Camarines Sur (CamSur) is now one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines and the province owe its fame to CWC, known for its world-class wakeboarding facilities and CaramoanPeninsula, the film location of Survivor France, Bulgaria, and Israel.  Thanks to the aggressive tourism campaign of Camarines Sur government.

I was born and raised in a small town in Sorsogon and studied in Manila during college, so I often pass by Camarines Sur, but I have never been to CWC

All the while I thought CWC is in Naga. Shame on me!  It’s actually located in Pili, Camarines Sur and can be easily reached from Naga.  Naga terminal is just in front  of SM Naga and from there I took an ordinary bus heading to Legazpi and asked the driver to drop me off at the jump off point to CWC.  I paid Php10for that bus ride.

At the road leading to CWC, public transport is not a problem, there are tricycles, pedicabs, and single motorcycles that will take you to there for Php 10 (until 6pm).  I’m used to back riding so I hopped on one of the motorcycles in the line.

We passed by Villa Del Rey Wood Cabins, the famed orange-brown cabins. There are other types of accommodations inside CWC, most of them requires reservation especially during peak season or if there’s an event held in the complex because it gets fully booked easily.  If that’s the case, then find a cheaper hostel in Naga city.

I registered first and was given a yellow wrist band, since the locker is full, the employees offered to take care of my belongings. Sweet! 🙂 Lockers can be rented for Php 25 monthly for Php 250. I paid Php 160 for 1 hour of wake boarding, and I can shift to knee boarding whenever I want to.

Foods and drinks can be ordered but the price is kinda hefty for me. I only ordered an ice tea for Php50, at first I thought it’s expensive so I was surprised when the waitress served 3 large glass of ice tea, turned out that the Php50 ice tea is 1 liter! 😀  There’s also a Clubhouse Restaurant serving Korean, Japanese, Filipino and Western dish and a full Bar featuring San Miguel beers and tropical foods inside the complex.  At 12.30 noon and 7am, the cable was for lunch and breakfast.

If you’re in a group or with your family and you want your own space to chill out, you can rent a cabana located beside the pool. CWC complex boasts of six-hectare complex, with its 6-point cable ski system.  Because of good weather, cable skiing in the park can be done all year round.

There are 2 cable parks, the bigger one is for the experts, and the Winch Park at the far North is for beginners like me.  Because I don’t want to put myself to shame, I tried wakeboarding at the Winch Park. CWC complex offers wake boarding, knee boarding, water skiing, wake skating and ride on the water and boat rides.  I should have tried the knee boarding because it’s easier but was too shy to try it

wakeboarding in CWC Camarines Sur

wakeboarding in CWC Camarines Sur

For a beginner like me who has never tried wake boarding, I find it complicated.  But you know, nothing is as hard as it first appears.  As I step on the wakeboard, I pulled my ankles in a close position, with my knees pretty close to my chest in a squatting position, pushing my chest slightly up.  As the cable pulls me out of the water, I had to put about 60 percent of my weight on my front foot, and the other 40 percent on my back foot so the board won’t waggle and go out of control as the pulley pulls me up.  The trainer had to repeatedly remind me to stay relaxed, and not to fight against the pull.  I kept on falling and the filthy water is entering my nose. I was desperate to learn!

It was a fun experience and even made friends with some of the first timers there too.  I know it’s crazy to try wake boarding alone, but when you’ve got no choice but be alone on an adventure, anything is possible.  Just make the most out of that moment, have fun, and suck in the experience!  And when its gets lonely, make friends with the locals, or join other tourists.  If all else fails, then move on to your next destination.

Though I enjoyed every moment of it, I have to admit that CWC complex is still enjoyed best in groups.  Imagine who would laugh at you each time you make a fool of yourself, fall and drink those filthy waters!? No one will capture your moment in the cable park if you’re alone.  Good thing, I still managed to ask some tourists to take my souvenir photos because I was too shy to use my tripod and timer out there (because there are a lot of tourists).   So the next time I spend my summer in Bicol, I sure will try wake boarding and knee boarding in CWC complex with my cousins and siblings! 🙂

For more information on CWC complex: visit: CWC’s official website:


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