Osmeña Peak Travel Guide

Osmeña Peak, the highest mountain in Cebu is a cluster of green jagged hills like a deformed twin of Chocolate Hills of Bohol  hugging the shorelines of Badian.

This part of Dalaguete is reminiscent of Benguet. A serene town with low temperatures dotted with pine trees. A remote village inhabited mostly by vegetable farmers sporting their jackets, boots and jeans. And you will meet children eagerly helping their families in their farm work.  Here you’ll see vines crawling in trees and gardens, rooster cocking and cozy wood houses.


Here’s a travel guide to Osmeña Peak and Kawasan Falls  to help you plan your trip:

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Take a bus bound for Oslob or Santander/Li-loan at South Bus Terminal in Cebu City.  Bus fare is about PHP 106 and travel time is approximately 3 hours.  Tell the conductor and/or driver that you will get off at Dalaguete junction for Osmeña Peak.  Landmarks are 7Eleven and Julie’s Bakeshop fronting each other (see photo below) at Mantalongan.


At Dalaguete junction, hire a habal-habal (motorbike) directly to Osmeña Peak trail head.  Fare is PHP 100 per person one way, the motorbike can accommodate 2 persons, so if you are alone, you have to pay for two (PHP 200 per way).   To simplify, PHP 200 per way per motorbike to Osmena Peak.  Roundtrip motorbike fare is PHP 400, good for two persons.  Travel time is about 45 minutes to 1 hour.


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At the jumping-off point to Osmeña Peak, tourists/hikers need to sign at the Osmeña Peak Tourism Center/ Hiker’s Center (see photo below) and pay  the Osmeña Peak entrance fee of PHP 30 per person.  Always ask for official receipt.


Local guides will also approach you, there is no regulated guide fee, the guide will most likely tell you it’s up to you, but usually PHP 150 per guide will do.


Hike to Osmeña Peak summit from the jumping-off point is about 20-25 minutes only.  The hike is fairly easy, by far my easiest hike.


Osmeña Peak is usually foggy in the morning, so best to schedule your hike in the afternoon.  Osmeña Peak is also a good spot for sunset watching.


There is a camping ground in Osmeña Peak if you plan to stay there overnight, bring your own tent.  Camping fee is Php 50 per person. Otherwise, Osmeña Peak can be done as a day trip, see itinerary below for Osmeña Peak day trek.


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At the highway in Oslob, take a Ceres bus bound for Cebu. Tell the driver you are getting off at Dalaguete Junction for Osmeña Peak where you can see 7Eleven and Julia’s Bakeshop fronting each other.  Travel time is about 1 to 1.5 hours.


At Dalaguete Junction, hire a habal-habal (motorbike) to take you to Osmeña Peak jumping-off point. The motorbike can accommodate 2 persons, so PHP 200 per way per motorbike to Osmeña Peak.  The roundtrip motorbike fare is PHP 400.  Travel time is about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Sign in the logbook of Osmeña Peak Tourism Center/ Hiker’s Center (see photo below) and pay PHP 30 per person for the Osmeña Peak entrance fee.  If you wish to camp overnight, there is a PHP 50 per person camping fee, bring your own tent.


You can hire a guide for your security and to assist in taking your souvenir photos at Osmena Peak.  The trek to Osmeña Peak summit from the jumping-off point is about 20-25 minutes only.  The hike is pretty easy, so Osmeña Peak is usually done as a day trek.




kawasan falls


There are two options to go to Kawasan Falls in Badian from Osmeña Peak, by hike or by motorbike.


Near Mantalongan Market in Dalaguete, there is a trail to traverse to Kawasan Falls in Badian, but it will take about 6 hours to do this hike.


If you are not keen on doing that tedious traverse to Kawasan Falls from Osmeña Peak, you can rent a habal-habal (motorbike) to take you to Kawasan Falls from Osmeña Peak/ Dalaguete  for PHP 1,000 per motorbike (good for two persons so PHP 500 per person).   In other words, if you are doing Dalaguete junction to Osmeña Peak to Kawasan Falls, you can hire a motorbike for PHP 1,000 (good for two).  That rate is reasonable as the travel time from Osmeña Peak to Kawasan Falls is about 2 hours.


Entrance fee to Kawasan Fall is PHP 30 per person and bus fare from Badian to Cebu is PHP 147, travel time is roughly 3 hours.


Cebu Kawasan Waterfalls & Osmena Peak Day Tour







You can dine at Mantalongon Market for about PHP 40 per meal.  You can also buy water there or at the small store near the trail head (they sell cold soft drinks for PHP 15 per bottle).  Bottled water is also available at the Hiker’s Center for PHP 35.




osmena peak cover


11:00 PMETD  Cebu South Bus Terminal
02:00 PMDalaguete Junction. Hire habal-habal to Osmeña Peak.
03:00 PMETA Osmeña peak trail head. Pay hiker’s registration fee. Hire guide.
03:30 PMETA Osmeña Peak summit. Photo op and appreciate the view.
04:30 PMHike down
05:00 PMETD for Dalaguete Junction
06:00 PMETA Dalaguete Junction
06:15 PMETD for Cebu City
09:15 PMETA Cebu City






osmena peak cover 2


08:00 AMETD Cebu South Bus Terminal
10:00 AMETA Dalaguete Junction. Hire motorbike to Osmeña Peak.
11:00 AMETA Osmeña Peak trail head. Register and Pay Php 30 per person. Hire a guide.
11:30 AMETA Osmeña Peak summit.  Photo op and soak in the view.
12:30 PMETD Osmeña Peak
01:00 PMETA Osmeña trail head. ETD to Mantalongan market for lunch.
01: 15 PMLate lunch at Mantalongan Market with habal-habal driver
01:45 PMETD to Kawasan Falls in Badian via habal-habal.
4:00 PMETA Kawasan Falls. Pay entrance fee. Swim.
05:30 PMETD for Cebu City.  Ride Ceres Bus to Cebu City
9:00 PMETA at Cebu South Bus Terminal





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2:00 AMETD Cebu South Bus terminal
7:00 AMETA Oslob. Register for Oslob whale shark watching.
7:30 AMSwim with the whale sharks.
8:30 AMETD For Dalaguete. Ride Ceres Bus to Cebu City.
10:00 AMAlight at Dalaguete Junction. Hire motorbike to Osmeña Peak.
10:45 AMETA Osmeña Peak jumping-off point. Register and pay entrance fee. Hire a guide.
10:55 AMStar hike to Osmeña Peak.
11: 20 AMOsmeña Peak summit. Photo op.
12:20 PMETD Osmeña Peak Tourism Center.
12: 50 PMETA Osmeña Peak trail head. Ride habal-habal.
01:10 PMETA Manatalongan Market. Late lunch.
01:40 PMETD Kawasan Falls in Badin via habal-habal.
04:00 PMETA Kawasan Falls. Pay entrance fee.  Swim.
05:30 PMETD Cebu City. Ride Ceres Bus.
08:30 PMETA Cebu South Bus Terminal.






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Here’s a sample budget for Osmeña Peak day hike.


Bus Fare (Cebu- Dalaguete-Cebu)PHP 106 per way x 2 = PHP 212
Motorbike to Osmeña Peak from Dalaguete JunctionPHP 200 per way x 2 = PHP 400
Osmena Peak Registration FeePHP 30 per person
Osmena Peak Guide FeePHP 150 per guide




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Here’s a sample budget for Osmeña Peak day hike and Kawasan Falls via motorbike.


Bus Fare (Cebu- Dalaguete)PHP 106 per person
Motorbike (Dalaguete-O Osmeña Peak-Kawasan Falls)PHP 1,000 per motorbike
Osmeña Peak RegistrationPHP 30 per person
Kawasan Falls entrance feePHP 30 per person
Bus fare (Kawasan/Badian – Cebu)PHP 147
TOTALPhp 1, 313






osmena peak 17_8

♦ Best time to do the Osmeña Peak hike is in the afternoon as it can get foggy in the morning.  I did Osmeña Peak twice in 2012, it was foggy on my first attempt.  On my recent trip, we went there around 3:00 PM.

♦ Osmeña Peak is also a great spot to catch the sunset.  If you have the luxury of time, you can do the hike late in the afternoon and wait for the sunset.  But be extra careful when going down.

♦ Wear proper hiking shoes, if you don’t have one, running shoes is okay.  Do not wear slippers as the trail is quite rocky.

♦ If you want to avoid the crowd, go to Osmeña Peak on weekdays, avoid the weekends as it can get pretty crowded.

♦ Bring bottled water to keep you hydrated, but you can also buy one at the store in front of the trail head, cheaper than buying at the hiker’s center.

♦ Bring your own tent of if you want to camp in Osmeña Peak, camping fee is PHP 50.

♦ To help the local community, hire a guide.

♦ Do not leave or throw your trash at Osmeña Peak, please.

♦ There are souvenir shirts, ref magnet, key chains and mugs for sale at Osmeña Peak Tourism Center.

♦ You can do Kawasan Falls traverse from Osmeña Peak for about 6 hours or just hire a habal-habal (motorbike) for PHP 1,000 (PHP 500 per person x 2 persons)  to take you there.  If you plan to do this, bring your swim wear!

♦ Do not let the driver wait too long, they might charge you extra for the long wait time.  It’s the source of living, so as much as possible, they want to take more visitors to the peak.  Local residents use the habal-habal as mode of transportation too, please respect their time.  An hour at Osmeña Peak for photo and to soak in the view will do.

♦ Ceres Buses to south Cebu at South Bus Terminal runs daily from 2:00 AM to 12:00 midnight.  To avoid the long lines during weekends and holidays, travel on weekdays and avoid the holidays!

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The Center Suites

Escario St. Extension, Gonzales Compound, Brgy. Camputhaw, Cebu City




Aniceto Seno, Mandaue City, Cebu




Cebu Grand Hotel

N. Escario Street, Vibo Place, Cebu City



Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

Salinas Drive Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines, 6000


Radisson Blu Cebu

Serging Osmeña Boulevard corner Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City



Osmeña Peak Side trip:





CASINO PEAK: Dalaguete






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    Just like watching a movie again, going back again to a place you’ve been to before, lets you discover details and things you might have missed noticing and knowing before. It makes the trip more enjoyable and worthwhile! 😉

    Would love to go there, too! Saon nalang, Cebuana by blood pa naman ako!

  2. I first visited this peak in 1994.

  3. Wow! The deformed chocolate hills at the peak looked like a scene from some fantasy movie. Would love to climb this peak one day.

    1. kayang kaya mu yan Earl! mas madali yan kesa sa inakyat naten. haha

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  5. Its just like the scene of the Game of Throne gail, blended with fogs and undulating form of the topography of the peak its a perfect match. :-).

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    Kung hindi nakuha sa una, may next time pa… hehehe!
    Mukhang madali lang nga akyatin yan… hopefully pagbalik ko ng Cebu maakyta ko din yan… hehehe! thanks sa tips! 🙂

  10. gusto ko rin mapuntahan to gael, maybe not on my first trip this coming month pero siguro sa susunod na bisita ko sa cebu 🙂

  11. I have stayed Cebu for more than 4 years but I haven’t visited O Peak. Wala lang tlagang chance na may makasama. 🙁

    Thanks Gael for reminding me of Walk in the clouds. I hope meron ganun na place sa Pinas…


  12. wow, ganda.. akala ko sa bohol or cameron highlands.. meron palang nagtatago jan sa cebu.. nice!! 😛

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    1. Hi Milet. Yes, definitely. I have a post about Oslob whale shark travel guide. You can check it. Andun lahat ng pwedeng ma-side trip for Oslob.

  17. It was nice read! You always hook your readers, Gael. Love this post. I’ll be going to Osmena Peak too pero next year pa. excited lang. haha.

  18. […] the main road in Dalaguete, you can take a habal-habal to the nearest jump-off point to Osmeña Peak. Negotiate the rate with the drivers including the waiting time, usual rate is Php 200 roundtrip […]

  19. Hooray to second chances! I miss this place! Gsto ko balikan at magtraverse to the falls. 🙂

  20. i cant wait to hike up there next week…hope the Lord gives me a good weather.

  21. I live in Sonoma County where the wine is in California, but going to Cebu soon. I want to see Osema, I will be driving a car. Looking on google maps, which road takes me to the base of the mountain? Can I just park at the market and hike in? are paths market with a sign anywhere? Where precisely on a map is osema? Any map u can post or send showing the route from the market to peak?

    1. Hello! Love your blog. But I had the same question, Is it possible to just park at the market then hike?

      1. You can park near the the trailhead of Osmena Peak. the market is quite far pa.

  22. Reading your posts inspires me. Hope you can also visit mine and give some pointers to me. I am just an ordinary struggling blogger who never got any tips of blogging. And so my blog posts are not that awesome as yours. Hope, I can learn from you as well. Keep on sharing your travels. Thanks a lot.

  23. Hi! I am planning to climb Osmeña Peak and I was wondering how much would be the guide fee if I will start at Mantalongon Market and traverse to Kawasan Falls

    1. I;m sorry, nOt sure about that.

  24. Hello, i loved following your travels. 😀 by the way. Does it really need to do camping at Osmeña peak? how many hours does the trekking way to the peak?

    1. Camping is not required. You can do a day trip. Kindly read the blog above.

  25. Hi! Good day po. We’re about to go camping at Osmena Peak on Nov.26. Most of us wil be coming from Manila. Maganda po ba ang weather by that time sa Cebu? Meron po ba ngpaparent ng tents dun? Thank u.

  26. Is it possible from kawasan falls to osmena peak? This might help us to do our trip, we have only one day to do this. Thank you

    1. yes. hire a motorbike to Osmena Peak from kawasan.

  27. Every time we climb Osmena Peak, we buy fresh vegetables from the farmers along the way. Veggies freshly plucked here taste so much better than those in the lowlands.

    OPeak is very nice, but at times, there are so many people there due to the ease of the hike. The congestion takes away the serene atmosphere of the place.

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