaue. Travel time is 30 minutes. Fare is PHP 30 (EURO 0.50/ USD 0.59/ SGD0.80/ MYR 2.53)


Pay the Php 20 environmental fee at Banaue Tourism Office in Banaue.  Hire a tricycle to Batad Saddle Point for PHP 500 (EURO / USD 10/ SGD 13/ MYR 42), good for 3 persons or if you have a large group, charter a jeep for PHP 2,800 (EURO 46/ USD 55/ SGD 74/ MYR 236 ), good for 20 persons to Baddle Saddle Point.

At Batad Saddle Point, hire a guide to take you to Batad Rice Terraces at Batad town.




From Sagada you can go to Banaue by taking a jeep to Bontoc. The earliest jeep to Bontoc leaves at 6:30 a.m and they have every 30 minutes after that until 9:30 AM only. Travel time from Sagada to Bontoc is 40 minutes and fare is  around PHP 45 (EURO 0.75/ USD 0.88/ SGD 1.20/ MYR 4).

From Bontoc you can ride a van bound for Banaue at the Bontoc Tourism Office. Van trips en route to Sagada from Bontoc leaves at 8:30 AM, 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM only. Travel time to Banaue from Bontoc is 2 hours and fare is  about PHP 150 (EURO 2.48/ USD 3/ SGD 4/ MYR 13).

At Banaue townproper, you need to register first at Banaue tourism office and pay the HP 20 (EURO 0.33/ USD 0.39/ SGD 0.53/ MYR 2) environmental fee.  Then, you can charter a tricycle to Batad Saddle Point for PHP 500 (EURO / USD 10/ SGD 13/ MYR 42, good for 3 people or charter a jeep for PHP 2,800 (EURO 46/ USD 55/ SGD 74/ MYR 236 ), good for 20 persons,

At Batad Saddle Point, hire a guide to take you to Batad Rice Terraces at Batad town.




Batad Rice terraces 7





Once you are in Banaue, buy the bus ticket for your return to Manila or Baguio before going on tour as buses also gets full quickly.  Bus trip from Banaue to Manila is at 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM only.  Ohayami Bus in Banaue leaves for Baguio at 5:30 PM.

batad 3



Since Batad is largely mountainous, trekking is the only way to get around. You can hire a guide if you want to trek to Tappia/Tappiya Falls.



tappiya falls
Tappiya Falls in Batad



⊗  Walk around Batad Rice Terraces

⊗  Trek to Tappiya (Tappia) Falls

⊗  Trek to Awa View Deck

⊗  Hike to Kinakin and Cambulo

⊗  Try the the local dish – pinikpikan and other traditional delicacies

⊗  Drink the native rice wine

⊗  Buy local handcrafted souvenirs to support the local economy







Mobile signal in Batad is unreliable, you can book your accommodation ahead via the links provided below.


Batad - Ramon Homestay
Ramon Homestay


Main Village, Batad, Banaue

Click here for room rates

batad view inn
Batad View Inn and Restaurant

Chungchung Batad, Batad, Banaue

Click here for room rates


batad top view point
Batad Top View Point and Restaurant


Upper Village Area, Batad, Banaue

Click here for room rates


batad hillside inn
Hillside Inn and Restaurant


Viewpoint, Upper Batad, Batad, Banaue

Click here for room rates


Batad Rice terraces 8




Day 0 
09:00 PMDepart from Manila by Ohayami bus


  7:00 AMEstimated arrival in Banaue
  7:05 AMBuy return tickets to Manila
  7:10 AMBreakfast
  7:40 AMRegister at Banaue tourism office and pay the Php 20 environmental fee
08:00 AMRide tricycle/ jeep to Batad saddle point
09:30 AMEstimated arrival at Batad Saddle Point
09:35 AMTrek to Batad proper
11:30 AMEstimated arrival in Batad
11:40 AMCheck in at hotel
12:00 PMLunch / Freshen up
12:40 PMTrek to Awa Viewdeck + Tappiya Falls
03:00 PM Return to Batad proper
07:00 PMDinner


07:00 AMBreakfast
07:35 AMCheck out of Homestay
08:00 AMStart trek back to Batad Saddle point
09:30 AMEstimated arrival at Batad Saddle Point
09:40 AMTricycle back to Banaue
10:30 AMEstimated arrival in Banaue
10:40 AMHire a tricycle to Banaue Rice Terraces Viewing Dec
11:30 AMLunch
12:00 PMExplore town/buy souvenirs
06:30 PMBack to Manila

Batad Rice terraces



Here’s a sample travel budget for Batad to help you in planning your  trek to Batad.  This is good for 1 person. If  you are traveling with someone or with a group, it will be cheaper as you can share the guide fee and tricycle or jeep fee to Batad saddle point.

Bus Fare – Manila to Banaue (roundtrip)PHP 450 (EURO 7/ USD 9/ SGD 12/ MYR 38)x 2 = PHP 940 (EURO 16/ USD 18.42/ SGD 25/ MYR 79)
Environmental Fee PHP 20 (EURO 0.33/ USD 0.39/ SGD 0.53/ MYR 2)
Tricycle to Batad Saddle Point (roundtrip)PHP 500 (EURO / USD 10/ SGD 13/ MYR 42) = PHP 1,000 (EURO 17/ USD 20/ SGD 27/ MYR 84)
Guide Fee to Batad/ Tappiya and ViewdeckPHP 1,400(EURO 23/ USD 27/ SGD 37/ MYR 118) + Tip
Homestay – overnightPHP 250 (EURO 4/ USD 5/ SGD 7/ MYR 21)
Meal (x # of meals)PHP 300 (EURO 5/ USD 6/ SGD 8/ MYR 25) x 3 = PHP 900 (EURO 15/ USD 18/ SGD 24/ MYR 76)
Grand TotalPHP 4,510(EURO 75/ USD 88.37/ SGD 120.38/ MYR 380)


batad 2




⊗  Stack up cash (Philippine peso) as there is no ATM nor money changer in Batad.

⊗  Everything is on cash basis.

⊗  There is only one ATM in Banaue which is  Landbank and two in Lagawe (Landbank and PNB).  I suggest you bring enough cash  before you head to Banaue Batad.

⊗  Mobile signal in Batad is unreliable, therefore booking your accommodation ahead via the links provided above is recommended.

⊗  Get a local guide to avoid getting lost ( you also help the local economy by doing this).

⊗  Buy local hand-crafted souvenirs.

⊗  Buy your  bus return tickets as soon as you arrive in Banaue.

⊗  Leave no trace. Do not collect plants or soil as souvenirs.

⊗  Bring jacket as weather can get really cold.  Ask for blankets from your homestay before going to bed as it can get even colder at night.

⊗  Wear proper trekking outfit.

⊗  Order your food ahead of time.

⊗  Respect the local culture.












  1. talagang complete guide ha. ala—lonely planet. this is what people need. “”A “” for effort Gael.

  2. Tappiya Falls is the riskiest trail ever! Buwis buhay x10!

    1. haha d ka nag-iisa Chyng! ako din mukha akong tanga dun. as in! gumagapang na ako. hahaha

  3. I’m happy to know that little has changed if at all. I’d like to see it preserved the way it is for many like me who hasn’t been there yet and would want to seek out it’s rural comforts. I’d hate to see a Starbucks there or a Jollibee 🙂

    1. oh yeah, I’m sure we all dont want that! haha

  4. ito pala yung namiss namin kasi natuloy sa Batad. anyway, umulan din ng malakas kaya ok na rin. hehe. ganda pala tignan jan! 😀

    1. ay so sa Banaue lang pala kau? panira tlga yung weather that time, ounta din sana ako ng Kalinga noon eh. 🙁

  5. wow..i never knew this place ..n thx for sharing n thx for your comments on my post too ..its safe for u to travel in india ..but i think it would be nice if u travel with your fri ..i m doin my MBA tourism ..1 yr .if i m free by Nov..i ll accompany u ..

    1. cool Sheril! 🙂 someone might join me but hasn’t confirmed yet. thnx for the immediate response! 🙂

  6. Wow! I never had read such comprehensive guide….! One of the pride of the Philippines…. I’m not sure if it resembles Machu Picchu (forgive me if wrong spelling hehe) though…. Thanks for sharing Gael! This is really an excellent post for tourists out there who wish to explore this attraction…

  7. Sayang talaga tinamad na ako magtrek papunta sa Tappiya Falls, napagod kasi ng todo, it gives me an excuse to go back on the other hand, (very comprehensive guide Gael, keep them coming)

  8. I agree very comprehensive guide nga! For those of us who haven’t been there, it surely paved the way for us to travel with you through this post. Very good job, Gael!

  9. I have yet to make my way to Sagada and now I have to add this to my list. You mentioned it was a backpacker’s mecca. Are there seasons when it gets really crowded?

    1. Hello WillemMy last bus trip 4 years ago was on Florida Lines a brand new bus. Banaue to Manila.I think Autobus leaves from the Cubao area of north Manila at night and arevirs in Banaue around 7 am. The seats are upright and the trip is long I do not know of any where you can lie down during the trip.My guess is that a private van with driver will run around 5000 pesos a day but I have never traveled in this manner. You would also be responsible for the drivers room and meals. This a only a guess! Check around maybe it can be done cheaper or you could find others to share the costs.It appears that you plan to make a trip to Batad from Banaue I hear that the road is pretty rough as a result of heavy recent rains. A regular van can not make it to the saddle the starting point at the top of the hill where you begin your decent to Batad valley.I was up there in Batad July of this year 2010 but was able to ride my motorbike to the top of the hill and walk from there. It is an amazing adventure! There are guesthouses that you could stay in in the village if you wanted to stick around for a few days. It would be well worth the time spent!dp

  10. may mura ba na tripod na di natutumba pag humangin?yung pang point and shoot lang

    1. yep, sa cdr king po. mga Php200 lng. 🙂

  11. being a beachbum more than a hiker, this place has taken a back seat on my list… sana mapuntahan ko na to soon. nauunahan na ako nina Joe and Jane Does. 🙂

  12. What detailed information you are giving us! Well done. It looks like an amazing place to spend some time.

  13. very nice post. we are planning to go there this summer. Yun po bang guides fees ay per person? Thanks =)

    1. Hi Rey! 🙂 no po, sa group na yun. for 6 people pede na ang 1 guide. 🙂

      1. thanks thanks 🙂

  14. Great blog! Your post is just timely for our family summer gala to Banaue-Sagada-Baguio in May. Medyo confused kasi ako what bus we should take. We are based in Mindanao and I’m a bit worried if we can secure seats without prior booking. Plan namin magbyahe agad kinagabihan pagdating namin sa Manila. We have 3 kids in tow and it will be our first time to visit Banaue and Sagada. Can’t wait to read your future post re: Autobus’ good customer service. Soon, please. 🙂

    1. If you have no booking and Florida is full, you can walk a few meters nlng po sa Autobus. But Florida bus has a better bus. Cguro natyempuhan q lng yung konduktor na yun na panget ang araw. haha But Flroida bus has good service naman, I tried them for my Ilocos trip. Have fun! 🙂

  15. probably sa 2013 ko na ‘to gagawin.. hihi.. kelangan ko magipon muna 🙂

  16. don’t forget a Tapuey session with Mang Ramon.. we spent hours just talking to him about the Ifugao culture.. also buy a ice cold coke at Batad Saddle after the hike coming from the village.. i’ve been to batad a handful of times and its always the best coke i’ve ever tasted

  17. what are the options when bringing own transport?

    1. hi Mai, sorry I’m unable to answer your question since I always commute going there. thnks for dropping by! 🙂

  18. Is it possible to visit Banaue – Batad in one day? Meaning I leave Manila at night, then reach Banaue in the morning, go to Batad, then go back to Manila in the evening?

    1. Yep, but only Banaue not Batad bec there’s limited transpo going back to Banaue and it will eat up your time. so if you want, you can check out Banaue rice terraces and Hapao rice terraces in Banaue town then go back to Manila late in the aftrnn. make sure you chck the schdule of buses going back to manila upon arrving there.

  19. I plan to take my boys on a backpacking trip this coming summer in Sagada, Bontoc and Banaue. Good thing I read this. Will bookmark this one.

  20. Nice blog. I have a question: My friends and I will visit Batad next month (January). Is it the best time of the year to visit the terraces? Or is it still summer? I like to take good photos, so please advise. Thanks!

    1. Hi, I went there during summer. so I honestly dont know how the terraces looks like in january. it’s advisable to check the weather before going there because if it’s foggy, you will have a hard time taking photos. So for now, I’d say summer is the best time

  21. I have a plan to go to banaue this feb…how can i contact Ramon’s Home stay?
    Your info is very much appreciated….tnx…

    1. hi sorry, i no longer have their contact #. will try to ask around for you.

  22. Thanks Ms. Gael….
    My tentative date to travel in banaue is on nyt of feb17 to 19 or on feb24 to 26….
    Thanks for the reply….I hope there is somebody who knew how i can contact Ramon’s Homestay…
    Thanks again…..

    1. dear, wala eh. pero madame naman dung homestay, d ka mauubusan, d naman peak season. have fun! 🙂

  23. Most accurate information available out there, by far – thanks!

    1. Could you tell me more about the Batad-Cambulo-Pula-Banaue hike? If I arrive Banaue morning one day, can I hike to Batad same day to stay, and then hike next day to Banaue through Cambulo and Pula? Do you suggest to just make arrangements upon arrival or in advance?

      1. hi jason, you can day hike to batad, re the cambulo and pula route though, it’s best to get a guide. you can get one upon arrival naman, madame guide sa Batad so kausapin mu nlng sila once you get there but if you do have a number for a tour guide alrdy then you can make arrangement for less hassle.

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  26. Hi gael any idea kung merong spot na kalsada na madadaanan ng jeepney na ang background is rice terraces dyan sa Batad kelangan ko for DOT shooting? BTW very informative yung blog mo thank you so much for your asap reply bukas na kasi ang punta ko dyan.

    1. hindi po nakakpasok ang jeep sa Batad, meron on the way sa Saddle Point going to Batad, yung 1st stop, yung may bahay na parang mahuhulog po. or meron naan rice terraces sa Banaue mismo, yung mga viewdeck po dun.

  27. Be careful!! My luggage was stolen on a night bus on 18th February 2013 on a trip from Banaue to Manila by Ohayami Trans. We believe it was when we arrived to Manila, the conductor opened the luggage door and took out all the bags while everybody was still waking up (it was around 3 am when we got there).

    Nor company, nor driver, nor conductor did anything about it, not even Police.

  28. Hi gael,
    just want to ask if this is possible:
    If we’ll arrive in banaue at 7AM, can we have a day tour in Batad and go back in Banaue in the afternoon?


    1. yes, but you need to charter a jeepney because the passengers jeep to Batad leaves Banaue at 1:00 PM and returns to Banaue early in the morning the next day.

  29. It’s more fun in BANAUE, IFUGAO, PHILIPPINES
    That’s why come and visit BANAUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Planning a trip this March and this has been, by far, the most helpful site I’ve found, though it is several years old. Can anyone tell me if the travel information is still at least a bit similar to this? I’m sure the prices have changed but I’m wanting to go from Sagada to Bontac to Banaue to Batad to Banaue to Manila. It seems like I’ll be able to get to Batad from Sagada in one day, if I leave Sagada early enough. This seem right?

    Thanks a ton!

    1. Just revisited Banaue-Bontoc-Sagada-Baguio a few weeks ago. Will try to update the info soon. Sagada to Banaue is about 4 hrs I think, so better leave early. But for Batad not sure about the last trip of the passenger jeep to Batad, otherwise, you can join other tourists in hiring a jeep.

  31. hi po! kaya po kaya itong itinerary na toh, 10 pm kami aalis ng Manila so the following day kami makakarating diba po, mga 7 am? ngayon, if pupunta kami ng Batad ng araw na yan pwede na bang from the inn (in Batad), straight na po kami sa may Batad amphitheater? tapos kinabukasan balik ulit sa Banaue? pwede yon? Thank you po in advance! 🙂

    1. yep. andun lang malapet sa inn yung amphitheater.have fun! 🙂

  32. What is the best month to visit Batad and Banaue to see them in their rich green color… They say its in Summer others are in rainy season. Hope you can help.

    1. I visited in summer, that depends on their planting season. I’m not sure about rainy season though.

  33. Hi there.
    I plan to arrive Banaeu from Baguio (via daytime bus trip). ETA Banaeu 4-5pm
    Can I get to Batad town proper before sunset. Do you recommend it? Is it easy to get tricyle to town proper.
    Appreciate feedback

    1. It’s easy to get a trike to Batad saddle point, but because of the hike to the town proper, I don’t think you’ll arrive on time for the sunset. If the bus arrives at 4pm then there’s still a slim chance you can catch the sunset.

  34. Hi,
    Thanks for the info.
    Do we need to book the inn in advance via agoda or we can just walk in?
    Thank you!

  35. Hi! Just wanna know your opinion. Im planning to go to Sagada and Batad. Which do you prefer, Sagada going to Batad, or Batad to Sagada? Thank you!!

  36. I see you have an itinerary for day 1 and day 3 but what happened to day 2?

    1. Thanks Carmen. That’s actually Day 2 not 3.

  37. hi po. just wanna ask if camping is allow in batad. and if so do they have a designated camping area and if my camping fee?
    thank yo po.
    hope i get a response before we left.. 😀 🙂 😀

    1. I don’t think so. Only homestay.

  38. Do we need to bring trekking shoes or flip flops will do?

    1. I used flipflops last time, but I’d recommend using shoes 🙂

  39. Hi Gael,
    Your guide is excellent, very informative and clearly detailed. My husband and I plan to travel to Batad this December and also wanting to see Sagada. In your Batad guide, no mention of how to go to Sagada from Batad. Would you recommend to visit Sagada before Batad/Banaue? Thank you and keep sharing!

    1. Please read this: You need to go back to Banaue to get to Sagada. Also, usually, tourists visit Banaue-Batad-Sagada.

  40. Hi po,

    Thanks for the valuable information. Confirm ko lng po, these 2 days itinerary covers Batad and Banaue Rice Terraces right?


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