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Surfing is probably the most exhilarating thing you will ever do.  It feels like you are floating through a series of energy pulses, rolling through the waters below you, pulling you closer to the shore.  And as you wait for your wave, everything starts to slow down. You are then in-sync with the ocean, becoming one with the harmony.  You lose yourself in that blissful moment where you have nothing to think about, but the constant rise and fall of the waves.  It is only then that you will realize that surfing is more than just learning how to stand up. It is also a form of meditation on its own.



For surfers, the best spot to learn the sport in the Philippines is in Siargao.  However, for people residing in Manila, Zambales is a perfect place for day trip surfing lessons. With just about 4 hours drive from the Metro, you can have surfing lessons in Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso Zambales for only PHP 400 inclusive of surfboard rental, rash guard and Quicksilver Surf School instructor’s fee. Commuting to the resort from Manila is relatively easy.  Victory Liner has regular trips to Olongapo or Iba, Zambales.  If you plan to arrive early, taking the Olongapo route is the best option.


On the first part of your session, your surfing instructor will give you a preliminary lesson on the sand.  He’ll start off demonstrating how to lie on the board and then stand up on your feet to catch the wave.  It is all about positioning your feet on the right side and bending your knees to keep your balance.  After some practice, the game is on.  You’ll then start to conquer your own waves in shallow waters.


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As you paddle your way further from the shore, to constantly fall off the board at the first half of the hour is normal for beginners. Eventually, wave after wave, you’ll finally learn how to properly position yourself, keep your balance and then stand on your feet.  One of the best tips my surfing instructor gave me was that when you finally learned to stand up, focus your gaze towards the shore and not on your feet.  It will help you shift your thoughts from falling off the board to just enjoying the whole experience.





Surfing is highly addictive.  Every wave offers a different feeling. I personally loved the long ones.  It’ll probably be the best ride of your life once you put your feet on that wooden piece of board.  Whether its a family trip, a barkada trip, or you’re going solo, Crystal Beach is perfect and the crowds won’t be a problem since you have a lot of space to practice catching your waves and the shallow water is ideal for beginners.  The resort also have rustic-modern native design rooms ranging from twin sharing to party cabins overlooking the beach to pavilion type tents for a nice glamping experience. There are also camping grounds for the adventurous.




Crystal Beach Resort

Brgy. La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales

Check room rates here



How to get to Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso, Zambales from Manila


Victory Liner  (https://www.victoryliner.com/) has regular trips to Olongapo and Iba, Zambales. You can either choose to go via:


Via Olongapo


Ride a bus from Victory Liner Cubao terminal to Olongapo. Fare is 235php.
From Olongapo Victory Liner Terminal, ride a bus bound for Iba, Zambales and tell the driver to drop you off at San Narciso.
From San Narciso, ride a tricycle to Crystal Beach Resort.


Via Iba Zambales


Ride a bus from Victory Liner Cubao Terminal to Iba, Zambales. Tell the driver you will alight at San Narciso.
From San Narciso, ride a tricycle to Crystal Beach Resort.







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