Marinduque Travel Guide

Marinduque – the heart of the Philippines has such an irresistible raw appeal that beckons adventurers and nature lovers.  It beats through agricultural lands, towering mountains, verdant jungles and pristine islands and beaches.  Marinduque is part of MIMAROPA region in Luzon and best known for its grandiose celebration of the Moriones Festival during the Holy Week. Despite its erratic ferry schedule, this is a destination that will find hard to leave!



How to get to Marinduque from Manila




Route 1


Manila to Marinduque



Jac Liner has daily trips to Marinduque from Cubao.  The ride covers the fare for the ferry and terminal fee at the port. Below is the trip schedule.


Cubao4:00 PM Seat Reservation
5:30 PM Departure
MarinduquePhp 880
Marinduque2:00 PMCubaoPhp 880


Route 2



Manila Lucena/Dalahican Port Marinduque


Alternatively, you can take a Jac Liner bus bound for Dalahican Port in Lucena (signboard is Lucena/Dalahican Port). See the timetable below.




Cubao2:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Midnight trips: 11:00 PM and 12:00 Midnight
24 hours operation (Friday – Sunday)
Lucena Grand Terminal/Dalahican PortPhp 227.50
Buendia (Near LRT Buendia)24 hours operation (Friday – Sunday)Lucena Grand Terminal/Dalahican PortPhp 220



Route 3


Manila Lucena Grand Terminal Dalahican Port Marinduque


If you miss the Jac Liner Bus bound for Dalahican Port in Lucena, you can just board a bus en route to Lucena Grand Terminal.  Fare of ordinary bus from Cubao is Php 159.

From there, take a jeep  (Php 10 only) or tricycle (Php 160) to Dalahican Port.


Dalahican Port (Lucena) to Balanacan Port (Marinduque)






At Dalahican Port, pay first the Terminal Fee: Adult is Php 30 / Student, Senior Citizen and Children is Php 24.

You can take a fast craft or ferry/RORO to Balanacan Port in Marinduque.  Travel time is roughly 2.5-3 hours.  Starhorse has an elegant ferry (the interior is so posh) compared to Montenegro.  You may also ride a fast craft for Php 280-Php 312. Travel time is 1.5 hours


Since schedule of ferry pretty much changes.  You can take a nap at the second floor and ret a mattress for Php 25 while waiting for the next ferry. Just ask the staff there to wake you up once the ferry arrives (they usually do).



StarhorseLucena to Balanacan06:30 AM
11:30 AM02:30 PM07:30 PM
Adult –
Php 260Senior –Php 208Student –221Child (3-7 year old)Php 130
StarhorseBalanacan to Lucena02:30 AM
10:30 AM03:30 PM11:30 PM
Adult –
Php 260Senior –Php 208Student –221Child (3-7 year old)Php 130 
MontenegroLucena to Balanacan04:00 AM
12:00 Noon12:00 Midnight04:00 PM 
Php 280 – Php 312
MontenegroBalanacan to Lucena08:00 AM
04:00 PM12 Noon08:00 PM 
Php 280 – Php 312



Note: I just checked and it looks like this route is suspended. No schedule showing up. Kindly update me if you happen to visit Marinduque soon. Or contact Montenegro Reservation at mobile# 0925 889 1169 (Lucena) and mobile #s: 0915 994 5518/0929 776 9802/ 0933 169 1399/ 0917 92 2336 (Marinduque).


There are available jeepneys from Balanacan Port in Mogpog town to Boac or other parts of Marinduque like Sta.Cruz anytime of the day that is because they wait for the ferries arrival. So even if you arrive early in the morning, you won’t have a hard time looking for public transportation.  But once you arrive at the port, rush outside to ride the jeep the town where you are headed to to secure a seat.

For Boac, Marinduque’s capital, jeep fare from Balanacan Port in Mogpog  is Php 60 and travel time is about 30 minutes


  • It is safe to arrive in Marinduque in the wee hours of the morning. In fact, they have one of the lowest crime rates in the country.  Yet still, as in any places, be careful with your things, while in Boac, I saw some kids steal money from the pocket of a poor old man.
  • I arrived in Lucena Port at 12 Noon and missed the last ferry, so I was supposed to board the next ferry in the afternoon but it was not available until 7:00 PM. I arrived in Balanacan Port Marinduque around 1:00 AM.
  •  The iconic landmark of Balanacan Port is the statue of Our Lady of Good Voyage, however if you are arriving at night or early in the morning, chances are, you will barely notice it.



How to get to Marinduque from Oriental Mindoro


  • From the port of Gasan, Oriental Mindoro, a large outrigger boat leaves daily at  8:00 AM for Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro. Travel time is roughly 3 hours depending on the weather. I took this route back in October 2012 and it took us 5 hours to cross because of the gigantic waves (there was an incoming storm that time). Fare is Php 250.


  • Warning: Don’t take this route during habagat season or when the weather is bad.








  • Jeepneys are available to take passengers from one town to the next.
  • Tricycles are the best option to get around the town. The commercial center of Boac can be explored by foot and there’s a slim chance of you getting lost. Request a map from your hotel or head to the Municipal Hall, and request for a Tourist Map from the Tourism Officer.
  • It is highly suggested that you reserve a hotel if you are arriving late at night or in the wee hours of the morning or at least  make sure you know which hotel/hostels you prefer to stay at so you won’t have a hard time locating it.
  •  During my trip, the ferry was late for 7 hours.  So we  arrived in Boac late in the evening.  An old lady befriended me (while we were in Lucena Terminal) and she invited me to stay at her humble home somewhere in Boac because she was worried that I’ll have a hard time looking for a hotel. The next morning I left because she’s headed to the mountains to farm.  If you are arriving late in the evening, best to book a hotel in advance.






Boac Cathedral

Boac Heritage Houses

Boac Museum

Luzon Datum

Malbog Surfur Spring

Paadjao Falls

Maniwaya Island

Palad Sandbar

Ungab Rock Formation


Bathala Cave

Sta.Cruz Marinduque

Entrance Fee Php 50

Guide Fee Php 300 (good for 10 pax)


Ka-amon Cave

Guide Fee Php 150




Poctoy Beach




How to get to Poctoy Beach From Balanacan Port in Mogpog


Ride a van or jeep bound for Sta. Cruz, from there, switch to a jeep bound for Torrijos. Tell the driver to drop you off at Poctoy Beach ( it should e on your left side).


How to get to Poctoy Beach From Boac


Ride a jeep bound for Torrijos.  At Poblacion Torrijos, you can switch to a jeep bound for Sta.Cruz at the jeep terminal.  Then tell the driver you are getting off at Poctoy Beach.  Alternatively, you can ride a tricycle to Poctoy Beach since it’s just 15 minutes away.

During my trip, I stayed at Boac and just made a day tour to Poctoy Beach. But I wish I stayed overnight in one of the resorts or homestay in Poctoy Beach.  Travel time from Boac is about 1.5-2 hours.

Alternatively, you can ride a jeep bound for Sta. Cruz and from there, just transfer to a jeep to Torrijos.  Total travel time is about 2 hours.



Tres Reyes Islands




Tres Reyes Island Hopping Boat Rate


Gaspar Island – Php 500

Tres Reyes Islands (Gaspara, Baltazar and Melchor) – Php 1,000





To get to Gasan from Boac, ride a jeep bound for Gasan. Travel time is 30 minutes.  At the port, ask around for boats that can go to Tres Reyes Islands.











Boac Hotel

Mobile #: 0916 517 3861  / 0928 409 4329

Room Rates start at Php 500 – Php 2,500

I stayed here during my trip to Marinduque.

Lucky Seven Pension House

Mobile #: 0910 822 2973

They have dorm rooms for Php 300 per person. Best price for backpackers.


Tahanan sa Islok

Room rates start at Php 1,000-Php 2,200baty

They have swimming pool

Abby’s Place

Mobile #: 0922 845 2833/ 0917 522 5560/ 0918 945 5560

AC rooms start at Php 900



Villa Torrijos

Poctoy Beach, Torrijos

Check here for room rates



Luxury Resort in Marinduque

Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa

Brgy, Tungig – Lipata, Buenavista, Elefante Island

Check here for room rates








Kusina sa Plaza

Mercarder Street, Boac

Good Chow Food Express

Kusina Plaza

They also have branches around Marinduque


Where to Buy Souvenirs




Pasalubong Center
DTI Marinduque

Villamin’s Handicrafts
Zamora St.
Brgy. Dos, Gasan

Torrijos Handloom Factory
Torrijos Loom Weavers

Gabisan Pottery Shop





Day 1 – Torrijos

10:00 AMArrival in Balanacan, Marinduque
10:15 AMRide a jeep to Torrijos, if there is none, jeep bound for Sta,Cruz will do. At Sta, Cruz just transfer to a jeep to Torrijos
12:15 PMArrive in Poctoy Beach
12:30 PMCheck in at Resort or Homestay
01:00 PMLunch (Note: No restaurants nearby as of my last visit. Do ask your hotel/homestay if they can include you for lunch and just pay them for the meal
01:30 PMPMExplore Ka-amon
04:00 PMBeach Bumming at Poctoy
06:00 PMDinner



07:00 AMJeep to Boac
08:00 AMArrive in Boac
8:15 AMCheck in at Hotel (or if you want, you can stay in Gasan instead)
8:45 AMBreakfast
9:30 AMExplore downtown Boac and its heritage houses
10:30 AMSee Boac Museum
11:00 AMVisit  Boac Cathedral
11:30 AMLunch
01:00 PMJeep to Gasan
01:30 PMArrive in Gasan
01:45 PMIsland Hopping
04:00 PMTravel back to Boac or stay overnight in Gasan






Bus from Cubao to Dalahican  (roundtrip)Php 227.50 x 2 = Php 455
Ferry to Marinduque (roundtrip)Php 260 x 2 = Php 520
Terminal Fee (roundtrip)Php 30 x 2 = Php 60
Jeep to BoacPhp 50 x 2 = Php 100
Jeep to TorrijosPhp 70 x 2 = Php 140
Poctoy Beach  Entrance FeePhp 25
Ka-amon CavePhp 150
Tres Reyes IslandPhp 1,000
Hotel (2 nights)Php 500 x 2 = Php 1,000
Food (per meal)Php 100 x 6 = Php 600




Moriones Festival – Every Holy Week (March or April)




Originally Published March 5, 2013

Updated: February 14, 2016








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