Santorini was forged by fire and earthquakes, but that doesn’t seem to bother tourists today. In fact Santorini, officially called Thira, attracts millions of tourists each year because of its whitewashed houses and buildings perched on sheer cliff plunging into the deep blue sea, blue-domed Greek Orthodox churches, scenic sunset, red and black sand beaches, cherry tomatoes, and Santorini wine.




The residents of Santorini, Greece have learned to live in harmony with the volcanoes.  The Instagram-worthy Santorini was once part of 1 island peppered with volcanoes. The Santorini that we see today, composed of a group of islands of Thera (Santorini), Therasia (Thirasia), Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni, and Aspronisi, was formed by 4 massive caldera-forming volcanic eruptions (out of the many volcanic eruptions in Santorini) and a series of earthquakes.  Santorini started as non-volcanic rocks (limestones and schist) that were deposited in the Aegean Sea, and gradually developed into hills. It became a volcanic island due to subduction. The very first volcanic material was exposed in Akrotiri, creating the first volcano in southwestern Santorini. This was followed by the emergence of shield volcano of Peristeria in northern Santorini.

The 1st caldera-forming volcano eruption in Santorini took place in Peristeria, creating the first caldera in Santorini. Then came a 2nd volcano eruption that resulted in the development of the Skaros shield volcano, and the formation of Therasia.  A barren volcanic island double the size of Santorini today was finally formed and inhabited. Afterward, the 3rd caldera-forming eruption occurred in Cape Riva that changed Santorini’s shaped dramatically, making it strongly (circular) with a collapsed center.

Santorini was eventually inhabited by the Minoans. Subsequently,  the 4th  catastrophic eruption occurred that wiped out the Minoan civilization, hence the term Minoan eruption. This is known as one of the most dangerous volcanic eruptions in history, sinking 1/3 of the island and separating Therasia and Aspronisi from Santorini (Thera) and creating tidal waves that reach as far as Crete. The Minoan Eruption is believed to have inspired Plato’s Atlantis. After a long period of silence, Palea and Kameni were formed. The last volcanic eruption in Santorini took place in 1950 and lasted 22 days, the next one, we don’t know yet.


Screenshot from Santorini Volcano History Video. (See link below)


Source: Santorini Volcano History 






BEST TIME TO VISIT SANTORINI: Santorini enjoys a superb climate, making it ideal for all-season travel. Despite being well-known for the Aegean Sea and dark beaches, Santorini tourism’s main draw is the volcano and the white-washed villages clinging on sheer cliffs. If you’re planning to just go sightseeing and do some hiking in Santorini, the shoulder season – March, April, May, October and November are your best bet.

  • Summer – The peak season in Santorini starts from June to September, which is summer season.  You can enjoy swimming in the Aegean Sea during this season. However, expect Santorini hotel prices  and airfare to spike up.  It is also usually crowded during this season as Santorini is a popular stop-over of massive cruise ships. Personally, I won’t recommend this season as the mass crowd might hinder you from enjoying the famed Santorini atmosphere.
  • Autumn –  October to November is a good season to visit Santorini.  The climate is still pleasant during this season, you might be able to swim in the Agean Sea, and there’s lesser crowd.
  • Winter –  We visited Santorini during winter, and we loved it. Despite being warned that we won’t be able to enjoy Santorini because most establishments are closed, we actually loved the serenity during our stay.  We opted to stay in a cave suite with a scenic caldera view along the main street in Oia.  Surprisingly, it’s as if we owned the place, there were no the tourists except for the 2 Singaporeans on the other side of our villa!  A few restaurants are also opened as well as the ancient sites and museums in Fira. We’re not able to swim in the Aegean Sea, but we were able to stroll around Oia and Fira, enjoy Greek food and Santorini wine, shop for souvenirs and locally-made clothes at boutiques, and end the days watching the famous Santorini sunset.


SANTORINI ATM/MONEY EXCHANGE: There are Greek banks around Santorini, especially in Fira.  There are also pop-up ATM kiosks in touristy places. However, I never tried one of them as I withdrew from ATMs in Rome, Italy prior to flying to Santorini, Greece via Athens.

SANTORINI ELECTRICITY: In Santorini, the power sockets are type C and F and the standard voltage is 230 V, frequency is 50 Hz. Make sure to bring a travel adapter from your home country to charge your gadgets.

santorini FIRA

SANTORINI Wi-Fi: Although some hotels and villas offer Wi-Fi, it can be quite slow. You will also most likely need internet connection while exploring Santorini to avoid getting lost. Oia Village and other villages in Santorini doesn’t really have street names and addresses due to the historical lay out  of the place.  We used a portable Wi-Fi to help us get around. You can book in advance through the link below.


Language: Greek is widely-spoken in Santorini, but there are English signs everywhere. Locals also speak English, so you won’t have a hard time asking for information and direction.

 Santorini Safety: Santorini is tourist-friendly and pretty safe even for solo travelers.  But as in all other places, take care of your valuables. Also, remember that Santorini houses dangerous volcanoes, keep in mind that it may pose a threat if they erupt in the future.




To help you find the top-rated hotels/resorts in Santorini, here’s a quick guide on where to book a hotel in Santorini. Santorini is composed of several villages, but if you are a first-time tourist here, these are the villages sprinkled with all types of accommodations:


 Fira – This is the center of Santorini, the beginning and end of the bus routes in the island.  It is sprinkled with restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes, and grocery store.  It has a pleasant view of the caldera; thus, it is peppered with luxury villas and honeymoon hotels like the ones in Oia. But don’t fret, if you are on a tight budget, this place doesn’t disappoint, as it is also sprinkled with budget rooms sans the caldera view.

Oia – This is where we stayed during our trip to Santorini because we wanted to splurge since it’s our last destination during our Europe trip. It has amazing caldera views, sunset view, and near the top tourist spots in Santorini, the type you see in Santorini postcards, glossy travel magazines, and Instagram. Take note that this is one of the most expensive areas to stay in Santorini. The downsides are; there are too many stairs so you’ll most likely need assistance with your luggage, and it’s pretty crowded during summer.  Luckily, it was winter when we visited so the streets were virtually empty!

Kamari, Perissa, Perivolos –  Unfortunately in Santorini, you have to choose between staying near the beach or with  the famous caldera views, you can’t have both.  Now if you opt to be near the beach, Kamarai, Perissa, and Perivolos are the places to stay.  You’ll also get to save a few bucks, as they’re not as expensive as the Oia or Fira . This area is also family-friend.

Firostefani – Located on the north of Fira, this place exudes the same atmosphere and also offers a scenic view of the caldera as well as majestic sunset view.  It’s a bit higher up than Fira and less crowded than Fira and Oia. So if you’re looking forward to enjoy Santorini with lesser crowd, consider booking a hotel in this area.

Imerovigli – This traditional village is located just north of Firostefani at the highest point of the cliff, thus, it is dubbed as the “Balcony of the Aegean”.  Based on anecdotes, during the Byzantine period when Santorini was ruled by Venetians, Imerovigli was used as the look-out point of incoming pirate ships.  Today, Imerovigli is home to the best luxury hotels in Santorini with a clear view of the entire caldera.  It’s a popular choice for honeymooners who want to splurge. It offers good sunset view too.  Be prepared to empty your wallet though, as hotels here can be quite expensive compared to other villages in Santorini, but it has lesser crowd than Oia and Fira during the summer.




Hotel Golden Star

Location: Fira


Galatia Villa

Location: Fira


Santorini Spirit

Location: Fira



Villa Manos

Location: Karterados



Sweet Home

Location: Perissa





We splurged during our trip to Santorini and stayed at Finesse Suites (VIP Suites) with a caldera view.  We chose the room with a caldera view, quite expensive, but really worth it.  It’s pretty close to the Blue Dome Churches and the Oia Castle Ruins popular for sunset viewing can be reached by foot.

Finesse Suites, Santorini Greece

Location: Oia



Prime Suites

Location: Oia


Day Dream Luxury Suites

Location: Fira



Tholos Resort and Hotel

Location: Imerovogli



Important: When booking a hotel in Santorini or other parts of Europe, always check your e-mail after booking to avoid inconvenience.  Our friends had trouble checking-in because they missed the e-mail forwarded by the hotel. Booking sites where you booked your hotel will usually forward instructions from the hotel a day after your booking. That is because cliffside resorts and hotels in Santorini doesn’t have the usual hotel reception hall,  they’re like a network of apartments being rented out.  So they will typically provide check-in instructions via e-mail.

When I booked our hotel via Agoda, I got an e-mail from “Agoda Customer Support” , I almost didn’t read it because I thought it was just a generic e-mail confirming our bookings. But turns out, the e-mail was forwarded by the hotel itself, it contained essential details with regard to our check-in process. They also provided us a map of Oia Village and the Tourist Information Office.

Apparently, the e-mail mentioned we needed to check-in at the Tourist Information Office (Ecorama Agency) near the bus terminal and taxi stand.  Their operating hours is from 08:00 AM to 9:00 PM, if arriving after office hours, we need to inform them in advance to ensure they’ll be able to assist us during check-in.

They also offered porter service (we just handed a tip to the porter since they didn’t tell us how much it costs), since most cliffside hotels and resorts in Santorini have pretty high-stairs. Also, because Oia Village where our hotel is located does not have street names and addresses due to the historical lay out of the village, searching for the hotel on our own can be really tiring and time consuming, so having a porter really helped us.




Manila to Santorini


Manila to Athens via Scoot

Option 1: Direct Flight via Scoot (Manila-Singapore-Athens) + Santorinoi (Aegean Airlines)

There’s no non-stop  flight from Manila to Santorini, but there’s a direct flight from Manila (via Singapore) to Athens via Scoot with 3 stops; Manila – Singapore – Athens – Santorini. They offer the cheapest fare from Southeast Asia to Athens, Greece, so you can save a lot on you trip.  You can book at


screenshot from scoot

Screenshot from Scoot Airlines: Manila – Singapore – Athens – Santorini


Basically, you will fly to Athens via Singapore, your luggage will be collected in Athens (but do verify this with Scoot upon check-in to make sure).  But you still need to get out of the plane once you reach Singapore Airport (Changi Airport), bring your carry-on luggage, then transfer to the other Scoot plane bound for Athens.  Then at Athens  International Airport, you will have to transfer to the Aegean Airlines plane bound for Santorini. 

Option 2: Manila to Athens via Scoot (Manila – Singapore – Athens)  +  separate booking for Santorini (Ryan Air) 

When we visited Greece, there’s no direct flight yet to Santorini.  So we flew from Manila to Athens via Scoot.  Then, we traveled to other parts of Europe, and flew back to Athens.  Then from Athens, we took a Ryan Air flight to Santorini, which was pretty cheap.

scoot manila

Screenshot from Scoot website: Manila to Athens flight.

So, you can book your Manila – Athens flight via Scoot. See image below.  If you need some add-on, click on the price (the black circle), choose your add-ons and confirm your flight.

Then, book your Athens – Santorini flight.


scoot manila to athens flight

Screenshot from Manila to Athens



Screenshot from Ryan Air website: Athens to Santorini


Singapore to Santorini

There’s no non-stop flight from Singapore to Santorini, but there’s a direct flight from Singapore to Santorini via Athens. From Singapore you can fly via Scoot, then transfer to Aegean Airline.  You can book this via  the official website of Scoot Airlines (see link above).  Or  if you want to save a few bucks, you can fly from Singapore to Athens  via Scoot and book a separate flight from Athens to Santorini via Ryan Air.





santorini ferry

You can also travel from Athens to Santorini by ferry. Multiple boats leave daily from Piraeus Port in Athens to Athinios Port in Fira, Santorini. Travel time is about 5 hours on a high-speed ferry and 8 hours on a slow ferry.  Fare is roughly €39.50 (₱2,232 – SGD 59)  to €43.50 (₱2,457.91 – SGD 66).  During winter, there are lesser ferry, flying is your best bet.

Then at Athinios, there are many buses and taxis that can take you up the towering cliff of Fira.  You can also arrange a transfer with your hotel.





By Bus

santorini bus

To get to your hotel from the airport, you may opt for a local bus if you want to save money. It’s about a 10-minute drive only. But, take note that bus schedules are erratic and changes depending on the season. Fare is roughly €1.80 (₱101- SGD 2.70).

ROUTE: Santorini Airport – Fira ROUTE: Fira – Santorini Airport
Fare – €1.80 (₱101- SGD 2.70)Fare – €1.80 (₱101- SGD 2.70)
First trip – Daily 5:30 AM (summer)First trip – Daily 6:10 AM (summer)
Last trip – Daily 10:15 PM (summer)Last trip – Daily 10: 25 PM (summer)
Travel time – 10 minutesTravel time – 10 minutes


By Hotel Transfer

When we booked our hotel, they also e-mailed us that they also offer hotel transfer. If your hotel/resort offers airport transfer, best to grab it especially of you are carrying a couple of baggage. Our hotel gave us the following price:

€25 (₱1,408 – SGD 38) per booking (one-way) or €35 (₱ 1,971 – SGD 53) if arrival is between 12 midnight to 07:00 AM.  It’s good for 1- 4 people. Additional €10 (₱ 563 – SGD 15) per extra person.

By Welcome Pickups

Welcome Pickups is a company that I highly recommend if you need airport transfers in major cities in Greece or if you need to hire a car with driver for your private tour.  They are reliable and the drivers are really knowledgeable. We used them in Athens for airport transfer and our Meteora tour.

You can book through their official website: RESERVE HERE


 By Taxi

 Taxis usually queue outside the Arrival Hall at Santorini Airport, sometimes there are none, so I highly recommend booking in advance. Take note that taxis in Santorini don’t use meter, fare is typically negotiated as soon as you ride the vehicle.  If you don’t negotiate the price before the trip starts, you’ll end up paying whatever amount the driver asks.

The usual taxi prices are:

  • Santorini Airport to Fira –  €20 (₱ 1,126 – SGD 30) to €30 (₱ 1,689 – SGD 45)
  • Santorini Airport to Oia –   €30 (₱ 1,689 – SGD 45) to €40 (₱ 2,253 – SGD 60)
  • Santorini Airport to ferry port –  €25 (₱1,408 – SGD 38) to €35 (₱ 1,971 – SGD 53)

Again, it depends on the driver, but you can use the above price as your guide when negotiating. The prices also rise by midnight to wee hours in the morning






By Tour Packages


The most convenient  way to explore Santorini is by tour packages, especially if you are pressed for time. You can join hassle-free Santorini group tours or book a private tour.

To give you an idea, here’s some of the top-rated tours in Santorini, click the red links for more information.


By Bus

The cheapest way to get around Santorini is by local buses called KTEL buses. Fare starts at €1.80 (₱101- SGD 2.70) to  €2.40 (₱135 – SGD 3.60). The main bus terminal in Santorini is in Fira, this is where all public buses depart and arrive. The KTEL Buses that run from Fira has connections to most of the main destinations in Santorini, such as Imerovigli (10 mins), Oia (30 mins), Pyrgos (10 mins), Kamari (20 mins),Oia (30 mins), Perissa/Perivolos (20 minutes), Athinios Port (10 mins), and Akrotiri (20 mins).

We took the bus from Oia and Fira and vice versa when we explored the villages. We just queued and bought the ticket there.  The bus schedule varies though, depending on the season, but they’re usually posted on the bus stop. The downside is, since the bus schedules are erratic, the wait and journey will eat up your time.

Here’s the Santorini route:


ROUTE: Fira – Imerovigli – OiaROUTE: Oia – Imerovigli – Fira
Fare – €1.80 (₱101- SGD 2.70)Fare – €1.80 (₱101- SGD 2.70)
First trip – Daily 6:50 AM (summer)First trip – Daily 7:10 AM (summer)
Last trip – Daily 10:00 PM (summer)Last trip – Daily 10:15 PM (summer)
Travel time – 25 minutesTravel time – 25 minutes


ROUTE: Fira – PerissaROUTE: Perissa – Fira
Fare – €2.40 (₱135- SGD 3.60)Fare – €2.40 (₱135- SGD 3.60)
First trip – Daily 6:30 AM (summer)First trip – Daily 6:30 AM (summer)
Last trip – Daily 9:30 PM(summer)Last trip – Daily 9:30 PM(summer)
Travel time – 20 minutesTravel time – 20 minutes


ROUTE: Fira – KamariROUTE: Kamari – Fira
Fare – €1.80 (₱101- SGD 2.70)Fare – €1.80 (₱101- SGD 2.70)
First trip – Daily 7:10 AM (summer)First trip – Daily 6:30 AM (summer)
Last trip – Daily 9:30 PM(summer)Last trip – Daily 9:30 PM(summer)
Travel time – 20 minutesTravel time – 20 minutes


ROUTE: Fira – AkrotiriROUTE: Akrotiri – Fira
Fare – €2 (₱113 – SGD 2.99 – AUD 3.23)Fare – €2 (₱113 – SGD 2.99 – AUD 3.23)
First trip – Daily 08:45 AM (summer)First trip – Daily 9:05 AM (summer)
Last trip – Daily 9:30 PM(summer)Last trip – Daily 9:30 PM(summer)
Travel time – 20 minutesTravel time – 20 minutes


By Foot


If you’re the adventurous type and you still have the energy, you can explore Santorini on foot.  You can even hike Fira to Oia for roughly 5 hours. Consult Google Maps for directions.



1.Explore Fira Village

 Fira is the main town of Santorini, it is packed with tourists, restaurants, souvenir shops, and hotels for all types of budget.  It is dappled with white-washed houses on lava-layered cliff overlooking the postcard perfect Santorini caldera.


A leisurely walk in Fira will take you to of the main Santorini tourist spots here include:

    • Museum of Prehistoric Thera (€6, Daily except Tuesday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM)
    • Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral
    • Archaeological Museum of Thera (€2, Daily except Monday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM)
    • St. John The Baptist Church, Thira
    • The Catholic Church of St.Stylianos
    • Three Bells of Fira (Virgin Mary Orthodox Church)
    • Orthodox Church of St.Geramus

Travel Tip: You can hike Fira to Oia (and vice versa) for about 5 hours. Refer to Google Maps for direction.



2.Explore Oia Village

The photos you see of Santorini on travel magazines, postcards, and Instagram are mostly taken in Oia, the most popular village here.  What draws tourists here are the whitewashed houses and buildings perched on sheer cliffs with mesmeric caldera view.


Santorini’s whitewashed houses were once traditional cave houses called Yposkafa that were built inside caves. During the 20th century, Santorini was an important trading route in the Mediterranean Sea, which allowed the Greeks, Phoenicians, Egyptians and the Mesopotamia people to make cultural connections, establish new colonies, and trade goods. There was once a port below Oia, this is why shipowners and their crew lived in this area. It is said that while the shipowners built two-story mansions as their houses, the poor crew carved their houses inside the caves without foundation. Today, these cave houses were transformed into villas and rented out to tourists at exorbitant prices because of their traditional lay out, scenic caldera view, and strategic location.

Here are some of the popular tourist spots in Oia:

    • St.George Church
    • Panagia Platsani
    • Three Domes of Santorini (Blue Dome Church)
    • Maritime Museum (Daily except Tuesday, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM)
    • Byzantine Castle Ruins
    • Oia Castle Ruins


4.Watch the scenic Santorini sunset




Santorini offers a magnificent sunset view, reason why it is on the list of the top things to do in Santorini.   Oia’s Byzantine castle ruins is a popular sunset viewing spot. But it is packed with crowd during the summer. We watched the sunset here during winter and the crowd was manageable. However, you can also watch it at some restaurants with caldera view. Or better yet, in Fira, since they have wider and more space for sunset viewing. Imerovigli that sits at the highest point of the cliff is also a recommended spot, it has lesser crowd than Oia and Fira.


5.Visit Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni

 The 2 small uninhabited islands in the midst of the caldera in Santorini is known as Palea Kameni (Old Burnt Island) and Nea Kameni (New Burnt Island).   Both were formed by a series of volcanic eruptions, Palea Kameni first, then Nea Kameni.


Today, they are popular tourist spots in Santorini, visitors usually  take a dip in the hot springs here.  You can reach these 2 island by chartering a boat from the old port of Fira or from Athinios. Or you can join an organized group tour that includes a visit to the neighboring island of Thirassia.


6.Beach Hopping


santorini beaches


Santorini beaches draws tourists, but don’t expect to find white sand beaches like those found in the Philippines or Thailand. The beaches of Santorini are mostly composed of volcanic black sand like those in Perissa and Perivolos. Perissa is well-known for its black sandy beaches at the foot of  Mesa Vouno Mountain. It is packed with sun-loungers, water spots, café bars, and restaurants.  Perissa Beach is pretty popular, so expect it to be crowded, especially with backpackers and lively crowd.  Perivilos Beach is akin to Perissa Beach because it is a continuation of the said black beach. It is also crowded and ooing with water sports, restaurants and cafes.

If you’re looking for family and kid-friendly beaches, Kamari beaches with black pebble beach are your best bet.  The promenade here is packed with shops and restaurants.

Meanwhile, the popular Red Beach of Santorini is  composed of red-pink volcanic pebbles is located near Akrotiri village. For romantic holidays, head to Vlychada and Eros Beach.



Santorini is well-known for its unique wine that has a spicy taste due to the volcanic elements on the soil and partial rainfall.  Assyrtiko is the most famous white wine variety in Santorini because of its rich-mineral content. It is dried in the sun, to make the popular Vinsanto wine. Meanwhile, Mantilaria is the most preferred red wine variety. You can find wine almost anywhere in Santorini, but if you want to save a few bucks, go head to the nearest grocery and buy a bottle or two like we did.


Photo by Marcos of Detourista

There are also many wine tasting tours in Santorini, that will take you to wineries, vineyards and the Wine Museum in Santorini.







There’s a plethora of cliff-restaurants with caldera views in Santorini especially in Fira.  But since we stayed in Oia, we tried the only open restaurants there during winter, which are catered for tourists.  Most of them have rooftop patio where you can enjoy the Santorini scenery. We loved the view in Lotza, the food was just okay and the serving was huge. Serving took quite a while, but that’s actually normal in Santorini because, the locals here want you to enjoy the scenic view.

If you want to try authentic Santorini food, eat at family-run tavernas. Traditional tavernas are  mostly located near smaller beaches and villages in Santorini.

Take note that there are 2 prices at many restaurants, tavernas, and cafes in Santorini ; rates for take away (take out) and dine in differ. Usually, you have to pay more for the dine in.


santorini food

 Here are the must-try food in Santorini:

  • Tomatokeftedes – Deep fried tomato fritters made of Santorini tomatoes, onions, flour and herbs.  Did you know that Santorini is well-known for its cherry tomatoes? Prior to the rise of tourism, tomato farming (without irrigation) was one of the livelihoods of locals here. The tomatoes are processed into paste using the nearby seawater.  There were around 13 tomato-paste producing  factories in Santorini back in the days.  There’s even a museum called Santorini Tomato Industrial Museum in Vlichada dedicated to Santorini tomatoes.
  • Fava me Koukia – Another popular vegetable in Santorini is fava beans, which grows in dry, rich in mineral soil. In fact, the European Union has granted the Santorini fava beans a PDO (Protected Designation Status).  The Santorini fava beans are usually mashed and served as an appetizer. It can be used as spread on bread, or served with meat or octopus.
  • Gyro –  A traditional Greek sandwich made of lamb, beef or pork with tomato, onion and yogurt sauce on pita bread. It is widely sold in Santorini.  It’s my favorite Greek food.
  • Souvlaki – Another traditional Greek food that can be found in Santorini is souvlaki. It is composed of tender cuts of meat grilled in skewer.
  • Moussaka – Made of eggplant or potato, mixed with ground meat and rich tomato sauce. Moussaka is topped with béchamel sauce. It is another traditional Greek dish that you shouldn’t miss while you’re in Santorini.
  • Seafood – Because Santorini is located next to the ocean, you must not leave without traing its seafood.  The best place to eat it is at tavernas found near the sea. Try grilled octopus and fresh mussels.
  • Greek Salad – What I like about Greek Salad is its huge servings, and they’re made of pretty fresh vegetables.  Greek salad is usually made of fresh cucumber, green peppers, tomatoes, and feta cheese.



 Here’s a sample 4 day 3 nights Santorini itinerary with budget for your reference. Feel free to tweak this depending on your schedule, budget, and likings.

 Important: Airfare, hotel, drinks, and souvenirs not included on the sample Santorini expenses below.




DAY 1Arrival
11:15 AMETD Athens
12:05 AMETA Santorini
12:30 AMHotel transfer. €25 (₱1,408 – SGD 38 – AUD 40.38)
12:50 AMHotel check-in.
Porter. €20 (₱1,129 – SGD 30 – AUD 32)
01:30 AMLights out.
DAY 1 Expenses€45 (₱2,537 – SGD 68 – AUD 72.38)
DAY 2Oia + Fira DIY Tour
08:50 AMKTEL Bus to Fira. €1.80 (₱101- SGD 2.70 – AUD 2.91)
09:20 AMETA Fira
Explore Fira
 Bellunio Cultural Center
 Museum of Prehistoric Thira. . €6 (₱339 – SGD 9- AUD 10)
 Archaeological  Museum of Thera.€2 (₱113 – SGD 3 – AUD 3)
 St.John the Baptist Cathedral
 Megaro Gyzi Museum. €3 (₱170 – SGD 4.49 – AUD 5)
12:00 PMLunch. €25 (₱1,408 – SGD 38 – AUD 40.38)
01:30 PMKTEL Bus to Oia. €1.80 (₱101- SGD 2.70 – AUD 2.91)
02:00 PMExplore Oia
 Oia Village
 Santorini caldera view
 St.George Church
 Panagia Platsani Church
 Blue Dome Church Santorini
Oia Maritime Museum. €5 (₱282 – SGD 7.48 – AUD 8)
 Agia Ekaterini
05:00 PMOia Castle. Sunset watching.
06:00 PMDinner. €20 (₱1,129 – SGD 30 – AUD 32.31)
07:00 PMShop for souvenirs
08:00 PMETD hotel.
09:00 PMLights out.
Day 2 Expenses€64.60 (₱3,643 – SGD 97.37 – AUD 64.13)
 RESERVE HERE  €37 (₱1,661 – SGD 44.20 – AUD 47.59)
08:20 AMMeet up for the Santorini tour
09:10 AMDeparture for the Santorini tour
10:00 AMSail from Athinios Port
 ETA Nea Kameni
 Visit the volcano
 ETA Palea Kameni
 Visit the hot springs
 Cruise to Thirassia
12:00 PMLunch (own expenses). €20 (₱1,129 – SGD 30 – AUD 32.31)
Free time
Visit Manolas (climb the stairs or donkey ride)
Sunset watching in Oia (at the castle ruins)
07:00 PMDinner (own expense). €20 (₱1,129 – SGD 30- AUD 32.31)
08:00 PMHotel drop-off
08:30 PMLights out.
Day 3 Expenses€77 (₱3,919 – SGD 104.20 – AUD 112.21)
06:00 AMAirport transfer. €25 (₱1,408 – SGD 38 – AUD 40.38)
06:30 AMETA Santorini Airport.
 Flight check-in.
08:20 AMETD Santorini via Ryan Air.
09:10 AMETA Athens.
Day 4 Expenses€25 (₱1,408 – SGD 38 – AUD 40.38)
TOTAL€211.60 (₱11,507 – SGD 307.57 – AUD 289.10)



 If you are staying in Santorini for 5 days 4 nights, you can add the itinerary below as Day 4 and Day 5 will be your departure.


DAY 4DIY Tour of Akrotiri + Kamari
 If you want to join a hassle-free group tour for Day 2,
 Book through the link below.
 RESERVE HERE  €38 (₱2,653 – SGD 57 – AUD 81.19)
If you want a DIY tour, you can follow the direction below:
07:10 AMETD Oia.
KTEL Bus to Fira. €1.80 (₱101- SGD 2.70 – AUD 2.91)
07:40 AMETA Fira
Explore Fira Village (see Google Maps above)
Caldera view.
08:20 AMWalk back to Fira Bus terminal.
08:30 AMKTEL Bus to Perissa.  €2.40 (₱135- SGD 3.60 – AUD 3.88)
09:00 AMETA Perissa KTEL Bus Stop.
Walk to Perissa Beach (Black Beach). 10 mins.
Explore Perissa
10:30 AMLunch. €25 (₱1,408 – SGD 38 – AUD 40.38)
11:10 AMWalk back to KTEL Bus Stop in Perissa.
11:30 AMKTEL Bus back to Fira. €2.40 (₱135- SGD 3.60- AUD 3.88)
12:00 PMETA Fira.
Walk to Museum Prehistoric Thera
 Museum of Prehistoric Thera. €3 (₱169 – SGD 4.50 – AUD 5)
01:00 PMSt.John the Baptist Cathedral
 The Catholic Church of St.Stylianos
02:00 PMWalk back to KTEL Bus Terminal in Fira.
02:30 PMKTEL Bus to Akrotiri. €2 (₱113 – SGD 2.99 – AUD 3.23)
03:00 PMETA Akrotiri.
Walk to Red Beach
03:30 PMRed Beach
05:00 PMWalk back to Akrotiri KTEL Bus Stop.
05:50 PMTake KTEL Bus to Fira. €2 (₱113 – SGD 2.99 – AUD 3.23)
06:20 PMETA Fira.
06:30 PMKTEL Bus to Oia (If hotel is in Oia). €1.80 (₱101- SGD 2.70 – AUD 2.91)
07:00 PMETA Oia. Dinner
08:30 PMETD hotel. Pack luggage.
09:30 PMLights out.
Day 4 Expenses (DIY)€38.40 (₱2,275 – SGD 61.08 – AUD 65.42)




santorini CATS

  • Oia Village and some other villages in Santorini doesn’t have street names and addresses due to its historical lay out. To avoid getting lost, consult Google Maps and remember the landmarks.
  • Drone is prohibited in Santorini. Avoid flying it at all costs especially above cliffside hotel and villas.
  • Respect others privacy. Avoid entering private villas and apartments. They mostly have “Private Property” hanging on the doors or gates. If you want to see enjoy the famous Santorini caldera view, you have the following options: you can book a cave house or villa with caldera view, eat at cliffside restaurants with caldera view or rooftop patio, make your way to the castle ruins in Oia tagged as sunset viewing spot, go to Atlantis Book (buy a book or eat gyro), or head to the cliffside road in Fira where there are wider and more caldera-viewing spots.
  • Tipping is not really common in Santorini, you can just round off your bill. For example if your restaurant bill is €25.60, you can pay €26 instead. If you enjoyed the food and the service and you really want to tip.  But of course if a porter helped you with your luggage to your villa because of the stairways, then tipping is expected (around €25 will do).







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