This is a detailed Marinduque travel guide with sample Marinduque itinerary and budget, budget hotels, and top things to do in Marinduque for first-timers

Marinduque – the heart of the Philippines has such an irresistible raw appeal that beckons adventurers and nature lovers.  It beats through agricultural lands, towering mountains, verdant jungles, jaw-dropping caves, and pristine tropical islands and beaches.



Marinduque is part of MIMAROPA region in Luzon and best known for its solemn tradition held annually during Holy Week – the Moriones Festival.  This heart-shaped island is composed of 6 towns connected by a scenic road  –  Gasan, Buenavista, Torrijos, Sta.Cruz, Mogpog and Boac, its capital.



Best Time to Visit: Holy Week (around March or April) and Summer are the best season to visit, it’s the time of the year when Marinduque comes alive. But it is possible to explore Marinduque year-round, when it’s typically laidback. Just check the weather updates during the rainy season before proceeding.

Modes of Payment: Everything is on cash basis. Stack up cash before visiting.  There are 3 PNB ATMs and there’s also an RCBC ATM, but available cash may be limited as the entire island depends on them.

Mobile Signal and Data: There’s mobile signal and data for both Smart and Globe in Boac and Gasan, but if you’re visiting far-off destinations like Maniwaya Island, the mobile signal is intermittent and data is unreliable. So, best to pick a hotel with free Wi-Fi.

Electricity: Like the rest of the Philippines, Marinduque uses Type A socket. Electricity is 220V, 60Hz.

Marinduque Safety: Marinduque is safe for tourists, the province reportedly has zero crime rate. It’s one of the safest places for solo travelers in the Philippines. But of course, as in any other places, be careful with your valuables, don’t just leave them anywhere.


 Boac, the capital of Marinduque, is a convenient base when exploring the island, as most old and new hotel, restaurants, shops, and ATMs are located here.



Location: Boac


I highly recommend this hotel, as it is pretty clean and the staff are helpful.  Check-in process was slow though, but overall, I like my stay here.  My room was spacious, clean, with aircon, toiletries, towel, hot and cold shower, TV, and refrigerator.  My bed was comfortable too, so I had a pleasant sleep.  Breakfast is included in the room rate.



Location: Boac


I stayed here during my first visit to Marinduque.  This is an old hotel in Boac, they have basic and cheap fan and aircon rooms. If you’re traveling on budget, you may want to consider this.



Cebu Pacific marinduque


Marinduque Airport in Gasan has finally re-opened, making the trip to Marinduque from Manila faster.  The most convenient way is by flying via Cebu Pacific Airlines to Marinduque, that has 3 scheduled flights weekly – Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  The flight departs from NAIA Terminal 4, and travel time is about 45 minutes.

Here’s the Cebu Pacific flight schedule between Manila and Marinduque:

Manila – Marinduque:

Monday: (Departure) 3:25 PM, (Arrival) 4:25 PM

Wednesday: (Departure) 6:00 AM, (Arrival) 7:00 AM

Saturday: (Departure) 5:45 AM, (Arrival) 6:45 AM


Marinduque – Manila:

Monday: (Departure) 3:25 PM, (Arrival) 4:25 PM

Wednesday: (Departure) 8:45 AM, (Arrival) 9:45 AM

Saturday: (Departure) 8:45 AM, (Arrival) 9:45 AM

You can book your Marinduque flights here:



1.From Cubao, ride a bus to Marinduque. Jac Liner has daily direct bus trips to Marinduque from their Cubao Terminal. The bus departs at 4:00 PM from Cubao to Marinduque, but you need to board the bus by 3:00 PM. Meanwhile, the bus from Marinduque to Cubao leaves at 2:00 PM daily from Sta.Cruz, Marinduque. You can proceed to the bus stop of each town, like the bus stop in Boac where they will pick up passengers. Reservation in advance is required.

2.Alight at Boac or wherever town your hotel/resort is located. The bus onboard the ferry will arrive in Balanacan Port in Mogpog. It will then leave and continue to drop passengers at bus stops in other towns like Boac, Gasan, and Sta.Cruz.

Fare: ₱880 – $17 (covers bus fare, ferry fare + terminal fee)

Travel time: About 8 hours


1.From Manila, ride a bus bound for Dalahican Port, Lucena. Jac Liner in Cubao Terminal has hourly trips daily from 2:00 AM – 10:00 PM and midnight trips from 11:00 PM – 12:00 PM. And they have 24 hours operation from Friday to Sunday. Fare is roughly PHP 228. If you’re coming from Alabang, proceed to South Bus Station, there are buses bound for Dalahican Port/Grand Terminal stopping there.

2.From Dalahican Port, ride a ferry (Montenegro or Starhorse Shipping Line) to Balanacan Port in Marinduque. You have to pay for the ferry fare + terminal fee.

3.Alight at Balanacan Port in Mogpog, Marinduque.

4.Ride a jeepney to Boac or wherever your hotel is.



(Adult): ₱228 (bus) + ₱260 – (ferry) + ₱30 (terminal fee) = ₱518 ($10)

(Student w/ ID): ₱228 (bus) + ₱221 (ferry) + ₱24.60 (terminal fee) = ₱518 ($10)

(Senior w/ ID): ₱228 (bus) + ₱186 (ferry) + ₱24.60 (terminal fee) = ₱518 ($10)

(Children, 3- 7 y.o): ₱228 (bus) + ₱130 (ferry) + ₱24.60 (terminal fee) = ₱518 ($10)

Travel time: Approximately 4.5 hours (bus) + roughly 2.5 hours (ferry) = About 7 hours



 By Tricycle

 From Marinduque Airport, you can rent a tricycle to Boac. Fare is ₱150 ($2.90), good for 2 persons.

 By Jeepney

 From Gasan, you can ride a jeepney to Boac, fare is ₱25 ($0.48) per person.




 A cheap way to get around Marinduque Island is by jeep. Depending on the destination, fare starts at ₱10 ($0.19) for short distance rides and inter-town trips can cost around ₱25 ($0.48) – ₱100 ($2). Take note that jeepneys around Marinduque only run until about 4:00 PM, your next option is to hire a tricycle if you miss the last trip.


 Fare starts at ₱13 ($0.25), within the town proper. Tricycles can be chartered, but it’ll be quite expensive for inter-town trips.


 If you are a large group and you want a hassle-free way to explore Marinduque, you can rent a van or avail of tour packages from Dream Favor Travel and Tours.  Van rental starts at ₱1,500 (good for 1-10 persons) within Boac or Gasan, rental depends on the destination you want to visit, of course if it is far, the price is higher.  I’ve tried their service and they are pretty reliable, so I highly recommend them.

Dream Favor Travel and Tours

Address: Brgy.Santol, Boac, Marinduque

Contact#: +63 918 933 1605

Email: [email protected]


For inter-island trips, you can ride a passenger boat, usual fare is ₱70 ($1.35) – ₱150 ($3).  Or you can charter a boat to your destination, chartered boat usually costs ₱1,000 ($19) – ₱1,500 ($29), good for 4-6 persons.


You’ll never run out of things to do in Marinduque as there’s a plethora of attractions here. Here’s a list of some of the top tourist attractions in Marinduque.




Marinduque is best known for  Moriones Festival, or Moryonan. It is not actually your usual festival, but a solemn religious tradition, held annually during Holy Week. You can witness Moriones in different towns in Marinduque like Boac, Gasan, Mogpog and Sta.Cruz. During Moriones, locals participate in the tradition wearing their own Moriones costumes and masks depicting angry Roman soldiers. They are typically sporting capes, sandals, and breastplates  while carrying their swords, shields, and spears.

marinduque - Moriones

During our recent Marinduque trip, we were blessed to meet some of the devoted locals still practicing ancient traditions that were passed down from the old generation.

marinduque - Ladies of Pupua

We got to meet the Ladies in Papua of Gasan – sporting black clothes and crown created from Pupua vines.  During Holy Week, they join the procession barefooted and wearing their costumes and Papua leaves headdress. They practice this because of their panata, each Ladies of Papua have their own story to share on why they started their custom. Many of them, are thankful for the blessing they received.


marinduque - Pataraka Boys

There’s also Pataraka Boys who are wearing their own costumes – usually in white, red or blue.  They are fully covered from head to feet, you can only see their eyes.  The Pataraka Boys carry different instruments made from wood and bamboo, and during the procession on Lenten Season, they play this altogether. This age-old tradition was also handed down to them by their fathers or relatives.

I haven’t witnessed Moriones Festival yet,  but it sure is one on my list of things to do when I revisit Marinduque again in the future.


Constructed in 1792, Boac Cathedral is devoted to Our Lady of Biglang Awa.  It served as a refuge for the Filipinos and Spaniards when pirates attack. The age-old façade, the belfry, the body, the flying buttresses, the belfry and the altar are well-preserved, while the ceiling and other parts of the church seems new.

marinduque - Boac Church
Entrance Fee: FREE

How to get to Boac Church: If you’re already in Boac town, walk or ride a tricycle to Boac Church. Fare is ₱13 ($0.25).


 This is the execution site of many Filipino revolutionaries. Boac Plaza is also the site where Col. Maximo Abad and his 300 Filipino soldiers surrendered during the Philippine-American War. Within the park is the Municipal Building, Rizal Statue, and Marinduque National Museum Branch.

marinduque - Boac Plaza

 Entrance Fee: FREE

How to get to Boac Plaza: If you’re already in Boac town, walk or ride a tricycle to Boac Plaza. Fare is ₱13 ($0.25).



The Marinduque Museum that is located in Boac Plaza is being renovated when we visited. The exhibits on display are mostly photos, but when I visited a few years back, most of the displays are artefacts excavated in Marinduque like pieces retrieved from sunk galleons, shells, antiques, old photos of the people of the island, costumes, and Moriones masks. Marinduque Museum is housed in an old historic building dating back to 1887 that served as the first boy’s school in Marinduque, a library, and a Municipal Trial Court Building.

marinduque - Boac National Museum

Entrance Fee: ₱ 20 ($0.39) – adult, ₱ 10 ($0.19) – children

Open Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

How to get to Marinduque Museum: If you’re already in Boac town, walk or ride a tricycle to Boac Plaza. Fare is ₱13 ($0.25).




Many Spanish-era houses are still standing to date at Boac town center. Some are well-preserved, others are sadly forgotten. It’s a pretty nice place for a leisurely walk late afternoon or early in the morning. Some houses here are declared heritage houses by the National Historic Institute, look for the marker. We entered one of the age-old houses here and it’s quite interesting to see it well-preserved, including some antique cabinets, tables, pianos, etc. and still being used by its owner until now.

marinduque - Boac Old Houses
Entrance Fee: FREE

How to get to Boac Old Houses: If you’re already in Boac town, walk or ride a tricycle to or near the Boac Plaza where most old houses are concentrated. Tricycle fare is ₱13 ($0.25).





One of the most beautiful churches in Marinduque is Gasan Church or St. Joseph Parish Church situated in Poblacion, built in 1609.  The church has a staircase leading to the main entrance. The ceiling is beautifully-adorned with fan-like carvings and the beams are designed with polished coconut shell tiles. There’s also a garden overlooking the blue bay of Gasan spinkled with the Tres Reyes Islands.  Here you can also find some ancient bells on display.


marinduque - Gasan Church

Entrance Fee: FREE

How to get to Gasan Church:

1.Take a jeepney to Gasan. Jeepney fare is roughly  ₱25 ($0.48).

2.Take a tricycle to Gasan Church.  Tricycle fare is ₱13 ($0.25).



Gasan like Boac is also peppered with old houses, dating back to the Spanish colonial period. If Boac seems commercialized already, Gasan’s atmosphere exhibits a laidback provincial life.  Many of the old houses here though are in a state of despair, just like in Boac.  I hope the old houses in Marinduque get the much-needed restoration from experts.

 Entrance Fee: FREE

How to get to Gasan Old Houses:

1.From Boac, ride a jeep to Gasan. Jeepney fare is roughly  ₱25 ($0.48).

2.Alight at Gasan town proper.

2.Walk around the town proper where Gasan Old Houses are situated.



Gasan Seaview Park, also called Gasan Bay Walk, is a relaxing place to hang out. Fairs and events are usually held here, but on regular days, it’s quiet and relaxing and offers a great view of the blue sea and the Tres Reyes Islands.  A few meters away is the wooden suspension footbridge, that connects to Brgy. Dili.

Travel Tip: The  big passenger boat going to Pinamalayan, Mindoro dock here. I took this route going to Mindoro during my backpacking trip in 2012. As far as I can remember it leaves early in the morning and takes about 3 hours to Mindoro. Always check the weather before proceeding, avoid traveling during rainy season.

 Entrance Fee: FREE

How to get to Gasan Seaview Park:

1.From Boac, take a jeepney to Gasan, fare is roughly  ₱25 ($0.48).

2.Alight at Gasan Proper.

3.Walk or take a tricycle to Gasan Seaview Park. Tricycle fare is around ₱13 ($0.25).




The 3 islands off the coast of Gasan named after the 3 Kings: Gaspar, Melchor, and Baltazar are collectively called Tres Reyes Island.   During my first visit in Marinduque,  I went to Gasan Seaview Park where the islands are already visible.  But you can also see them from the shores of other Gasan beaches.  To reach the island, you can rent a boat for about ₱1,500 ($29), good for 3-4 persons. If you’ll only visit Gaspar Island, it should cost you around ₱ 1,000 ($19) (good for 3-4 persons).

marinduque - Tres Reyes Island
 Entrance Fee: FREE

 How to get to Tres Reyes Islands:

1.From Boac, take a jeepney to Gasan, fare is roughly  ₱25 ($0.48).

2.Alight at Gasan Proper.

3.Walk or take a tricycle to Gasan Seaview Park. Tricycle fare is around ₱13 ($0.25).

4.Rent a boat to Tres Reyes Island. ₱1,500 ($29)


Mang Illeol Sunflower Garden

 There’s a newly opened sunflower farm in Marinduque, and it is located near the Marinduque Airport in Gasan.  It’s open as early as 7:00 AM until dawn. The place is just small, don’t expect much, but it is peppered with sunflower and other small flowers.

Entrance Fee: ₱20 ($0.39)

How to get to Mang Illeol Sunflower Garden in Marinduque:

 1.Take a jeep to Gasan, tell the driver you are getting off at the Sunflower garden.

2. Alight at Mang Illeol Sunflower Garden. Fare is about ₱25 ($0.48).




If you want to bask in a beach in Marinduque without emptying your wallet, head to Poctoy Beach in Torrijos. It’s one of the most popular beaches in the province because it is pretty accessible.  The beach has fine, cream sand hugged by denim blue water.  What makes it more dramatic is the view of Mt.Malindig from a distance. Cottage rental is ₱300 ($6).

marinduque itinerary - Poctoy Beach

Entrance Fee: ₱50 ($1)

How to get to Poctoy Beach:

 1.Ride a jeep to Torrijos. Alternatively, you may take a jeep to Sta.Cruz, and then from there, ride a jeep to Torrijos.  Fare is roughly ₱100 ($2).

Or, if coming from Boac or Gasan, if there’s no jeep to Torrijos, take a jeep to Buenavista and transfer to a jeep to Torrijos.

2.Tell the driver to drop you off at Poctoy Beach.

3.Alight at Poctoy Beach.

4.Pay the entrance fee of roughly ₱50 ($1).




Bagumbungan Cave is classified as a Class II cave. Thus, some sections of the cave are off-limits for safety reasons and you can only explore it with a trained guide. It is located in the confines of the Brgy. San Isidro and Brgy.Punong in Sta.Cruz, Marinduque.

Bagumbungan Cave was actually discovered by the locals who used to collect the edible nest of swiftlet that is used for making bird’s nest soup. But when a spelunker tipped off the DENR about the grotto, an exploration to map the routes and wildlife inside the cavern went underway. In 2013, the cave was opened for tourism.

Bagumbungan cave in Marinduque
Bagumbungan Cave Fees (Guide fee, Environmental Fees, Cave Gears):

 Halfway (up to the falls) – ₱150 ($3) per person

All the way (up to Punong Exit) *recommended – ₱300 ($6) per person


 *Senior and student – 20% discount with valid ID

*Optional certificate – ₱ 50 ($1)

*Minimum number of guests is 2, so if you are a solo traveler, you will have to pay for 2 persons.

 How to get to Bagumbungan Cave:

1.Take a jeepney to Brgy.Lamesa in Sta.Cruz. Fare is about ₱50 ($1).

2.At Brgy.Lamesa, take the jeepney to Brgy.San Isidro. Fare is ₱20 ($0.38).

3.Alight at Brgy.San Isidro.

4.Register and pay the fees at Bagumbungan Cave.

 *For a more detailed travel guide on Bangumbungan Cave. Read below.




Maniwaya Island, a small, palm-fringed island off the coast of  Marinduque is as an ideal weekend getaway for urbanites. It’s a tropical cliché, where you can bask in the cream sand and swim in its azure water.

maniwaya island

Entrance Fee: FREE

How to get to Maniwaya Island:

For a detailed information on how to get to Maniwaya Island, click and read the link below.




This tiny speck of sandbar off the coast of Maniwaya Island only appears when the tide is low.  So, make sure you check the time of low tide on the day of your island hopping so you won’t get disappointed.

Entrance Fee:

How to get to Palad Sandbar: See Maniwaya Island Travel Guide + Itinerary link above.



maniwaya island

How to get to Ungab Rock Formation: See Maniwaya Island Travel Guide + Itinerary link above.





 Luzon Datum of 1911 in Station Balanacan is a stone marker that serves as the geodetic center of the Philippines, the reference for all geodetic surveys in the country.  Since it is situated on top of Mt.Mataas in Mogpog, Marindqueu, you need to climb 468 steps to reach the marker.  Bring water to keep yourself hydrated. The best time to visit is during sunset, as it offer a great view of the sunset and the panoramic view of Tayabas Bay, Mongpong Pass, and  a portion of Tablas Strait.  But you need to make sure you hire a tricycle that will wait for you on your way back. I didn’t get to reach the top because I had an injury between my legs. I stayed at the jumping off point where I relished the sunset view. Do register at Brgy. Hinanggayon’s office before climbing.

marinduque - Luzon Datum of 1911
How to get to Luzon Datum of 1911:

1.Take a jeepney to Mogpog.

2.Hire a tricycle to Luzon Datum of 1911. ₱150 ($3)




If you happen to be in Buenavista, you can drop by at Malbog Sulfuric Hot Spring Resort. Its water are said to be therapeutic because of its volcanic origin.  This hot spring resort is situated at the foot of a mountain in Marinduque. It is a famous swimming place for the locals as it is believed that taking a dip in its sulfuric water will heal skin conditions and other ailments.  The place is also dubbed as “Mabaho”, because of its smelly odor due to the sulfur emission.

marinduque - Malbog Hot Spring

Entrance Fee: ₱45 ($0.87) – adult, ₱30 ($0.58)– kids, Senior Citizen, PWD

How to get there:

1.Ride a jeep to Buenavista. ₱50 ($1)

2.Alight at Buenavista.

3.Ride a tricycle to Malbog Sulfuric Hot Spring. ₱13 ($0.25)



The picturesque mountain of Mt.Malindig crowns Marinduque. Located in the confines of Buenavista, Mt. Malindig is the highest peak in Marinduque and can be done as a day hike. If you plan to summit this mountain, the jumping-off point is in Brgy. Sihi in Buenavista. Do register and hire a local guide for your safety.

marinduque - mt.malindig
Entrance Fee:

₱45 ($0.87) – Barangay permit

₱500 ($10) – Guide fee (good for 4 persons)

How to get to Mt.Malindig:

1.Ride a jeep to Buenavista. ₱50 ($1)

2.Alight at Buenavista.

3.Ride a tricycle to Brgy. Sihi Buenavista.

4.Register at the Brgy. Hall and pay the fees.



 One of the popular places to dine in Marinduque is Mamita Café, situated at the ground floor of Boac Hotel. We had lunch here during our recent trip to Boac. The restaurant exhibits a vintage atmosphere because of its interior and the old photographs hanging on its walls. They served us some of their specialties including mamakla (a cross between lobster and prawn), bulalo and grilled blue marlin.



Another popular restaurant in Boac, located in a chocolate-colored heritage house is Casa Don Emilio fronting the Boac Plaza.  The place is beautifully-preserved, dappled with vintage furniture and  musical instruments. We had dinner here with the Boac mayor Roberto Madla. And we really enjoyed the food like adobo, fish, fresh lumpia, and of course the Marinduque lechon, one of the best lechon I’ve tasted in the Philippines.



marinduque - travel guide

This place has one of the best view of sunset in Marinduque.  Best to drop by here during sunset, the sunset over the cove is truly beautiful. We had dinner here and enjoyed their seafood.


If you’re going to buy pasalubong in Marinduque, don’t miss the arrowroot cookies made from uraro or arrowroot plant. They are bite-size and looks like meringue.  The best place to buy arrowroot cookies is from Rejano’s Bakery in Sta.Cruz, Marinduque.  This family-owned business established in 1946 started the arrowroot cookies industry in Marinduque.  They are now exporting these healthy cookies in international market.


Here’s a sample Marinduque itinerary with budget for a 5-days, 4-night stay. The sample budget doesn’t include accommodation, souvenirs, and transportation to and from Manila. Budget is per person if you are 2 people traveling.

Here’s the tourist attractions covered:

Day 1 Gasan Old Houses, Gasan Seaview Park, Gasan Church, Boac Church, Boac Old Houses, Boac Museum, Luzon Datum of 1911.

Day 2 Malbog Sulfuric Hot Spring + Poctoy Beach

Day 3 Bagumbungan Cave

Day 4 Maniwaya Island, Palad Sandbar, Ungab Rock Formation, Mongpong Island.

If you are not into spelunking, you can skip Bagumbungan Cave and replace it with Maniwaya Island. So, your Marinduque itinerary will be down to 4-days and 3-nights.

Take note that if you’re commuting, jeeps run until about 4:00 PM only, your next option is to hire a tricycle.


05:45 AMETD Marinduque
06:45 AMETA Gasan Airport Marinduque
07:15 AMTricycle to Boac. ₱150 ($3)
08:00 AMEarly check-in or leave luggage at hotel.
09:00 AMJeep to Gasan. ₱25 ($0.48)
Alight at Gasan.
Gasan Old Houses.
Gasan Seaview Park. View of Tres Reyes Island. Hanging Footbridge.
*Optional: Boat to Gaspar Island. ₱1,000 ($19)
10:00 AMTricycle to Gasan Church. ₱13 ($0.25)
Gasan Church
11:00 PMJeep to Boac. ₱25  ($0.48)
ETA Boac
12:00 PMLunch. ₱150 ($3)
01:00 PMBoac Museum. ₱ 20 ($0.39)
Boac Old Houses. Photo op.
Tricycle to Boac Church. ₱13 ($0.25)
Boac Church. FREE
04:00 PMJeep to Mogpog. ₱25 ($0.48)
04:30 PMHire tricycle to Luzon Datum of 1911. RT ₱400 ($8)
Register at Brgy. Hinanggayon’s office.
Tell the driver to wait for you as there’s no tricycle there.
Climb the 486 step.
Watch sunset. Photo op.
05:30 PMETD Boac
06:00 PMETA Boac
Back to hotel in Boac. Freshen up.
07:00 PMDinner. ₱150 ($3)
DAY 1 EXPENSES₱771 ($15.33 – EURO 13.33 – SGD 20.33 – MYR 62.11)
08:00 AMTake jeepney to Buenavista. ₱50 ($1)
09:30 AMAlight at Buenavista.
Ride a tricycle to Malbog Sulfuric Hot Spring. ₱25 ($0.48)
Malbog Sulfuric Hot Spring. ₱45 ($0.87)
10:00 AMTake jeepney to Torrijos. ₱50 ($1)
10:30 PMAlight at Poctoy Beach.
Walk or take tricycle to Poctoy Beach.
Pay entrance fee. ₱50 ($1)
*Optional. Cottage Rental – ₱300 ($6)
11:30 PMLunch. ₱150 ($3)
12:30 PMSwimming. Photo op.
03:00 PMTake jeepney to Boac. ₱100 ($2)
Or take jeepney to Buenavista or Gasan. Then transfer to a jeep to Boac.
04:30 PMETA Boac.
Buy souvenirs.
06:00 PMBack to hotel in Boac. Freshen up.
07:00 PMDinner. ₱150 ($3)
08:00 PMLights out.
DAY 2 EXPENSES₱620 ($18.35 –  EURO 11 – SGD 16.35 – MYR 50)
08:30 AMJeep to Brgy.Lamesa in Sta.Cruz.  ₱50 ($0.96)
09:00 AMJeep to Brgy.San Isidro. ₱20 ($0.38)
10:00 AMHead to Bagumbungan Cave Registration Hall.
Pay the fees. ₱300 ($6)
10:30 AMStart of spelunking
02:30 PMEnd of spelunking.
Shower/change clothes/freshen up.
03:00 PMETD Boac
Tricycle to Brgy.Lamesa. ₱150 ($3) (divide by 2 persons)
Jeep from Brgy.Lamesa to Boac. ₱50 ($0.96)
04:30 PMETA Boac
Back to hotel. Freshen up. Rest.
06:30 PMEarly dinner. ₱150 ($3)
07:30 PMPack bag/luggage.
08:30 PMLights out.
DAY 3 EXPENSES₱720 ($14.3 –  EURO 12.35 – SGD 19 – MYR 58)
08:30 PMBreakfast. Hotel check-out.
09:00 PMJeep to Sta.Cruz.₱50 ($1)
10:00 PMAlight at Sta.Cruz town proper.
Tricycle to Buyabod Port.  ₱20 ($0.39) per person
or ₱100 ($2) chartered (maximum of 5 passengers).
10:30 PMAlight at Buyabod Port.
11:30 PMPassenger boat to Maniwaya Island. ₱70 ($1.35)
Note: If you miss the passenger boat, you can charter a boat
to Maniwaya Island for about ₱1,500 ($29); 4-6 persons.
Maniwaya Island
12:00 PMETA Maniwaya Island
Resort check-in.
Hire boat for island hopping
12:30 PMLunch. ₱150 ($3)
01:30 PMStart of island hopping. ₱1,500 ($29) boat (4-6 pax)
or ₱250 ($5) per person
Palad Sandbar
Ungab Rock Formation
 Mongpong Island
05:00 PMBack to Maniwaya Island
05:30 PMSunset watching
06:30 PMFreshen up.
07:00 PMDinner. ₱150 ($3)
08:00 PMLights out.
DAY 4 EXPENSES₱ 1,190 ($23.23 –  EURO 20.42 – SGD 31.38 – MYR 96)
06:30 AMResort check out.
Proceed to beach front. Wait for boat to General Luna or Buyabod Port
07:00 AMTake public boat. ₱70 -$1.35 (Buyabod Port)  or ₱150 – $3 (General Luna)
Read my Maniwaya Island Travel Guide for directions back to Manila.
DAY 5 EXPENSES₱70 ($1.35 –  EURO 1.20 – SGD 1.85  – MYR 5.64 )
TOTAL₱3,371 ($72.56 – EURO 58.3 – SGD 88.91– MYR 271.75)




maniwaya island

  •  Stack up cash before your visit as everything is on cash basis.
  •  Large stores and groceries are available in Boac, Gasan and Sta.Cruz, even in Maniwaya Island and Poctoy Beach, stores are scattered, so you don’t really need to bring groceries from Manila.
  • Bring dry bag if you plan to do island hopping and spelunking.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you may do a lot of walking.
  • Bring your own water bottle, refill water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Leave no trace. Dispose your trash properly. . Anything left on the beaches end up in the ocean.
  • Bring aqua shoes if you are going to snorkel.
  • Electricity in Maniwaya Island runs from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM only, so make sure to charge your gadgets and camera batteries.
  • If you are a solo traveler, you can ask the boat operator  in Maniwaya Island or your beach resort if you can join a group tour to save money
  • Do not step, stand or kick live corals when snorkeling as they are super sensitive and you’ll end up killing them.  Do not take out the starfish from the sea for your Instagram photo.
  • Leave the seashells alone, do not take them home as souvenirs.  They serve as natural habitat for some marine animals, and they play an important role in creating beautiful, sandy beaches. Admire them in their natural habitat.


Disclosure: My recent trip to Marinduque was made possible by Cebu Pacific Air and Marinduque Tourism.


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