Fishing for survival and fishing for commercial purposes are common in the Philippines but  not sports fishing.  Game fishing is a popular sports in the United States as well as in Taiwan and Japan, but did you know that we also have a bass fishing lake in the Philippines?  Unknown to many, there’s this large bass fishing lake in Nueva Ecija, Philippines.


Despite the closure of Pantabangan Lake due to the construction of  Pantabangan Dam for the irrigation of the rice fields in Nueva Ecija, fishes continue to thrive here such as carp, snake murrel, tilapia and the large-mouth bass.

“A lot of anglers, mostly Koreans come here for game fishing”, the boatman narrated. So during the day, their boat serves as bass fishing boats while at night they catch fish for livelihood.  Visitors can find these fishermen sell their catch at low prices within the Pantabangan Lake. Usually in sports fishing, the catch and release method is highly encouraged for conservation of certain species in heavily fished waters and there are certain guidelines for game fishing.

“You should have arrived earlier so we can get a good catch, the waves are bigger during late afternoon, so the fishes hides”, added the boatman. “It’s okay kuya, I’m good riding your boat here and marveling at the serene surroundings.”  Pantabangan Lake is famous for sports fishing, but what made me cherished this places is its scenic setting – the cool wind blowing on my face, the sound of the mad waves splashing against the cliff and the hopeful spirit of the local fishermen.

Where to Stay in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija :

Casa Tedora

No. 1 Villa Joson, West Poblacion,

3124 Pantabangan, Philippines

Casa Teodora is a spacious mountain resort surrounded by pine trees and has a perfect view of Pantabangan Lake. They have several air-conditioned rooms equipped with hot and cold shower and can accommodate up to  20 people, and for rent at Php 5,000 per day. Really good value for friends and family who wants to spend a holiday in Pantabangan, Nueve Ecija. A function room is available for retreats, seminars,wedding,baptismal,reunion,birthday and other group activities.

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Phone number for Casa Teodoro : (63)9175669245

*This is part of  our  Lakbay Norte 3 tour. Lakbay Norte 3 is an eight-day media familiarization tour of Northern Luzon Philippines organized by North Philippine Visitors Bureau in cooperation with Manila North Tollways Corporation, Victory Liner, Mc Donalds, Petron and Universal Robina Corporation.

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