The Rise of Surfing in Gubat,Sorsogon

The surf season is near, so go pack your rash guard and swimwear and head over to Gubat in Sorsogon province! This unassuming town is a timeless favorite, but it was only last 2012 when I learned that surfing in Gubat is already on the rise.


Discover its rich history backed up by archeological excavations in the villages of Jupi, Tigkiw, Bulacao and Arima where artifacts such as ancient jars, primitive stone tools, and burial sites where unearthed.  Bask in Gubat’s treasures, from vast pastoral grounds, evergreen rice fields to lush jungles.

Nab a spot for picnic and frolic in the palm-fringed shores and turquoise waters of Brgy. Rizal.  The spectacular long strip of Rizal Beach is hemmed by a handful of resorts and cottages but remains blissfully far from the tedious trappings of commercialism. If you want to explore the local’s way of life, walk further to the secluded part of the beach and you might catch some locals fishing or picking shells washed ashore.

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For a change of scenery, head to Lola Sayong Eco-surf Camp, grab a surfboard and ride the waves. The birth of surfing in Gubat originated at Breeding in Buenavista village, an old breeding site of the Department of Agriculture and now known as Nico’s Reef. Over the years, the locals have been mum about this reef break until it was eventually exposed to outsiders.  Other reef breaks here are located in Panganiban, Pinontingan, and Rizal. Our friend Em Balabat, a local of Gubat introduced me to a group of  local teenagers and young surfers from Buenavista Beach.  

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“For a minimal fee of Php 350 you’ll get to enjoy surfing for an hour inclusive of surf board and your own instructor”, says Noli Mercader, a surfer from Gubat.  The surf break in Gubat’s beaches produce consistent waves year round with the major swell season starting in October to March.

Lastly, do not go home without trying the fresh seafood and local delicacies of Gubat.  It’s a sin not to try its tasty and affordable alimango (alimango), pawik (spanner crabs), cupapa (slipper lobster), prawns, and shrimps! Take home the famed Bicol food called pinangat, available at Bigajo Kitchenette, The House of Pinangat and other native delicacies such as timitim (cassava cake) and the famous pili nut.  


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Bulusan Lake in Bulusan is a perfect side trip when visiting Gubat


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  • Php 350 per person per hour for board rental with instructor
  • Php 200 per hour for board rental only
  • Php 600 per day for board rental only
  • Contact Noli Mercarder  at 0905-242-1693 /0999 406 1497



How to get to Gubat, Sorsogon:


Nearest airport is located in Legazpi city.  From there, take a bus bound for Sorsogon City and look for jeepneys en route to Gubat.  From Manila you can also take a bus bound for Gubat. Travel time is roughly 12 hours. If coming from Visayas, nearest port is Matnog. Ride a bus bound for either Legazpi or Manila and ask the driver to drop you in Abuyog. Alternatively,  from Matnog, you can also take a jeep bound to Sorsogon and get off in Abuyog. From  Abuyog, hail a jeep headed to Gubat.

At Gubat town proper, you can take a tricycle for  about Php 30 (goodd for 4 people) to take you to Lola Sayong Surf Camp.   Or ride a jeep en route to Bulusan, tell the driver to drop you off at Lola Sayong Surf Camp.  Fare is around Php 10.


Where to Stay in Gubat, Sorsogon?

There are some hotels in Rizal  Beach, you can check the rates and book by clicking the photo below. For surfers, you can try Lola Sayong Surf Camp.


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The newly-opened modest bar at Lola Sayong surf camp serves affordable cocktails. 


Lola Sayong Surf Camp

Brgy. Buenavista

Gubat, Sorsogon

closed cottage rate: Fan room with common C.R –  Php 800, good for 4 pax, with breakfast.

tent rental: Php 150 (good for two) /pitching fee included

pitching fee (own tent) : Php 75  (good for two)

Contact local surfing instructor Noli Mercarder  at (+63)905-242-1693










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*Originally posted:  March 22, 2013

*Updated: June 7, 2015





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