Top 10 Tips for Backpackers

Are you a travel bug? Are you the one who never get tired for traveling whenever you get a chance? Do you love to backpack but worry sometimes if you have enough money or it is going to be all safe? Well, if any of the above questions has a “yes” answer, then it’s worth reading this article. Here, you will be given top 10 tips for backpackers, which you should really take care of next time you backpack.




1.  Never Forget to Get Your Travel Insurance


Being a backpacker, there are so many chances to jump off or go out of things while you are on the go. A minor accident may cause a simple bruise or a broken leg or maybe worse. Then there are huge bills to pay for your doctor visits, pills or maybe a minor surgery. The safest way to backpack is to get a travel insurance before you leave your country, and you are all covered.

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2.  Know Where You Are Going and Book Flights in Advance


You can backpack for 6 weeks in Luzon or 3 weeks in Mindanao , but it is always wise to carry a journal of the country  or provinces to know about the places to see, the people, and the cuisine better earlier. Doing a little research will help you from unhappy surprises, keep you excited for the places you want to explore, and will save your time too.   Also, buying your flights at the right time can help you save a lot of money.  But if you don’t know when is that “right time”, a study according to Huffington Post revealed that 54 days before the departure is when airlines hit the lowest prices.  Furthermore, you can also book between the 112 to 21 days before your trip which is what the airlines call the “prime booking window”.  So if you book within 7 to 13 days before you fly, you will end up paying more.  Remember too that small airports in far-flung provinces where there is not much airline competition usually don’t drop their prices as there is a strong demands for flights.   You can book for affordable flights at Traveloka Philippines.


3.  Lighten the Load


It will not only save the extra airline baggage charges, but will actually keep your load at the back easy. Remember that even if you are away for months, you still have the option to wash clothes and buy toiletries, so do not stuff your backpack with 6 sunscreen bottles, 10 pairs of trousers, etc. Be smart and pack sensibly.


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      4.  Eat Like a Local


Do not waste money in having fine dining and trying cuisines that are not local. Remember eating like a local will not only save your money, but will help you explore the world cuisine. Try some street foods, or get a hostel with kitchen and cook with local ingredients bought from local markets, and enjoy your meals.

          5.  Know What Is There for Free


As a backpacker, you will find money disappearing when you are outside. Do not forget to flaunt your student ID whenever possible as that can grab huge discounts in some attractions and activities. If you do not have one, just be aware of the freebies around.      

  6.  Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

There is scam and pickpockets happening in almost every city, no matter how clean and organized it is. It is always better to be safe as most of these happen on tourists. Locals can always differentiate an outsider, so the best way is to keep your money close to you – do not have it stolen.  Check out my article on safety travel tips for women (which is also applicable to men) here.

  7.  Activities Are Must


Do not only see the places, but engage yourself in activities available at the place you are backpacking in. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, do not just click picture from outside and go to the next; dive into the Great Barrier, try Bungee jumping, jet boating, zip lining, skydiving, white water rafting, mountain biking, etc. – there is always something new and exciting thing you should try.

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8.  Know Where to Spend


It is always wise to spend for adventurous activities than paying a hefty amount in renting a bungalow for a night or a 5-star accommodation. Always think before you spend while backpacking – avoid useless shopping, go for hostels, eat like a local, walk where you can and avoid expensive public transport, etc.


9. Get Friendly with the Locals


Talking with locals is a great way to immerse yourself in the new culture breaking all language barriers. Locals are also the best sources of advices, who can tell you which restaurant has the cheapest but tastiest food, which club has the best crowd, etc. So always get along with them.

10. Stay in Touch


You may be traveling away for months. It is always better to let someone know. Stay in touch through social media or messenger services with your family and friends. It is a big relief for them who are close to you and want to stay updated about your whereabouts.

Do Not Forget to Enjoy!


Finally, do not forget to enjoy and make the most of your trip. Stay positive, stay healthy. Book your tickets well in advance to get a cheap rate, get precautionary vaccinations if you need, get travel insured, book the hostels for the first few weeks, pack your backpack, slide on to your comfy shoes, and there you go!






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