Detailed Hundred Islands travel guide blog with sample Hundred Islands itinerary and trip budget. Also includes places to stay in Hundred Islands and things to do.  

Hundred Islands epitomizes the best of Pangasinan, riddled by 123 islets spearing out of the cerulean sea.  Home to a staggering variety of wildlife and fishes, these coral islands make up the Hundred Islands National Park.  Most of them are desolate, save for the 7 major islands that are usually included in the island hopping tour: Governors Island, Virgin Island, Quezon Island, Marcos Island, Scout Island, Children’s Island, and Pilgrimage Island/Ramos Island (island with large Jesus statue).  These islands have exploded in popularity and booming like nowhere else in Pangasinan. It’s an ideal weekend getaway for families and friends because the park is packed with water activities. Here’s a Hundred Islands travel guide with itinerary and budget  to help you plan your trip.



When is the best time to visit Hundred Islands : The dry season from November to May are the best months to visit. Always check the weather updates before proceeding.

Mobile signal: Mobile signal is available in this national park.

Wi-Fi: Not all hotels in Hundred Islands and Alaminos, Pangasinan have Wi-Fi, so, best to bring your own pocket Wi-Fi or internet data. You can connect securely online when you have your own Wi-Fi and you can stay online even outside the confines of your hotel.


Power Socket: Electrical socket is Type A. 220 V, 60 HZ.

Mode of Payment: Everything is on cash basis. Stack up cash.

ATM in Hundred Islands:  ATM is available at Tourist Information Center in Lucap Wharf, but best to withdraw in Alaminos city proper.

Parking in Hundred Islands: You can park your car or private vehicle at Lucap Wharf.

Safety in Hundred Islands: As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, Hundred Islands is tourist-friendly. However, as in any place, watch over your important things. Wear life jacket when doing water activities.




Hundred Islands is open to tourists from GCQ and MGCQ areas only.  Visitors from ECQ and MECQ areas aren’t allowed. Strict standard health protocols is currently implemented by Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos, Pangasinan for the safety of everyone.

Pangasinan Travel Requirements for Fully Vaccinated Tourists:

Pangasinan Travel Requirements for Non-Vaccinated and Partially-Vaccinated Tourists 

  • Valid government-issued ID.
  •  Negative RT-PCR Test or Antigen Test. Non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated tourists to Pangasinan must present a negative RT-PCR Test of Antigen Test result taken within 72 hours before travel from a valid DOH-accredited clinic.

  You can book your RT-PCR Test Result HERE.

  • All tourists  are encouraged to register at Pangasinan.tarana.ph. 




hundred islands boat rental fees

Manila to Hundred Islands

If you are alone or a small group and you just want a hassle-free tour of Hundred Islands.  You can book a budget-friendly day tour from Manila to Hundred islands.


By Private vehicle

As per Google Maps, this is the fastest route.

1.Get on NLEx/E1/R-8 in Balintawak from Epifanio de los Santos Ave/Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26/C-4. Transit time is approximately 20 min (9.9 km).

2.Follow NLEx/E1/R-8 and N Luzon W Expy to Paniqui – Ramos Road in Tarlac. Take the exit toward Ramos/Paniqui from N Luzon W Expy/R-8.  Transit time is roughly 1 h 39 min (136 km).

3.Take Paniqui – Camiling Road, Romulo Hwy/Tarlac – Pangasinan Road and Olongapo – Bugallon Road to your destination in Alaminos.

Source: Google Maps


IMPORTANT: Currently, there are NO PROVINCIAL BUSES bound for Alaminos, Pangasinan from Manila like Victory Bus Liner and Five Star Bus. The only way to get to Alaminos by land now is via private car/vehicle.  Follow Google Maps or Waze for directions.

hundred islands fees

Manila to Hundred Islands (DIY Guide)

 By Bus

  1. In Cubao, Manila, ride a bus bound for Alaminos, Pangasinan. Victory Liner, Five Star Bus, Philippine Rabbit, and Dagupan Bus have daily trips to Alaminos. Fare is about ₱393 ($8) for airconditioned bus and roughly ₱350 ($7) for ordinary bus. Travel time is approximately 5 hours.

  2. IMPORTANT: Victory Bus from Cubao to Alaminos, Pangasinan is available from 2:00 AM – 11:50 PM. While their bus from Alaminos, Pangasinan to Cubao, Manila (via Dau, Pampanga) leaves hourly from 1:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
  3. Alight at Alaminos, Pangasinan bus terminal.

  4. Make your way to Lucap Terminal in front of SUKI supermarket.
  5. Take a tricycle to Lucap Wharf, the jump-off point for island hopping. This is also where the Tourism Information Center is situated. Tricycle fare is about ₱15 ($0.31) per person and only leaves once full. Alternatively, you can charter the tricycle to Lucap Wharf for approximately ₱100 ($2).

  6. At the Tourism information Center, register and pay the entrance fee + environmental fee + insurance + boat rental for island hopping on Hundred Islands.

    • Show the 2021 travel requirements for Hundred Islands such as the negative RT-PCR Test Result from Licensed Covid-19 Testing Center and valid ID if you are from GCQ area. Remember, only tourists from MGCQ and GCQ areas are allowed in Alaminos and ages 15 to 65.

    • Fill out the passenger manifest form, you can get it from the tourism staff.
    • Submit the manifest form together with the travel requirements to the front desk staff for assessment.

    • Head to the Payment Counter. Pay the fees: Motorboat rental + ₱200 ($4) deposit for the “Basura Mu, Iuwi Mu” program and receive your trash bag. Your ₱200 ($4) deposit will be refunded to you upon your return of the trash bag on the designated area at the wharf.

7.Head to Boat Station. The boat dispatcher will assign you the motorboat.

8.Ride your boat. Remember to wear your life vest. Life jacket is free while ferrying to the islands only.


Clark, Pampanga to Hundred Island

  1. If you are coming from Clark Airport, take a jeepney to Dau Bus Terminal.
  2. At Dau Terminal, ride a bus (Victory Liner) to Alaminos, Pampanga.
  3. Get off at Alaminos bus terminal.
  4. Go to Lucap Terminal in front of SUKI supermarket.
  5. Ride a tricycle to Lucap Wharf. Tricycle fare is about ₱15 ($0.31) per person or ₱100 ($2) if you rent the entire tricycle.
  6. Walk to the Tourism information Center in Lucap Wharf. Register and pay the entrance fee +  environmental fee +  insurance + boat rental for island hopping on Hundred Islands.
  7. There’s also a ₱200 ($4) deposit for the trash bag. You can get a refund once you return the trash bag with your trash  when you return to the main land after you finish your island hopping tour.



hundred islands national park
Here’s a list of  Hundred Islands entrance fee 2021 and other park fees.

Registration Fee₱100 – $2₱160 -$3.38
Environmental Fee₱60 – $1.24₱120 – $2.48
Entrance Fee/IPAF₱30 – $0.62₱30 -$0.62
Insurance Fee₱10 – $0.21₱10 – $0.21


IMPORTANT: The Hundreds Islands has a “Basura mu, Iuwi Mu” (Bring your trash home) policy. Upon registration, you will need to deposit ₱200 ($4) and they will give you a trash bag. Once you return the garbage bag with your trash the deposit will be refunded to you.  This “Garbage in, Garbage out” policy of Hundred Islands is an initiative to free the park of garbage.


  • FREE for 5 years old children and below
  • 20% off for PWD and Senior Citizens
  • Discounted are implemented on environmental fee and entrance fee only.
  • Insurance is effective for 24 hours only.



hundred islands boat rental

For the Hundred Islands island hopping tour, you have to rent a boat. Boats at Lucap Park are available from 6:00 AM to 5:30 PM only. Below is a list of boat rates for your reference.

Small boat (1-5 passengers)₱1,400 – $29₱3,000 – $62
Medium boat (6-10 passengers)₱1,800 – $37₱3,800 – $78
Large boat  (11-15 passengers)₱2,000 – $41₱4,500 – $93


  • Tour Guide rate (Day Tour) – ₱1,000 ($20). Contact the Alaminos tourism office.
  • Rates may change without prior notice.



There’s a wealth of activities in Hundred Islands, which is why it’s a great beach destination for families and friends.  Here are the rates of activities, make sure you inform the tourism staff upon your registration so they can prepare the gears and give you instructions.

hundred islands things to do: banana boat


Zipline (546 meters) Governor’s Island₱250 ($5) per jump (Not available)
Zipline (345 meters) Lopez Island₱250 ($5) per jump
Zipline (120 meters) Quezon Island₱100 ($2) per person
Jet ski (1-2 person)₱1,000 per 15 minutes
Banana Boat (minimum 6 pax)₱250 ($5) per person (Not available)
Helmet diving₱400 ($8) per dive (20 minutes) (Not available)
Kayaking (maximum 2 person)₱250 ($5) per person
SnorkelingBring your own gear



1. Island Hopping. The Hundred Islands National Park is peppered with over a hundred islands and islets, it makes sense to go island hopping. But don’t fret, you don’t need to see all the 100 islands! The standard island hopping /day tour includes a visit to Governor’s Island, Quezon Island, Marcos Island and Children’s Island.

If you have the luxury of time, say for example you are staying overnight in Hundred Islands, you can also visit the following islands:  Old Scout Island, Devil Island, Romulo Island, Lopez Island, Martha and Ramos Island, Hernandez Island, Turtle Island, Abad Santos Island, Camantiles Island, Sulpot Island, etc.

2. Swimming. There’s over 100 Islands in the park where you can swim. The more popular islands that have been developed for tourism are Quezon Island, Marcos Island, Children’s Island and Governor’s Island.

3. Snorkeling. You can also snorkel and explore the colorful marine life especially the giant clams! Snorkeling gears are for rent for ₱250 ($5).

4. Helmet Diving. Aside from snorkeling, you can also try helmet diving in Hundred Islands for ₱400 ($8), good for 20 minutes.

5. Kayaking. If you’re up for more adventures at Hundred Islands National Park, rent a kayak for ₱250 ($5) per hour (good for 2 persons). Go canoeing from one island to the next! But make sure you wear a life vest for your safety.

6. Cliff jumping. Go cliff jumping at Marcos Island.

7. Zipline. You can try the zipline at Governor’s Island (546 meters) for ₱250 ($5) per jump. While the shorter zipline at Quezon Island (345 meters) costs ₱250 ($5) per jump. Meanwhile, the rate of the shortest zipline at Quezon Island (120 meters) is ₱100 ($2) per person.

8. Banana Boat. Have fun and enjoy the banana boat, ₱250 ($5) per person, minimum 6 persons required.

9. Jet ski. Hop on a jet ski and ride around the blue sea at Hundred Islands. Rate is ₱1,000 per15 minutes.

10. Rappelling. If you have the right gears, you can try rappelling at Hundred Islands.

11. Fishing. You can also try fishing in Hundred Islands. Fishing rods and bait are for rent for ₱150 ($3)for day tour and ₱250 ($5) for overnight stay.

12. Pilgrimage. Romulo Island in Hundred Islands was renamed to Pilgrimage Island because of the the Stations of the Cross built around the island.  It’s a rising pilgrimage site in Pangasinan, if not the Philippines. Here you’ll also find a gigantic statue of Jesus Christ and a superb view of the surrounding islands. Most of the photos featured in this Hundred Islands travel blog was taken at Pilgrimage Island.

hundred islands pilgrimage island



If you ask me where to stay in Hundred Islands, I’d tell you right away to stay in Lucap, Alaminos. Last time, we stayed at a hotel near Lucap Park since it’s walking distance to the Tourism Office and Lucap Wharf, the main jumping off point for island hopping in Hundred Islands.

So, if you have limited time and you want to save on boat rental since the overnight boat rental is quite expensive, you can opt to do a day tour of Hundred Islands and just stay at resorts at the mainland overnight.

Also, eateries are concentrated at Lucap Park, a good place to dine at night. There’s also a souvenir shop for OTOP (One Town One Prouct) where you can buy souvenir food made in Pangasinan.  Souvenir shirts and other products are also sold by souvenir stores/shops nearby.

  • Island Tropic Hotel and Restaurant
  • Location: Lucap, Alaminos

*This is where we stayed last time, just in front of Lucap Park and walking distance to the wharf, Tourism Office, eateries, and souvenir shops. They offer free breakfast.





  • Racho Hundred Island Accommodation
  • Location: Lucap, Alaminos




hundred islands resorts

Can you actually stay  in Hundred Island overnight? Yes. If you are a large group and you want to stay in Hundred Islands, there are available guest house for rent in selected islands.  But since there are no restaurants or eateries in the island, make sure you bring your own food and drinks.

For those planning to rough it up, camping overnight is allowed in Hundred Islands prior to Covid. There’s a ₱200 tent pitching fee. Please verify with Alaminos City Tourism if it is still allowed to camp overnight in Hundred Islands.

Here are the rates in Hundred Islands for day tour and overnight stay.


Guest House (Electric Fan)₱5,000 ($103)
Guest House (Air-conditioned)₱10,000 ($206)
Gazebo₱600 ($6)₱1,000 ($20)
Pavilion 1 &2
    1st Floor₱5,000 ($103)₱7,000 ($144)
    2nd Floor₱5,000 ($103)₱7,000 ($144)
    3rd Floor₱3,000 ($61)₱7,000  ($144)
Picnic Tables and Chairs
At Pavilion 1₱300 ($6)
At Pavilion 2₱200 ($4)
Rectangle tables₱500 ($10)₱700 ($14)
Square tables₱200 ($4)₱300 ($6)
Tent Pitching₱200 ($4)


hundred islands itinerary



Here’s a sample DIY Hundred Islands itinerary (2 days 1 night) and budget, perfect for a weekend trip. While you are in Alaminos, Pangasinan, better to include Patar Beach and Bolinao, Pangasinan in your itinerary. The sample itinerary below is our DIY itinerary to Hundred Islands prior to Covid.

NOTE: Like I mentioned above, currently there’s still no provincial buses to Alaminos City in Pangasinan going to Hundred Islands. Only cars and private vehicles are allowed.

If you want a hassle-free day tour from Manila to Hudred Islands, you can book a day tour below.

*Sample Hundred Islands travel budget below doesn’t include airfare, hotel, souvenirs, and drinks. And sample budget is per person budget if 2 persons.


11:00 PMPM   Meet up at bus terminal in Cubao.
11:50 PMBus to Alaminos, Pangasinan. ₱393 ($8)
05:00 AMETA Alaminos, Pangasinan. Breakfast.
06:00 AMBuy food and drinks at the market or grocery store.
06:30 AMRide tricycle to Lucap Wharf at Lucap Termial. ₱100 ($2)/ ₱50 per person if 2 pax
07:00 AMRegister and pay the fees at  the Tourism Center. ₱400 (8) per person
₱100 ($2)  – Registration fee
₱60 ($1.24) – Environmental fee
₱30 ($0.62) – Entrance fee
₱10 ($0.21) – Insurance
₱200 ($4)Deposit for trash
07:15 AMPay the boat rental fee.  ₱1,400 ($29)1-5 pax/ ₱700 ($14) per person if 2 pax
07:30 AMStart of island hopping tour in Hundred Islands.
08:00 AMGovernor’s Island
09:00 AMVirgin Island
10:00 AMPilgrimage Island/Ramos Island (with Jesus statue)
11:00 AMChildren’s Island
12:00 PMLunch ₱150 ($3)
01:00 PMScout Island
02:00 PMMarcos Island
03:00 PMQuezon Island
04:00 PMEnd of island hopping tour. Back to mainland.
05:00 PMReturn your garbage bag with trash at designated area at Lucap Wharf. Get your ₱200 ($4) deposit for your trash.
05:30 PMBack to hotel. Freshen up.
06:00 PMSunset watching. Buy souvenirs.
07:00 PMDinner ₱150 ($3)
08:30 PMBack to hotel. Sleep.
DAY 1 EXPENSES₱1,643 – $34 (€28,SGD 45, MYR 139, KRW 37,725)
07:00 AMBreakfast
08:00 AMCheck-out. Proceed to Bolinao or next destination or go home.
08:30 AMTricycle back to Lucap Terminal. ₱100 ($2)/ ₱50 per person if 2 pax
09:00 AMBus back to Manila. ₱393 ($8)
DAY 2 EXPENSES₱443 – $9 (€8, SGD 12, MYR 37, KRW 10,172)
TOTAL EXPENSES₱2,086 – $43 (€36,SGD 57, MYR 176, KRW 47,897)





Here’s a sample Hundred Islands budget, good for 2 days 1 night stay. Take note that the sample budget is per person and this is good if you are a party of 2. Hotel, drinks, souvenirs, and airfare are not included in the budget breakdown.

Bus to Alaminos, Pangasinan₱393 ($8)
Bus to Manila₱393 ($8)
Tricycle to Lucap Wharf₱100 ($2) /₱50 ($1) per person if 2 pax
Tricycle to Lucap Terminal₱100 ($2) /₱50 ($1) per person if 2 pax
Registration fee₱100 ($2) 
Environmental fee₱60 ($1.24)
Entrance fee₱30 ($0.62)
Insurance₱10 ($0.21)
Deposit for trash₱200 ($4) – refundable
Boat rental (small, good for 5 pax)₱1,400 ($29)/ ₱700 ($6) per person if 2 pax
Food (Lunch)₱150 ($3)
Food (Dinner)₱150 ($3)
Food (Breakfast)FREE from hotel
TOTAL EXPENSES₱2,086 ($43)per person


If you are only doing a Hundred Islands day tour, estimated total expenses is roughly ₱2,086 – $43 (€36,SGD 57, MYR 176, KRW 47,897) per person, if you are a party of 2. If you are more than 2, sample budget can be lowered as you will be sharing on the tricycle fare and boat rental.

Hotel rooms in Lucap usually costs ₱1,200 ($25) to ₱2,000 ($41), good for 2 persons. So, if you’re able to book at this rate, just divide the cost and add it to the sample budget above, so you can have an idea how much it’ll cost for an overnight stay in Hundred Islands.



hundred islands travel guide


  • Always wear life jacket when riding the boat and when swimming, snorkeling, and doing other water sports activities.
  • Stack up cash as everything is on cash basis.
  • Include the boatman in your lunch budget.
  • If you want to save, buy food and drinks at the market or grocery in Alaminos.
  • Wear reef-friendly sunblock.
  • Bring power banks. Although charging station is available, there is a fee.
  • Bring water-proof bag and case for your gadgets.
  • Bring drinking bottle and metal straw.
  • Do not collect sand as souvenirs.
  • Take your trash with you and dispose them properly. Leave nothing but footprints.
  • Always bring vinegar when visiting a beach, just in case you get stung by a jelly fish. Better be safe than sorry. Although I never heard of any jelly fish incidents there.
  • Bring food and drinks. There are stores in some islands where you can buy drinks and snacks, but they are quite expensive. You can buy basic commodities in the supermarket before riding the tricycle to Lucap Wharf.
  • There are budget-friendly eateries at Lucap Park.
  • There’s a comfort room at some developed islands like Governor’s Island.


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